How Long Is A Cruise To Europe?

Europe, a hub of ultimate beauty, diverse culture, and elegance, has always been a spotlight for tourist attractions all over the globe.

The splendid views of Paris, the marvellous history of Rome, and the sun-drenched coats of Greece are all sufficient to incline travellers to cruise toward Europe’s diverse landscape.

However, before you set sail, you may wonder how long is a cruise to Europe and how many days you need to avail yourself of maximum venture and ecstasy during this unforgettable journey.

Usually, it takes around 7 to 15 days to cruise across Europe; however, the duration may vary based on the itinerary, the cruise ship’s speed, and weather conditions. 

Let’s explore different cruises and their duration to reach European land, offering maximum adventure, thrill, and entertainment.

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Top 5 Cruise Ships to Europe: Itinerary and Travel Duration

Planning a Cruise experience in Europe? Before starting your journey, you must know the duration and itineraries of various cruise ships. Below are the five best cruise ship choices to plan your next venture!

#1 Baltic Sea Cruises

By arranging multiple stops during the voyage, the Baltic Sea Cruise allows the tourists to explore the Northern European regions deeply.

Witness the awe-inspiring views of landscapes, historical places, and incredible panorama with these Sea Cruises, and enjoy every moment of the dazzling views at Helsinki, Petersburg, and Copenhagen.

#2 Celebrity Beyond

With the capacity to book more than 3000 travellers at a time, Celebrity Beyond Cruise is one of the best cruises for a Europe tour. It serves tourists with various cuisines, cultural diversity, unique performances, and top-notch scenic views of water.

#3 Seabourn Ovation

Want ultra-luxury sailing to Europe? Book the voyage with Seabourn Ovation and enjoy every bit of the journey.

If you’re an adventure lover and want to explore majestic museums, stunning landscapes, and Northern Europe fairy tale castles, start your trip with Seabourn.

Moreover, you will enjoy hiking excursions and multiple stops at beautiful places while cruising towards Europe.

#4 Transatlantic Cruises

Transatlantic cruises are longer than other popular cruises to Europe and don’t offer their services back and forth. Usually, these are functional repositioning cruises, i.e., in March-April and October-November.

So, either you set sail from America to Europe or vice versa, the duration of transatlantic sailing cruise ships is around 10-20 days across the Atlantic ocean.

#5 Mediterranean Cruises

Explore the infinite beauty of marvellous coastlines and the cultural richness of Europe’s iconic cities with Mediterranean cruises.

During sailing, tourists relish the charming views of incredible landscapes, various cultures, and the gleaming sun in the Dazzling Mediterranean.

How Long Does a Cruise Ship Take to Sail from the USA to Europe?

Cruise Ship Take to Sail from the USA to Europe

The US-Europe voyage typically spans around 7 days to one week based on the cruise ship’s route, the ports of call, and the type of cruise line. However, transatlantic cruises take a little extra time to reach the European destination. 

On the other hand, the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, and Seabourn Cruises pose short travel of 7-15 days from New York to Europe.

While cruising towards Europe, these cruise ships provide the passengers with a variety of luxurious and fun activities, including swimming pools, dancing, shore excursions, and fine dining restaurants.

How Many Days Does It Take To Cruise To Europe From Florida?

take to Cruise to Europe from Florida

Usually a cruise from Florida to Europe takes 10-14 days, depending on the route and the number of stops. Florida’s pristine shores, captivating historical scenes, and unique cultural aspects make your travel unforgettable.. 

In a week or two, you will reach your destination in Europe’s fantastic landscape and sun-soaked coasts. On reaching there, you witness the astonishing places to explore, such as exciting Bermuda, sub-tropical Madeira, and Volcanic Azores.

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Travel Duration of a Cruise Ship from Miami to Europe

Travel Duration of a Cruise Ship from Miami to Europe

The travelling duration of a passenger cruise from Miami to Europe varies based on the route and the departing or landing ports.

Generally, cruises from Miami take around 10-20 days to reach European ports like Barcelona, Rome, or Lisbon. 

Miami-Europe cruises allow tourists to explore the cultural tapestry and scenic beauty of beaches and various cuisines and restaurants.

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Types of USA to Europe Cruises and their Travel Duration

One-Way Cruises to Europe

Many cruises offer one-way tours to Europe from the USA, from the lowest 7 days to a maximum of 29 days. For more luxurious and entertaining cruise travel, you can check the list given below:

  • Carnival
  • Seabourn
  • Celebrity Cruise
  • Cunard
  • Princess Cruises
  • Viking
  • Holland America
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Norwegian Cruise Line

Round-Trip Cruises

If you plan a round-trip to Europe from the US, you may book your voyage via Holland America’s Atlantic Adventurer or Oceania Cruise.

The departure and landing point of Holland America’s Atlantic Adventurer is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and it offers a 42-day transatlantic round trip to Europe.  

Oceania Cruises Epic Northern Hemisphere starts and ends in New York, USA, and provides a 51-day USA-Europe trip.

Fastest Cruise from USA to Europe

The fastest cruise ship to set sail from the US to Europe is Cunard, which covers the distance in around 7-10 days. It is one of the shortest transatlantic cruises that sail directly from Southampton to New York without any additional ports of call or stops.

Also, you may enjoy a round-trip cruising experience with Cunard, where you will spend a short time exploring the region and then return.

Slowest USA-Europe Cruise

Viking’s cruise ship is the slowest to set sail from the US to Europe. It reaches its destination in about 29 days and takes the route from New York to Bergen, Norway, and Europe.

Factors Affecting Cruise Duration to Europe

Although every cruise ship has a fixed timing to complete the journey, sometimes the duration may change based on some key factors such as:

#1 Itinerary

The cruise route chosen for sailing across Europe is the most crucial factor determining the tour destination time.

Moreover, the number of stops or undecided breaks at the tourist spots may also increase the cruise travel duration to Europe.

#2 Cruise Size and Capacity

How many passengers are accommodated in the cruise ship and its size can change the cruise duration to Europe.

Larger cruise sizes usually offer more amenities and visits to tourist spots, while smaller ships can access smaller ports and provide shorter, more cherished voyages. In both cases, the cruising duration to Europe may vary.

#3 Departure and Landing Ports

The departure and landing ports are another vital factor in determining how long a cruise will take to reach the destination.

Passengers from major ports may use longer itineraries and comprehensive checkpoints than the remote or smaller ports, thus impacting the overall cruise duration.

#4 Cruise Season

Commonly, tourists prefer visiting Europe in the summer, but the ideal time for European cruises is late spring or early fall (April-May and September-October).

This is because of the pleasant weather, less crowd, and cheaper cruise fares over these months. 


Whether you choose a quick trip to the Mediterranean or a lengthy transatlantic journey, a European cruise is suitable for every traveller.

Usually, the cruise duration to Europe ranges from 7-29 days based on the type of cruise ship, your chosen itinerary, and the number of stops during sailing. Hence, how long a cruise takes to reach Europe depends on your preferences and the factors mentioned above.

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