Wants to Contribute? Share Your Epic Cruising Tales with Us!

Ahoy, fellow adventurers! At CruiseShipMania, we’re on a constant quest for thrilling cruising stories, and we invite you to be a part of our exciting voyage. If you have a passion for cruising and a flair for storytelling, we’d love to hear from you!

Why Contribute?

Cruising is more than just a mode of travel; it’s an extraordinary experience that leaves travelers with unforgettable memories.

By contributing your cruising tales to CruiseShipMania, you have the opportunity to inspire and guide fellow explorers on their own nautical adventures. Your experiences, tips, and insights can be invaluable to others seeking to chart the perfect course for their dream cruise.

What Are We Looking For?

We welcome a diverse range of contributions that revolve around the world of cruising. Whether it’s a detailed review of your latest cruise, an insider’s guide to onboard amenities, tips for exploring exotic ports of call, or personal anecdotes that capture the magic of the sea, we’re eager to hear your stories.

How to Get Onboard?

Getting started as a contributor at CruiseShipMania is a breeze! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Pitch Your Idea: Send us an email at contributors@cruiseshipmania.com with a brief pitch outlining your article idea. We’re open to various topics, so let your creativity set sail!
  2. Review & Approval: Our team of experienced editors will review your pitch and get back to you promptly. If your idea aligns with our content strategy, we’ll give you the green light to proceed.
  3. Write Your Adventure: Once your pitch is approved, set sail and write your article! We encourage engaging storytelling and a personal touch that resonates with our readers.
  4. Submit & Review: Send your completed article to contributors@cruiseshipmania.com, and our team will review it for quality and accuracy.

Guidelines for Smooth Sailing:

To ensure a seamless journey, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Aim for a word count between 800 to 1500 words.
  • Include high-quality images (with appropriate permissions) to complement your story.
  • Use a friendly and engaging tone that connects with our audience.
  • Double-check facts and sources to maintain accuracy.

Also read our Editorial Guidelines Here

Bon Voyage!

By contributing to CruiseShipMania, you become an integral part of our cruising community. Your knowledge and experiences will have a lasting impact on fellow travelers seeking their next oceanic adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your metaphorical pen, set sail with your creativity, and embark on a voyage of storytelling with CruiseShipMania. Together, let’s make every cruising journey extraordinary!