What To Pack For Summer Trip To Italy 

Italy is one of the ultimate dream destinations of most travelers, offering a rich history, culture, art, cuisine, natural beauty, green villages and more. So, if you plan to fly or sail to Italy, you’re in luck.

The outfit wardrobe is the first thing that hits the mind before an Italy vacation.

Whether you’re strolling in Rome or Venice or searching out Renaissance art in Florence, you need comfortable and versatile outfits that make you look gorgeous. 


From my last Italy vacation, I’ve observed that Italians have a knack for fashion. They’re real fashionistas and are incredibly fashion-conscious. That’s why you’ll need extra chic outfits to truly stand out in the crowd.

TBH! I’m not a fashion-conscious lady, but when it comes to European vacations, I invest a lot in outfits to make me look confident and comfortable. 

In this guide, I’ve shared everything about what to pack for a summer trip to Italy.

What Type Of Outfits Are Best For Italy Summer Vacations

Outfits Are Best For Italy

Before packing for your trip to Italy, remember to pack versatile, lightweight, and elegant clothing. 

Always go for lightweight and flowy dresses that make you feel comfortable while exploring the city. I prefer cotton and Linen outfits for summer vacations because these fabrics are super breathable, soft and absorbent. 

I mostly pack sundresses, maxis, lightweight tops and shorts for the Italy summer trip. 

Secondly, neutral colors like cream, mocha, syrup, gray, white, tan, Ivory, and camel colors look more versatile. 

Also, don’t pack ostentatious or showy outfits; Italian fashion is often characterized by elegance and sophistication. And these expensive clothes can also make you feel uncomfortable.

Outfits That You Should Pack For Italy Summer Trip

1- Sundress & Maxi

summer italy dress
maxi dresses

My priority is always sundresses and maxis; these dresses elevate your femininity. 

If you want to look more gorgeous without sacrificing your comfort, try this one-shoulder midi dress. The elegant side split and ruffle design make you look more appealing. Perfect dress to wear out for a day, shopping or dinner out. 

For those who love floral design and colors, this dress is for you. Because of its lightweight fabric and a square neckline, it’s ideal for strolling through the streets of Rome or soaking up the sun in Amalfi and Sardinia.

Here comes the casual halter mini dress that looks so much more sophisticated. This outfit is a staple in my summer vacation wardrobe. The vibrant color of this dress always makes you stand out in the crowd, shining brightly.

2- Tops 

Summer Tank Top
Womens Summer Sleeveless Tank Top

I usually pack two to four tops for two-week European vacations. Also, I prefer to go for loose-fit tank tops that ensure comfort. 

This versatile, comfy tank top is my best pick for summer vacations. The classy v-neck design and floral print give a tropical vibe. Further, this flattering tank top is a bit stretchy and airy, perfect for beaches. 

Consider wearing this square neck tank top for evenings and cafes. The pleated design and loose fit make this top so much more elegant. Pairs well with a hat, shorts, and strappy sandals. 

Another cute top for an Italy trip is this knot-loose waffle shirt. The bold neck light, elegant off-shoulder and tie knot make this shirt more sexy. Paired with jeans shorts or skinny jeans pants. 

3- Shorts

women causual short
women causual short

If you want to be more relaxed and chill, consider packing 2 to 3 shorts. Especially for wandering around Rome and Florence, you need these shorts. I only wear shorts during the day and avoid wearing too short or cutting-off jeans. 

These causal shorts pair well with Andy’s top, shirt, or blouse. Crafted from airy, lightweight fabric, it makes strolling a breeze.

If you want a more chic style short, consider wearing these ripped stretchy jeans. It’s stretchy and perfectly hugs your body. These jeans are versatile and pair well with any tank top. 

3- Jumpsuits

women jumpsuit

I’m a big fan of jumpsuits, they are simple to wear, and make you very comfortable. For 10-day Europe trip, I suggest you pack 2 jumpsuits.

Consider this wide pants jumpsuit if you want to hide your thin legs. Perfect for casual outings, dining out, and special events. I often wear this jumpsuit in fashion-forward cities of Italy like Milan and Rome. 

You can also consider this stretchy jumpsuit that elegantly shows your cuts and figures. The basic round neck and back button closure make you look more sexy. Pairs well with neutral sandals and sunglasses. 

4- Bodycon Dresses 

Casual Sleeveless Bodycon

You must bring at least one bodycon dress for parties and hang out in bars. 

This bodycon dress with one-sided ruching accentuates your curves, fitting snugly on the right side to enhance your figure. It has above-the-knee length and faux-front wrap, making this dress more gorgeous. 

Check out this crew neckline and waist-tie bodycon dress, ideal for maintaining a simple and casual look. Crafted from stretchy fabric with a form-fitting silhouette, it enhances your femininity effortlessly.

5- Two Pieces Outfits 

Two Pieces Outfit
two pieces dress

You can consider packing two-piece outfits for a more casual and laid-back look. 

During June and July, the weather is pretty hot in Italy; this button-down two-piece outfit is the best option for those days. The lightweight fabric and subtle texture make this outfit so much cozy. 

This is another cute two-piece outfit featuring a long shirt and drawstring shorts. You can wear the bottom-down shirt in different ways: buttoned up, half-tucked or fully tucked. Perfect for exploring the villages in Italy. 

6- Swimsuits 

bathing dresses
bathing suits

If you’re a water enthusiast and love to swim, you should consider packing a few swimsuits. Italy boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Sardinia and Amalfi, so if you plan to visit these beaches, swimmers are a must-have. 

I prefer a one-piece swimsuit that offers maximum coverage and tummy control features. If you’re looking for a similar item, check out this one-piece bathing suit. 

Or you can go for this two-piece bathing suit with one shoulder. It fits well and provides excellent coverage.  

7- Undergarments/Socks

Undergarments and socks are essential items. Always pack a few pairs of underwear, bikinis, undershirts and socks. 

I always pack extra undergarments and socks for summer vacations since it gets sweaty during those hot days.

Foot Wear To Pack For Italy Vacations 

Foot Wear

Sandals: Based on your preference, you can go for neutral or low wedge sandals. I love this minimalist strappy sandal from Amazon; it pairs well with every outfit. You can use this medium wedge heel

Versa for a more stylish look. Sneakers: If you plan to hike in Vernazza or Capo Testa, pack a pair of versatile sneakers. These lightweight sneakers with air cushioning are a best bet. Also best for all-day walking and exploring Rome. 


Water Shoes: Most of the beaches in Italy are pebbled, and you need reliable water shoes for such beaches. I love these breathable water shoes with air mesh, which are best for all water activities and beaches. 

Flipflip: You need comfortable flip-flops during beach days and leisurely walks in hot summer weather. This anti-slip flip flop with arch support is the best option for every woman. 

Other Essential 

1- Hand Bag

I prefer to travel with a cute handbag for the best feminine look. It also helps you hold essentials, makeup items, and mobile phones. Offers convenience and security during the peak hours in cafes and restaurants. 

Check out this versatile and durable PU leather crossbody bag, available in many colors. 

2- Toiletries Bag

For a well-organized packing, you must need a toiletries bag with separate compartments to hold your makeup and personal hygiene items. 

Check out this cute toiletries bag with a separate makeup organizer compartment. 

Here are the items that you have to pack in your toiletry bag. 

  • Sunscreen
  • Body wash 
  • Lipstick 
  • Makeup brushes 
  • Toothbrush
  • Lotion
  • Shampoo
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Lip balm 
  • Body spray
  • Shaving items

3- Packing Cubes

The secret way of smart packing are the packing cubes; they keep my luggage more organized, and I can easily access every item on time.

Also, packing cubes saves a lot of space in your luggage. In hotelsm, they give you the ease of quick unpacking. If you want to stay organized, you can consider eight sets of packing cubes. 

4- Electronics 

Here are some of the must-have electronics to pack for Italy vacations.

Portable power bank: Apart from your phone charger, a portable power bank is an essential backup. It keeps your phone charged, so you can stay in touch with family and friends.

Camera: Italy is all about stunning landscapes, historic landmarks, and gorgeous streets perfect for capturing amazing photos. That’s why you should pack a camera to capture unforgettable moments. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR offers excellent image quality and a user-friendly interface, and it’s the best and most affordable option for beginners. 

Action Camera: Consider DJI Osmo Pocket 3 or Go Pro Hero 12 for high-quality and stable videography. Both these action cameras are perfect for securing moments in Italy. 

Fitness Tracker: I’m addicted to Fitness trackers; they provide an in-depth overview of your daily walks, calories burned, recovery, and heart rate. So, if you’re a fitness buff, consider the Fitbit Sense 2 or Fitbit Versa 4 fitness tracker. 

Laptop/Tablets: Pack laptops and tablets in your luggage if you can’t afford to miss any business. Always buy a separate laptop bag for fragile electronics. 

Travel Adapter: A travel adapter is essential for vacations to ensure your electronic devices can be plugged into foreign power outlets, enabling you to stay connected and powered up.

5- Hats & Sunglasses

In Italy, summer weather can get quite warm. To prevent sunburn, it’s essential to pack a hat and sunglasses. Also, these items elevate your look by adding style and sophistication to your outfit. 

This beautiful beach sun hat is a superior option for women. And for a sexy look, consider these anti-glare sunglasses. 

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