Titanic Compared To Modern Cruise Ships

In Titanic vs modern cruise ships, the real winner is obvious to everyone. Undoubtedly, the Titanic was a champ of its time. It was the largest ocean liner of her era, with 882 feet in length and 92 feet in width. 

Titanic remains a hotly debated subject; even many stage shows and movies cast on the heart-wrenching story of Titanic liner. 

Nonetheless, many people compare Titanic to modern cruise ships; they want to judge Titanic based on modern amenities found on today’s cruises. 

In particular, safety features remain a question, and people want to know how modern cruises develop safety standards to tackle incidents. 

In this article, I have explained in detail the difference between modern cruise and the Titanic. I’ve broken the topic into parts for better understanding. 

The Size Difference Of Titanic & Modern Cruise Ships?

titanic infront of cruise ship

Modern cruises have come a long way since Titanic. And the sizes of ships increase over time. 

You know there is a huge gap between the Titanic era (1912) and 2024, and It’s evident that technological advancements have played a pivotal role in shaping the cruise industry throughout this extensive period.

In the modern era, many vessels larger than the Titanic float on the sea. You can consider the Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas that expands across 1,196 feet, and its width is 65 meters (213 feet), and it’s one of the largest cruise ship in the world. 

Meanwhile, the Titanic, which was built in 1909 by White Star Line, was 882 feet in length and 92 feet in width, which notably falls short of the modern Royal Caribbean icon of the size of the sea.

Besides this, there were many more ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet that were superior to the Titanic in size. They plan to launch their next vessel, “Start on the Seas,” in 2025, which is expected to be 1198 feet. 

Royal Caribbean Cruises Height in feetsWidth in feets
Icon of the seas1198213
Wonder of the seas1187201
Freedom of the seas1112126
Voyager of the seas1021155

The Weight Difference Of Titanic & Modern Cruise Ships 

titanic vs modern cruise ships

You will have to find some amazing stats in terms of gross tonnage. 

I’m taking Icon of the Seas as an epitome of weight because, at the current time, it’s the largest cruise ship on the planet.

In its prime, the Titanic stood out as the heaviest and largest ship of all time before 1912, boasting a weight of 46,000 tons.

However, the Icon of the Seas dwarfs the Titanic, weighing a whopping 250,800 tonnes; this means it’s five times heavier than the Titanic. 

You will be surprised to know that the Icon of the Seas encompasses 20 decks, more than 40 restaurants, 15 water fun areas, 8 neighborhoods, 2805 staterooms, and a plethora of other amenities and spots. Seeing all these massive stats, this ship feels like a vibrant city with a bustling life. 

And you know what, the giant Icon of the Seas can accommodate 7,600 passengers and 2,350 crew members, while the Titanic could only hold 3,500 passengers?

These stats make the modern cruises superior to Titanic and other previous ocean liners. 

Titanic Compared To Modern Day Cruise Technology

modern ships vs titanic

The Titanic incident shook the cruise industry and promoted stringent cruise safety standards. Because of this reason, we have seen remarkable progress in the design and engineering processes of modern cruises.  

The Titanic was built in 1912, and at that time there was no cutting-edge technology and communication systems. Even it lacked dynamic stabilizers, and that’s why they were not as comfortable as today’s modern cruises. The stabilizers prevent ships from rolling during harsh weather conditions. 

The modern ships include dynamic stabilizers that retract automatically when needed. 

Similarly, modern ships use advanced navigational features that directly catch signals from satellites and some radar technologies for precise weather forecasts. At the same time, the Titanic ship was relied on outdated communication technology like Morse code. 

Because of technological advancements, modern cruise ships have robust hulls and superstructures to optimize stability and buoyancy. 

You can take an idea of their refined engineering from the price factor. The Titanic cost around $7.5 in 1912, whereas the Icon of the Seas was more than a $2 billion vessel.

Amenities In Titanic Cruise Ship 

Undoubtedly, Titanic was a prime ocean liner in her era. And she was offering vast amenities for the comfort of passengers. 

Here I’m mentioning some famous amenities that are available in the Titanic cruise ship. If you have watched the “Titanic Movie,” you might be familiar with some. 

There was a massive dining area on the Titanic measuring around 1,000 m2. It was considered a more elite-class dining saloon that served 554 passengers at a time. 

It was stated that the dining hall was decorated with wooden panels and painted in a glossy white color for a more lavish look. 

Besides this, there are also swimming pools on the Titanic ships; surprisingly, pools are heated.  

Onboard, there were many restaurants and cafes to serve guests; the famous ones were À la Carte, Café Parisien, and Verandah Café. All of these cafes were the best alternative to the main dining halls. 

Similarly, Titanic had many more amenities, including reading and writing rooms, a grand staircase, sporting facilities, a gymnasium, Turkish baths, and many more. 

 All these luxurious amenities prove that the Titanic was a masterpiece in her era and was better than many of her sibling ocean liners. 

Amenities In Modern Cruise Ships 

Amenities In Modern Cruise Ships 

The modern cruises are the hub of facilities and entertainment, and they feel like a floating city. That’s why when I feel exhausted from my bustling life, I hop on these cruises to chill and relax for some time. 

There are countless amenities on modern cruises, but I’m media only a few. 


Regarding entertainment, modern cruises are like the epicenter of recreation. There is much more to enjoy, from waterparks and ice skating to nightlife clubs and casinos. Almost every cruise ship also offers a spa and wellness center to soothe your senses and unwind your mind. 

Dining Hall & Restaurants

Unlike the Titanic, the modern cruise features more than one dining hall. The giant Icon of the Seas has over 20 dining venues, 40 restaurants, and specialty bars. Seeing this baseline, I think Titanic seems like an innocent child of these ships. 

Accommodations & Staterooms

Modern cruise ships offer extensive accommodation options, even though I get confused sometimes. From their ordinary staterooms and cabins to their junior suites and grand suites that are nearly 2 to 3 decks high. there’s a wide range of options to suit every budget.

Few staterooms feature balconies, and few cove balconies much closer to the sea. Similarly, amenities and facilities also vary across each level of accommodations. 

Here, you can view my detailed Royal Princess cabin guide. 

Kids Fun Activities 

Kids Fun Activities 

Compared to the Titanic, modern cruises offer a variety of activities and programs designed for kids and teens. There are dedicated kids’ playing zones, water parks, rides, theaters, and charter meetups. 

Among all the modern cruises, Disney Cruise is a true companion of kids, offering a Disney theme experience, character meetups, theme parties, theme breakfasts, educational programs, and much more. 

Even the Royal Caribbean and Carnival have dedicated kids’ programs, activities, and drinks packages. In a nutshell, modern cruise lines emphasize promoting kids-friendly activities and creating a more family-friendly environment. 

Safety Features In Modern Cruise Ships 

One of the major improvements encountered in modern cruises is the subtle safety features. Even though numerous safety features were spotted on the Titanic ships, all of them are outdated. 

Titanic would featured 20 lifeboats, but unfortunately, the lifeboats on the ship were not sufficient to accommodate all the people.

When it comes to Royal Caribbean “Icon of the Seas,” it also has 17 lifeboats, and each one can carry up to 450 people, which is massive. 

Similarly, modern cruises have strengthened their communication system to contact rescues in case of emergency. Moreover, people now have the internet on their phones, saving a lot of time contacting rescue services. 

Over time, we have seen magnificent changes in the ship’s design. Many modern ships use double bottoms extended up the sides of their hulls, dynamic stabilizers to stabilize ships on rough seas, and provide smooth voyage.

Titanic Vs Modern Cruise Ships: Fare Comparison

Cruise fares always remain one of the major considerations among the folks.

Well, over time, the world has gone through so many crises and money inflammation, that’s why you may notice a substantial difference between the fare of the Titanic and the modern cruise. 

However, the fare of Titanic in 1912 was £30, which is equivalent to $3200 to $3500 in present times. Where as, the modern cruises might cost you around $1000 to $1500 for a 7-night cruise. This is just the beginning. The price goes to the sky when you choose grand suites on cruises. 

Likewise, on Titanic, there are also classes for fares; the 3rd class fare starts from £30 and goes to £870 for 1st class members. So you can imagine that the Titanic was a luxurious and expensive sea ride of her time. 

Why Titanic Sank In 1912?

Everybody knows about the Titanic incident that shook the entire world in 1912. The ocean liner hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean; the strike caused huge damage below the water line on the right. 

The ship was sailing at a high speed, and the captains were not able to do anything to save it from that iceberg. The collision was so massive that it created a large hole in the ship’s hull. Unfortunately, water rapidly engulfs the entire ship, and she starts sinking. 

Due to the poor and outdated safety features, there are over 1503 lives lost in that incident. The sinking of the Titanic was a huge loss in maritime history that changed the many safety rules and precautions for other cruise ships. 


What is the weight of the largest cruise ship today compared to the Titanic?

Currently, the Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas is considered the largest ship, weighing 250,800 metric tons, whereas the Titanic’s weight was only 46,000 metric tons. This is because today’s modern cruises are like floating with huge buildings over them. Moreover, the material used in modern cruises is bulkier than the material used in Titanic. 

How many decks did the Titanic have compared to modern day cruise?

The Titanic was one of the giant ocean liners of her era, and it had nine decks. At the same time, Modern cruises have more than 10 decks and higher passenger capacity. The Icon of the Seas has 18 decks and 20 floors, and this cruise is around 1,196 feet long. 

How many lifeboats are there on the largest cruise ships compared to Titanic?

The number of lifeboats might vary across cruise lines. The Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas has 17 lifeboats that accommodate 450 people, the Norwegian Epic has 20 lifeboats, each can carry 294 passengers, and the Carnival Celebration has 16 lifeboats, each with a capacity of 462 people. At the same time, Titanic has 20 lifeboats that reuse 1,178 people in total. 

Was the Titanic considered a luxurious cruise ship of her time?

Yes, the Titanic was considered the epitome of luxury during its time. It was a huge ship that accommodated over 3300 people, had elegant interiors, and had top-notch services. 

Final Thoughts 

I think there is no comparison between Titanic and modern-day cruises. You know that modern cruises are equipped with advanced technologies, lavish designs, luxurious staterooms, bundles of amenities, entertainment, fun, and much more. These cruises are like bustling cities fully equipped with all the facilities. 

Undoubtedly, the Titanic was also the biggest cruise ship and epitome of its era and an epitome of excellence, but unfortunately, an iceberg snatched her entire glory. 

After the incident, the cruise industry made magnificent improvements in cruise design and safety precautions to ensure smooth sailing. 

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