10 Fun Things To Do At Disney Springs

Your trip to Disney World will be incomplete without visiting Disney Springs. It is a place where you’ll find plenty of options for fun. 

You can enjoy various fun activities without spending much money; some are free, including parking and entry fees. 

Apart from shopping and dining, there’s much to explore and do at Disney Springs.

The adventurous and lively activities at Disney Springs include enjoying balloon or water rides, attending live concerts, capturing photos at Disney Studios and many more. 

It is a magical place; a few days aren’t enough to explore and enjoy various activities here, especially with kids. This place has something to offer to everyone, whether you’re with friends or family members. 

In this article, I’ll share some of the best fun things to do at Disney Springs. Read further to discover the best things you can do on your Disney trip.

Let ‘s start!

1- Shopping at Disney Stores

Disney Springs has a large number of shops and markets. This complex is a hub for more than 102 shopping stores. 

These stores include the World of Disney Store, Star Wars Store, M$M Store, and Coca-Cola Store, etc.

Start by window shopping around various stores and shortlist your best items to buy at the end. Buy Disney-themed items and souvenirs for memories. 

You can also choose clothes featuring the pictures of your favorite Disney characters. Shopping is among the best fun activities for adults and kids at Disney Springs. 

2- Enjoy a Water Drive in Amphicar 

If you visit Disney Springs with kids, I highly recommend taking vintage Amphicar tours at the Boathouse. Kids will love this water drive experience on floating cars. 

These Amphicars are a combo of cars and boats; they can ride on land and float on water. This 20-minute ride is the best way to enjoy your Disney Springs visit. Everyone will love this unique but a little pricey experience. 

Enjoy the beautiful scenes of Disney Springs around Lake Buena Vista with your kids by driving and floating simultaneously in Amphicars. 

3- Take Helium Balloon Ride to see Disney Springs

Take a helium balloon ride with your kids and fly over the mesmerizing views of Disney Springs. It is the perfect view for capturing Disney sights.

The aerophile balloon can rise up to 400 feet in the air. The 8-minute helium balloon ride can take up about 29 guests at a time. 

Tickets for adults cost around 25$, while for kids, these are for 20$. Book this aerophile ride to capture pictures of the panoramic views of Disney’s springs and surroundings from above.

The booking relies on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you love heights, grab this perfect opportunity. 

4- Enjoy the Live Music at Disney Springs 

Live music concerts are one of the free fun activities you can enjoy at Disney Springs. Some live music spots include Waterview Park, House of Blues, etc.

You will also see nationally known artists performing live at music concerts at Disney Springs. These live performances are often caught from evening to midnight, both indoors and outdoors.

At Exposition Park, you can enjoy live music while eating different items from the food trucks or stalls. 

Another perfect place for late-night music parties is Jellyrolls, where you can enjoy non-stop music.

5- Take a Ride to Marketplace Carousel 

Marketplace Carousel is the perfect place for kids and adults to have fun. Kids can enjoy a cheap horse ride, creating memories at Disney Springs. 

They can also experience a quick spin on the spinning teacup at Marketplace Carousel. The beautiful hand-painted carousel horses will never fail to grab your kid’s attention.

It is an inexpensive, fun activity for your kids and can make their Disney Trip memorable. 

6- Visit Splitsville for Bowling

Visit the Splitsville Luxury Lanes located on the West side of Disney Springs. The west side has plenty of fun options for sports lovers. 

Splitsville Luxury Lanes are the best spot to spend money and time. Here, you can enjoy bowling and billiard games in a family-friendly environment. 

If you have quite a hefty budget, enjoy bowling at Splitsville Bowling Alley. This place has cool vibes where you can enjoy live music, a bowling competition and a fantastic dinner, all under one roof. 

7- Visit the Lego Store 

Lego Store is one of the most visited and fun places in Disney Springs. Kids and adults love to make their miniature Lego figurines here. 

You can also buy Disney-themed legos at the Disney Springs Lego Store. Outside the store are tables where kids can create Legos for fun. 

You can also take pictures with the Lego models of your favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, etc. 

8- Take a Tour at T-Rex Café

If your adventure kid loves dinosaurs, you must take them to the dinosaur-themed T-Rex Café. You can enjoy a good dinner, and your kids can have fun digging fossils or making dino miniatures.

This cafe is one of the most famous fun dining options at Disney Springs. There’s also a shop to buy different dino-themed items. It is a budget-friendly place to visit, and you should make a reservation before visiting.  

9- Enjoy Food at Disney Spring Restaurants

There are several fine restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals while or after doing fun activities at Disney Springs. 

You can choose the one that suits your budget and taste. Raglan Road is the best place to enjoy traditional Irish food. At Planet Hollywood, you can taste delicious American dishes with a Hollywood-themed ambience. 

Visit Morimoto Asia to taste authentic Asian flavors. Chicken Guy restaurant is the best place to visit with kids. They will love the juicy chicken bites served with sauce there. 

To try the best seafood at Disney Springs with water views, visit The Boathouse. You can also take a water ride after dining. You can also search for other options that fit your preferences.

10- Watch Movie at AMC Movie Theatre

Credit: @linzwaybright

After enjoying different fun activities, you can watch a movie with your family at AMC theater in a relaxing environment. 

This theater is adorned with comfort, luxury, and delicious food. Enjoy a movie with food or snacks of your choice. 

This experience can be heavy on the pocket. Still, this memorable activity is the best way to end your day at Disney Springs. Make sure to grab your tickets early, as they sell immediately.


In short, Disney Springs offers a wide range of fun activities for people of all ages and interests, making this place a unique entertainment option. 

Plenty of food options, exclusive attractions such as the Lego Store and T-Rex Café, and a lively ambience guarantee that every visit is an unforgettable experience.

Disney Springs’ attractiveness and versatility ensure your trip is full of memories, relaxation, and fun activities. So, on your next trip to Disney World, be sure to set aside some time to explore this magical place and make lifelong memories.

I hope this article helped you learn about some of the best fun activities at Disney Springs to enjoy with friends or family. These are just a few; there’s much more to explore at Disney Springs.

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