Nearest Airport To Ravenna Italy To Get To the Cruise port

Are you looking for the nearest airport to Ravenna, Italy? There are two major Airports in Ravenna– but the Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is one of the suitable options for international travelers. 

Last year, I came across a situation quite similar to the one you’re facing now. I had to catch the 7-Night Greece & Adriatic Cruise departing from Ravenna (Venice), Italy. I was quite confused about the nearest airport to fly to Ravenna, Italy. 

Luckily, I have got the best option to reach Ravenna cruise port, and in this article, I will share my experience with you to save you time and expenses.  

Closest Airport To Ravenna, Italy?


So basically, there are two major airports in Ravenna, Italy; Federico Fellini is located in Rimini (RMI), and this one is about 60 km away from Ravenna. From there, you have to grab a taxi that will take you to the Ravenna cruise port in 20 minutes. 

But unluckily, Federico Fellini airport is not a suitable option for International travelers. Like if you’re traveling from North America, you won’t get any direct flight to this airport. 

Instead of Federico Fellini, the best airport option in Ravenna for international travelers is Bologna Guglielmo Marconi (BLQ), which is around 80 km away from Ravenna.

But if you’re traveling from the USA, Getting a direct flight to this airport will be easy. 

If you’re someone living around Italy, France, Monaco, Andorra, Milan, or Slovenia, the Federico Fellini airport is a suitable option. It operates some obscure domestic & International airlines like Virgin Nigeria, Flexflight, Air Berlin, Alitalia, etc.

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport To Ravenna Cruise Port?

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi is a small but excellent airport to fly, located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. There are not so many amenities at this airport, but you can grab a cup of coffee or a bite of famous Italian Pizza. 

Ravenna cruise port is 86 KM away from this airport. From there, you have three options to get to the cruise port– train, bus, and cab. The bus and train will get you to Ravenna town, not directly to the cruise port. However, I believe both options are more cost-effective than taking a taxi.

I like the bus option. To hop on the bus, you have to first get the train. Luckily, the train station is just a few minutes walk from the airport. Grab the train to Bologna Centrale, and from there, get a bus to Ravenna.

Finally, grab a taxi to reach the cruise port. It’s a straightforward and economical way to get there.

Federico Fellini Airport To Ravenna Cruise Port?

Federico Fellini Airport

This airport is not minimal and is located in Rimini, also known as Rimini Airport. Once you have landed here, you have three options to get to Ravenna: bus, train, and taxi. 

There is a 70 km distance between Rimini and Ravenna, and It will take you 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Ravenna town. Once you have read there, simply get on the taxi to reach the cruise port. 

You don’t need to walk miles to grab a train; luckily, the Rimini train station is a few minutes from Federico Fellini Airport.

Rimini is one of Italy’s iconic spots, one of the most photogenic and vibrant places, I guess. If you have a couple of extra hours, I suggest exploring the “Arco di Augusto” and seeing the bustling life of the seaside of Rimini. 

Why You Shouldn’t Consider Venice Cruise Port?

Venice cruise port

Unfortunately, Venice port banned cruises that are over 25,000 gross tonnage. In March 2023, they passed this law, and now most of the major cruise lines sail from Ravenna, the nearest cruise port to Venice. 

I wish the Venice government could lift this so that I could also explore the heritage of Roman empires and some of its major attractions. 

You might wonder why not consider the airport in Venice instead of Bologna Guglielmo Marconi.

I know everyone desires to explore the iconic beauty of Venice, but there is no cruise port for giant cruise lines there. That’s why you must head over to Ravenna Cruise Port, which is 209 km from Venice Airport. 

But if you have plenty of time, you have the freedom to visit Venice and explore its beauty.

I regret not visiting Venice because I landed directly in Ravenna on embarkation day. But if you’ve got an extra couple of days, you should catch a flight to Venice and make some memories there.

But now I’m dead set on it; next time I plan a Mediterranean, Turkey, or Greece & Adriatic cruise, I’ll opt for Venice airport over Bologna Guglielmo Marconi. From there, I will leave for the Ravenna cruise port for my cruise voyage. 

Should You Stay In Ravenna, Italy?


Ravenna has a rich history; it’s a pristine and peaceful city with some historic architecture. You will encounter stunning mosaics, UNESCO World Heritage sites, vibrant streets, and some of the best ocean views here. 

I recommend you stay here for a couple of days. There is also a sightseeing canal, the Candiano Canal, that connects this Italian city to the Adriatic Sea. The beautiful quaysides and natural charm are worth seeing in Ravenna. 

During my last trip to Ravenna, I enjoyed a night at Casa Masoli Hotel, a fantastic accommodation with abundant amenities. I discovered this gem through the app, which offers many lodging options in the area. Ravenna boasts numerous other accommodation choices that you can find via this convenient app.

What Are Some Of The Attractions Worth Visiting In Ravenna? 

Ravenna italy

If you’re sailing from a Ravenna cruise port, I’d recommend arriving a couple of days earlier to soak up some of the historic vibes in the city. You know there are so many iconic architecture and fabulous mosaics from the ancient Roman and Byzantine periods. 

The first in Ravenna you should visit is Basilica di San Vitale; this Church holds attractive architecture. So many eye-catching mosaics, designs, and old paintings will make your eyes pop out. 

Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo is another beautiful church that is painted with mosaics. There is also a medium that showcases the Romans’ traditions and lifestyle. This Church is renowned for its stunning Byzantine mosaics, which adorn the interior walls.

Further, the Old Town of this ancient city is also worth seeing. This town’s vibrant and bustling streets are very photogenic; here, you can capture some photos for memorabilia. The famous Ravenna Umbrella Street is in this town; the colorful hanging umbrellas are worth seeing. In addition to that, you can also savor some of the best Italian brunches and pizzas. 

Best Time To Visit Ravenna?

The best time to visit Ravenna is between April and June and between September and October; during these times, the weather is very comfortable, and one can easily explore the beauty of Ravenna. 

Spring seasons feel much more pleasant here, and I often book cruise itineraries during these times. Also, the historic colors of this Italian city become more vibrant during these summer times. That’s why I recommend you visit Ravenna in the summer rather than fall. 

How Big Is Ravenna Cruise Port?

The Ravenna cruise port is not too busy like the Ancona cruise port. But luckily, it’s just a 20-minute walk from the city center to the cruise port. Several major cruises depart from this port, like Royal Caribbean, MSC, Carnival, etc. 

The Ravenna Cruise Port is the go-to spot for cruisers heading to Venice. Many private transfer and car rental services offer direct travel to Venice.

If you’re a group of friends willing to divide the fare, I strongly recommend you go for a private transfer to save time. 

There is nothing so enjoyable at the Ravenna cruise port. Even the cafes and restaurants are located at quite a distance. So the best option is to grab a shuttle bus service from the port and move to Ravenna town. 


Which airport is best for the Venice cruise?

Large cruise ships have not docked in Venice since the pandemic, and the Ravenna cruise port is the new gateway for Venice cruisers. If you’re flying in, Bologna Airport is the closest airport to the Ravenna cruise port. It’s just an hour’s drive from there to the port.

What is the closest airport to Ravenna?

The nearest airport to Ravenna is Federico Fellini (Rimini airport), just 70 km away, and you can easily reach it via bus or train. 

Are trains running from Bologna to Ravenna?

Yes, trains run regularly from Bologna to Ravenna. The journey typically takes around 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the type of train and the specific schedule.

How much is a taxi from Ravenna airport to the cruise port?

The taxi’s fare might vary and depend on a few factors. But generally, they will cost around €50 to €70 to take you from Ravenna airport to the cruise port. Alternatively, you can go by bus service, which is cheaper than that. 

How far is Ravenna from Venice’s city center?

If Ravenna town is around 150 KM away from the Venice city center, it takes 1.5 to 2 hours to reach there. From Ravenna, you can hop on a train that costs you $17 and directly drops you in Venice. 

Final Thoughts And Tips

So, if you’re even planning for a Mediterranean cruise or any cruise that sails from Ravenna, the nearest airport to it is Federico Fellini Airport. But if you’re an international traveler or want more flexible airlines, consider using Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport. Both these airports are nearer to the Ravenna. 

I suggest taking off a few days before your cruise to explore Venice because this city is a dream destination for every travel enthusiast. And from Ravenna, it’s just 143 kilometers away, about a 2-hour drive. 

Alternatively, if you’re flying for Ravenna cruise port a few days before your cruise adventure, you can go directly to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE). From there, you can begin your arduous expedition to uncover the beauty of Venice, and then, from there, you can move towards the Ravenna cruise port. 

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