10 Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

Visiting Europe is a dream for many but also an expensive travel destination. Depending on your budget, places, or countries’ exchange rates, it can be cheaper. 

With years of traveling and exploring the European region, Eastern European countries are much cheaper than other parts of Europe. These low-cost countries have beautiful destinations to satisfy budget-conscious travelers.

Here’s a list of the top 10 cheapest European countries to visit: 

1- Hungary 


Hungary is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Europe. Exploring diverse places on a budget seems effortlessly doable in this cheap country.

You can sneak into a hotel and get a full feast fairly cheaply. Also, relaxation spots like bars, spas, or boat parties are all reasonable. This makes Hungary one of my favorite places to visit in Europe.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest is famous for its dynamic nightlife. On my first visit, I was astounded by the panoramic sight of the city from the top of Buda Castle. The ornate buildings and cobblestone squares are all charming views that do not fetch a penny.

In short, you can visit Hungary and enjoy your travels without worrying about expenses.

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2- Romania


Romania is a country famous for its rich cultural background and astonishing beauty. It is also known as one of Europe’s most budget-friendly travel destinations. 

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, boasts eye-catching architecture and offers free walking tours for travelers to get insight into the city’s rich history and culture. Affordable train fares further complement visitors and make exploring the countryside easy.

Romania has a range of budget-friendly hiking points, particularly the Carpathian Mountains, which makes it an even more popular spot for tourists interested in hiking.

Also, bike rental options are available for local exploration of small cities. This affordable country, coupled with its diverse cultural heritage, is the ideal travel spot for visitors.

3- Croatia 


Recently, Croatia has emerged as one of Europe’s most affordable travel destinations. During my last visit in 2022, I found beautiful places, met amazing people, and thoroughly enjoyed the unique cuisine there, all on a budget.

Croatia has plenty of locations; the most important one, in my opinion, is the Adriatic coast. What I loved the most here were the popular travel destinations like Dubrovnik and Split. Their roles in Game of Thrones make me curious to visit there, and they are affordable too.

Zagreb city offers an amalgam of heritage, culture, and cuisine. Regarding cuisine, it is one of the most affordable dining experiences for me.

You can also save money by visiting Croatia’s national parks and other natural attractions year-round during off-seasons.

4- Poland


If you are low on budget to plan a trip to Europe, Poland should be your ultimate choice. It is an East European country embellished with mountains, forests, and rivers. 

The majority of the tourist spots are affordable, and some of them are even free to enter. It is the best possible way to save money as a tourist.

I can say most of the cool stuff in Poland won’t fetch you much. Numerous tourist attractions are cheap, and a few, like popular buildings and galleries, are free to enter. Additionally, a few exhibition halls allow free entrance once a week!

Poland’s beauty and affordability undoubtedly ensure you enjoy every moment without keeping an eye on your budget.

5- Slovenia


Slovenia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. Relatively smaller than its neighboring countries, it is affordable for travelers.

Slovenia offers a diversity of attractive places for tourists. Nature is in full bloom here, complemented by mountains like the Soča Trail, treating visitors with free breathtaking views of the Soča River.

Also, Slovenia won’t let the visitors worry about the cost of food. Whether you eat from roadside stalls, cosy cafes, or nearby eateries, all serve up tasty dinners at reasonable costs.

Nestled in striking mountain ranges and beautiful lakes, Slovenia boasts unparalleled natural excellence.

6- Bulgaria


For me, Bulgaria is one of the most affordable European countries. During my brief visit, a part of me yearns to stay there to explore this beautiful country.

I was delighted to visit and discover the beauty of Ruse and Sofia. I recommend traveling in the off-season as this can save you from spending a lot of money.

Sofia, the lively capital of Bulgaria, is heaven for travelers. The city has attractive cobblestone narrow streets, unique shops, and dynamic nightlife.

Despite its attraction, hardly many people have visited the country, especially outside of the busy summer months when costs soar.

Most of the attractions here are inexpensive or free. Hotels are especially cheap during off-peak times. Whether you’re looking for heart-pounding winter activities or romantic beach getaways in the summer, Bulgaria offers affordability without compromising beauty or adventure.

7- Slovakia


Slovakia is a good option for budget-conscious tourists. During the summer, the coastal facilities may get more expensive, but everyone can still enjoy the beauty of the public beaches, notably Koper and Mestna Beach.

Notable destinations like Moon Bay and Portoroz are enticed by their affordable rates even in late spring, before a rush of tourists.

Bratislava, the country’s splendid capital, caters to luxury with its expensive options. Budget travelers may still find reasonably priced lodgings and dining options, particularly when they venture outside the city center.

Despite its increasing popularity, Slovakia remains an affordable hidden treasure in Central Europe.

8- Latvia


Latvia is the best place for someone like me who loves solo traveling and short visits. During my visit to the capital of Latvia, Riga, I was amazed by this beautiful city’s architecture, beaches, and scenery.

Unlike its neighboring countries in Scandinavia, Latvia is an inexpensive destination ideal for tourists on a limited budget.

Situated between Russia, Belarus, Estonia, and the Baltic Sea, Latvia lures visitors to take affordable road vacations and easily cross borders to explore more of the European Union.

Latvia is known for its civility and affordability. It has beautiful beaches, lush forests, and the bustling Riga Central Market.

9- Estonia

As other countries mentioned, Estonia is not considered a cheap option, yet it makes its way through this list. Its medieval towns and world heritage sites make it a more noteworthy and slightly expensive country.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is more often visited by tourists. This city has a more economic atmosphere yet is less affordable.

Estonia has become popular among European travelers in recent years because of its reasonably priced lodging, varied sights, and delicious food.

With no charge for entry to national parks, Estonia is a must-visit place for a nature lover. I think the spring and autumn seasons are more favorable to visit and explore sites.

10- Macedonia


Make sure to visit Macedonia when planning a trip to Europe. It is one of the most celebrated travel destinations owing to its enviable position in the peninsula’s centre.

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia attracts tourists with its remarkable assortment of artwork. The government also promotes tourism by focusing on the architectural framework of the city.

North Macedonia has more soothing natural areas and provides lots of hiking options. It is one of the most affordable travel destinations in the Balkans, if not all of Europe.


Exploring each of these countries has been an interesting journey. Based on my experience, I’m certain this list is thorough and useful.

Traveling through Europe is essentially a lifetime adventure offering diverse experiences including history, art, nature, and delicious food.

Each country has a special combination of attractions and affordability. There is something for every visitor’s taste and budget, from the historic appeal of Bulgaria and Hungary to the natural beauty of Romania and North Macedonia. Therefore, the cheapest countries in Europe have something to offer everyone.

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