Top 10 Fairytale Villages & Small Towns To Visit In Italy

Imagine how it feels to run away to a real-life fairy tale of a small Italian village! These off-the-beaten tracks, scattered all over Italy, are like traveling back in time. Try to imagine colorful houses overflowing with flowers lining the cobblestone streets, glittering lakes.

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These villages are full of fairy tales, larger than life residing in the big cities. Let’s explore them together! I will show you what is hidden in secret spots. 

We’ll go to the most scrumptious local food joints and secret trails for an unusually fantastic journey! Brace yourself to visit just incredible places like Cinque Terre, where the villages are covered with rich colors at the Italian Riviera coastline. 

I will challenge you to hike a medieval village which is named “The Dying Town” because of its lonely position halfway up the mountain. 

1. Varenna

Varenna is a small charming town on the east coast of the lake. Just imagine a place with beautifully colored houses, all making the banks of a blue lake, where the light wind brings the aroma of fresh flowers to you. 

Varenna as a town lying on the east side of the Lake Como’s will completely mesmerize you. Visualize lovely houses on a picturesque path right along the plaza. This village harbors breathtakingly beautiful lakes and historic mansions.

Best Food Spot
Go with the styles that are easy to slip on and off, especially those that help you on beach days.

2. Volterra

This enchanting town, which is tucked away on a Tuscan peak, has a history of centuries, prevailing from the times of the Etruscans. Imagine that you are strolling along picturesque streets adorned with distinctive shops

Volterra is a haven for enthusiasts and art lovers that presents the remains of Etruscans and visits museums full of treasures. The town is known for alabaster, a fine white stone that has been used in sculptures of astonishing beauty. 

Best Food Spot
Ristorante Etrusco restaurant serves authentic Tuscan cuisine in a cozy and historic setting. 

3. Positano

Picture in your mind the variegated houses in a rainbow stacked on a majestic cliff that gives you a perfect view of the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea.

Positano is a feast for your eyes, a jig-sawed street dotted with nice little shops and cafes.

In my opinion, Positano is not a land of just beauty. Let us head down to the pebble beach to experience the refreshing cool water, or search for hidden coves you can only reach by boat. to fall in love with Positano, come in Spring or Autumn. 

Best Food Spot
I would recommend La Sponda restaurant because it boasts panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast and serves exquisite seafood dishes.

4. Corricella

Corricella, beautifully located, it’s a fishing village that would be a dream for a fairy tale!

Tucked in the northernmost part of Capri is a kaleidoscope of colors named Corricelle. See yourself strolling down a hillside with a row of pastel houses that are reflected in the still waters.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating of the village- the harbor- by exploring it. Inhale the fresh sea air and get lost in the oceanic music of the waves that are dancing in front of you.

Best Food Spot
La Langouste eatery on the waterfront has a breathtaking view of the harbor and its fresh seafood dishes are a must-try.

5. Vernazza

Vernazza, the charming town, hanging firmly on the shores of the Italian Riviera. Visualize a labyrinth of rainbow-colored houses backing down to a lagoon with a turquoise lake.

In Vernazza, one is carried away by the charms of the ancient, narrow, winding streets.

Vernazza is much more than a lovely look! This seaside village features breathtaking cliff views and secluded beaches that are a perfect refuge from the daily hustle and bustle.

Hike along the picturesque path for the breathtaking views.

Best Food Spot
Ristorante Belforte  Sited on the Capital’s cliff offers a wide view of the Mediterranean and serves classical Italian specialties like seafood and pasta.

6. Savoca’

Savoca, a small hillside village rich in history and atmosphere. Imagine a labyrinth of tiny, pebble roads with yellow-tone buildings enjoying the Sicilian heat.

Savoca has a timeless elegance that reveals small squares and stunning views of the valley below.

I observed Savoca has much more than picturesque streets to offer. This town shines in its rich history as is seen in its medieval architecture and ancient churches.

Savoca also features prominently in pop culture thanks to its role as the location for the legendary Godfather movies.

Best Food Spot
I would recommend the Pipispezzi Savoca restaurant because it offers traditional Sicilian fare, including fresh seafood selections, homemade pasta dishes, and tasty pizzas.

7. Capri

Splendid Capri, the queen of the Gulf of Naples! Imagine a luxury island paradise that looks like pastel-colored houses hugging dramatic cliffs that overlook the turquoise crystalline sea.

Capri is stunning with high-end stores situated in the wide squares.

However, the coastline of Capri would have you believe that it is all about celebrity aura.

Discover secret coves that can only be reached by boat, as well as the island’s long-standing history at The Gardens of Augustus.

Best Food Spot
La Capannina restaurant situated right on the edge of a cliff offers unparalleled views and specializes in the finest Mediterranean food in a sophisticated atmosphere.

8. Polignano a Mare

One of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen is Polignano a Mare, it is a charming seaside with beautiful white houses, embracing dramatic cliffs.

Envision yourself ambling through a narrow alleyway flooded with vibrant flowers and the scent of seafood.

Whether you’d prefer to swim in the secluded coves or venture into the caves carved into the cliffs. This is the hometown of the superb singer Domenico Modugno, the ideal place for music lovers!

Best Food Spot
On my recommendation, you should try ristorante Grotta Palazzese because it serves exotic seafood cuisine that is made with premium local ingredients, which will become a night to remember.

9. Portofino

Portofino, the gem of the Italian coast! Imagine in your mind a harbor town with charming houses painted on bright colors around a piazzetta and the luxury yachts bring some glamor to the place. Portofino just gives a soulful vibe, with narrow little streets.

Beauty is not all that Portofino has to offer. Take a boat trip to hidden coves, or get into a hiking adventure for an overwhelming visual experience.

Gourmet-minded will cherish seafood delicacies served in coastal eateries.

Best Food Spot
The Michelin-starred hotel named La Gritta is situated in an upscale atmosphere, with its harbor view and its creative seafood dishes making it worth visiting.

10. Numana

Numana comes with its gorgeous city-side charm on the Italian Adriatic coast. Picture a charming town between the emerald hills and a sapphire sea.

Numana is a place with colorful houses and a lively square with a laid-back atmosphere.

For a taste of medieval history, visit the ancient Tower of Numana with amazing views.

Of course, the first and foremost concern is the sea beaches, which are perfect places for swimming, sunbathing, or diving into the world of water sports.

Best Food Spot
Ristorante 30 Nodi is a cozy place where fresh seafood dishes along with a great taste of local wines.


Are you ready with your suitcase? Italy has many beautiful small towns that need to be explored more. From the colorful cliff settlements to the historic towns teeming with culture, there is something for everyone. 

For this purpose, it is only a starting point to get out of your comfort zone and discover your favorite Italian fairytale!

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