10 Trendy Cruise Outfits: Cute And Affordable

Cruise vacations are all about enjoying and making memories in the open sea. Bluewater all around plays the role of backdrop for Instagram pictures.  

Not only for photos but also to enjoy yourself fully on this luxury trip, you must look elegant, and that’s impossible without choosing the best trendy cruise outfits. 

Trendy Cruise Outfits

Having been on dozens of cruise trips, I can say you’ll see sudden weather variations and temperature changes.

Don’t worry! In this article, I’ll share the basic cruise dress code and will help you choose the most trendy outfits to wear on the cruise.

What Clothes Should You Wear on a Cruise?

Choosing clothes for a cruise trip mainly depends on the weather conditions of your cruise destination. 

A Carribean or Mediterranean cruise trip requires light and airy dresses, while an Alaskan trip demands warmer clothes. 

In general, opt for well-chosen trendy outfits considering the climate variations. Below are some of my favorite outfits to wear on a cruise:

1. Sundresses

maxi style sundress

Wear a sundress on the first day of onboarding. On the embarkation day, you want to feel comfortable, and a light and vibrant sundress will be the perfect outfit.

You can wear a sundress on the beach or pool days or during lunch. Also, a formal sundress goes well on dining evenings paired with some jewelry or nice heels. 

This casual, sleeveless, maxi-style sundress is the best for a relaxed and trendy look. Pair this beautiful floral dress with sneakers on spring or summer cruise days. 

Wear this sundress with sunglasses, flip-flops, and a big round hat on a beach day. 

2. Maxi Dresses

maxi dress

If you’re on a cruise trip, a pair of maxi dresses should be included on your packing list. Whether enjoying lunch on the ocean side or having a fancy dinner in the luxury cruise restaurant, these maxi dresses serve the best outfit.

Choose a loose, tropical-themed maxi dress for sunny cruise days. You can also use them as a cover-up after sunbathing.

And guess what? Maxi dresses flaunt perfectly on ladies of all age groups. These are flowy and loose, so they are the best choice to wear on travel days.

Try out this loose summer maxi dress with beautiful floral prints. It is lightweight and made of breathable fabric. Carry a shawl or scarf with this maxi to look more trendy.  

3. Jumpsuits

summer jumpsuits

Jumpsuits always look trendy, especially at an evening party on a cruise trip. I’ll suggest carrying a black jumpsuit. It gives an exquisite look if worn with a jacket or a scarf. 

Wear some sleek high heels and little shiny diamond earrings with a black jumpsuit, and you are all set to attend a casual dinner night at the cruise. 

I have ordered this beautiful summer jumpsuit with split long pants. Its loose and smoky back design looks classy and boosts your femininity. 

Apart from trips, you can also wear this jumpsuit at formal gatherings or business dinners. 

4. Casual Skirts and Tops

Casual Skirts and Tops

Vacations are mainly about relaxing and enjoying in comfortable outfits. For me, skirts and tops are the perfect cruise clothes. 

Pack plenty of colorful tops with floral or plain prints. You can wear them as extra layering or above jeans, skirts or shorts. 

Although the skirt and the top combo look casual, it can still give you a classic, trendy look. 

You will love this beautiful crop top with a high-waisted skirt. The skirt is quite flowy with side pockets. This set is available in multiple colors. Select vibrant ones as you are on a cruise vacation. 

5. Collared Shirts

collared shirts

Collared shirts are the best options for a trendy, polished look on formal cruise dinners or short shore excursions. You can pair collared shirts with jeans, pants, skirts, or shorts. 

Wear a black color collared shirt with light-shade pants and high heels for gatherings or parties on the cruise. For a more trendy touch, hold a clutch in your hands.

Grab this comfortable and cozy collared shirt in the color of your choice. The fabric is of high quality and serves as the perfect outfit for indoor and outdoor gatherings.

6. Swimsuit with Cover-up

swimsuits and coverup

On cruise trips, you’ll frequently have beach days. For this, bring a different variety of trendy swimsuits with you.

Also, include a cover-up on your list. Swimsuit cover-ups are helpful after swimming; loose and colorful maxis can serve the same purpose.

I found this swimsuit with a cover-up trendy because of its V-neckline and buttoned-down front. Its crochet style gives you an overall charming look at beach parties. 

7. Striped Dress

stripped dress

A casual striped dress is a great option for every day on a cruise trip. It’s easy to match with different bottoms and ideal for a nautical appearance. To stay cool and comfortable, choose breathable materials like cotton.

Add a striped maxi dress to your packing list to look more trendy. Match it with rope sandals. Wear it on cruise lunches or dinners.

I really loved this short-sleeved striped dress. It is perfect for wearing while taking a sun bath or having lunch at an ocean-side restaurant. 

8. Formal Gowns

formal gowns

With so many casual dresses, you may need something formal to wear at cruise parties or dinners. Even these formal wears are not that formal and can easily be worn casually.

Nights on a cruise ship are usually full of glamour and fancy dinners. To look trendy and unique, beautiful formal gowns are a must have on your cruise luggage.

This stylish, semi-formal gown is my top choice for a cruise trip. It fits well for all sizes of women. It is simple yet gives the perfect trendy look.

9. Hoody Dress

hoody dress

For rainy days on a cruise, add a hoody dress to your cruise luggage. This attire may also worn on sunny days as it may look stylish and unique. 

Weather on cruise trips can be very unpredictable. I suggest adding this comfy and elastic hoody dress to your packing list. 

This hoody dress will give you an elegant, eye-catching look. For a complete look, pair this outfit with black boots. 

10. Light Sweater

light sweater

Last but not least, make sure to take a light sweater on a cruise trip. As mentioned earlier, weather can change quickly, and the temperature drops suddenly. For such weather, a light sweater is the best option.

This sweater looks really trendy if paired with tops and jeans or on a fitted maxi dress. It is suitable for gatherings, lunch, or casual dinners on the cruise.  

Enjoy your Cruise Trip!

I hope this list will help you choose the best trendy cruise outfits. Cruise trips bring a special fusion of luxury and adventure. It’s important to wear stylish outfits if you want to make every moment of this luxury trip memorable.

Each outfit you bring ought to elevate your cruise experience in addition to being useful. Wearing something suitable gives you the confidence and style to fully immerse yourself in the cruise atmosphere. 

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