12 Old Money Summer Outfits for Women

The “old money” look is something that all of us like. But the summer aesthetic of old money is something else entirely. I adore how classic and well-suited the old-money outfits are for the summer.

Not to mention the breezy exquisite dresses, these outfits radiate casual chic style, effortless, easygoing appearances, and a black and white color palette contrast.

The old money look is presently a huge trend, which I myself enjoy and strive to mimic in my own style.

I’ve put up a list of the most stylish yet reasonably priced old-money summer outfits you can imagine, all of which are quite simple to recreate.

Old Money Outfit Ideas For Summer 2024

Below are some of my favorite old-money summer outfit ideas for women.

1. White Button-up Shirt Outfit

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The white button-up shirt is timeless, and for good reason. In the summer, it transforms into breezy and flexible clothing that captures the sense of old-money style.

Tuck your button-up into high-waisted linen slacks or a midi skirt to create a premium yet comfortable appearance.

2. Black Tee and Satin Midi Skirt

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A black shirt and a satin midi skirt make an excellent mix! It takes advantage of the tee’s casual coolness while elevating it with the rich feel of satin.

This casual old money style dress is for everyday wear. Simply pair basic black satin skirts with sandals or shoes. And, you are good to go.

Despite its simplicity, combining the shirt with a fabric like satin lifts this casual summer outfit to a more sophisticated appearance.

3. Top and Maxi Skirt

Credit: Shein

If you enjoy wearing skirts and are seeking a lovely summer outfit that reflects old money, you will adore this incredibly attractive blouse and maxi skirt pair.

This pair includes a maxi skirt and a matching long-sleeve shirt in a lovely white tint.

To finish the appearance, wear this Skirt and top with beautiful heeled sandals in a matching cream color.

4. Silk Blouse

Credit: @DaisySilk
Credit: @DaisySilk

Silk is a trendy material to find while shopping for old money appearances.

So, if you want to add something silky to your summer wardrobe, this lovely silk blouse is a must-have.

Not only will this silk shirt give off the old-money aura you’re looking for, but the yellow color will make it a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

To complete the style, wear this silk blouse with some lovely white trousers and espadrilles.

5. Blue Button Down with White Shorts

I enjoy this effortlessly beautiful summer suit, which radiates elegance. This attire is ideal for doing shopping in the city.

A striped button-down shirt worked perfectly with the off-white pleather shorts.

Personalize with a brown belt and a  purse for a sophisticated summer look.

6. White crepe pants

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This summer, channel classic elegance with white crepe pants for an old-money-inspired look. Picture elegant curves and carefree sophistication.

Dress up your style by tucking a fresh white linen shirt inside your pants. Add a small leather belt to tighten the waist, and finish with classic loafers or slingback heels.

A single string of pearls or a silk scarf placed around your neck provides a classic look.

7. Vest Top and Slim Pants

Vest tops are the best summer 2024 fashion trend. Not only do they appear exquisite and semi-formal, but they also complement the old money image.

High heels complete the look of modern old money with a black vest top and off-white pants, which contrast sharply.

A black purse and a pair of sunglasses complete the look.

8. Black Button-up Outfit

A flawless black button-up shirt allows you to express your inner icon. This classic item provides the ideal basis for an old-money look, radiating simple elegance.

The combination of clean lines and fitted pants or dark-wash jeans conveys a sense of tradition and understated confidence.

It’s a timeless necessity that reveals the secrets of old-money style.

9. Black Top and Black Skirt

This is a gorgeous date night attire that shows old money. Black attire is usually a good choice if you want to seem wealthy and put together without too much effort.

Accessorize with earrings and your favorite shoulder purse, and you’re ready to turn heads.

10. Contrast Trim Top and Pleated Pants

Credit: Pinterest

I believe this old-money attire is ideal for summer. The  white drape top with the grey pants looks effortlessly beautiful. Complete this outfit with sandals and sunglasses.

You can go anywhere by wearing this outfit. You can either go shopping or attend the meeting. Just Don’t forget to bring your favorite bag.

11. Beige maxi dress

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The beige maxi dress is a versatile addition to your collection. For a casual brunch, wear a denim jacket and sneakers; for a summer party, dress up with a beautiful kimono and shoes.

Use a scarf to add some color, a belt to tighten the waist or a necklace. 

Use a clutch for dressier events, sandals for the sun, or a tote for errands. Your beige maxi dress can take you anywhere if you’re creative.

12. High-waisted trousers

High-waisted pants are another popular option for an old-money look.

These high-waisted pants would look wonderful with a playful shirt, such as this cream one with a delicate pattern.

To complete the classy sense of the outfit, wear it with a lovely pair of flats or heels for a really old-money summer style.

To wrap up

Old money outfits offer a classy and sophisticated version of fashion, showing that enduring elegance and charm can be found in the minor details and values kept.

The classic charm of old money style, whether worn in summer or winter outfits, elegantly persists no matter what season you’re in.

The world of classic elegance is now at your fingertips with this comprehensive guide on old money style, shopping, and fashion.

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