10 Beautiful Places in Greece You Need To Know

Visiting Greece is every traveler’s dream. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful travel destination, with hundreds of charming islands, stunning beaches, ancient towns, and mesmerizing sceneries.

The beauty of Greece can not be portrayed on a canvas or penned down in a few words. This country has lured travelers worldwide to make memories in its serene, sun-drenched beaches and archaeological sites.

The landscape of Greece is perfect for picturesque travelers. Roaming around the country, you will find several beautiful hidden gems. 

places to visit in greece

As a tourist on a short vacation, you can’t explore all these extraordinary places. Before landing in this beautiful European country, you should shortlist some of Greece’s most beautiful and famous places.

For your convenience, I have narrowed down some of the most beautiful places in Greece. Your tour will be incomplete without witnessing the beauty of these captivating spots.

1. Rhodes

rhodes museum greece

Rhodes Island is the most iconic of the Dodecanese Islands group. This island attracts tourists with its long shoreline and archaeological ruins.

The rich history of this island will take you back to the medieval era. The Colossus of Rhodes statue (once considered among the world’s seven wonders) and fourteenth-century knight houses are some famous medieval remains.

Explore Rhodes’ historical marvels during your visit, including its castles, old temples, and statues.

Also, relax under the sun on the iconic beaches of Rhodes, including Lindos, Afandou, Agathi, and many more. Enjoy the seafood there with the island’s famous wine.

2. Athens

athens greece

When in Greece, visit its capital, Athens; otherwise, you’ll regret it later. Reserve atleast two days of your tour to explore this urbanized city. 

Athens is the birthplace of democracy, is home to historical sites and museums, and has one of the busiest metropolises in Europe.

The historical Greek landmark, the Acropolis, overlooks the city’s majestic past. It is always bustling with people, so it is better to take a guided tour to get more valuable insights.

Due to the recent urban development, Athens gives tourists a contemporary, modern vibe. Fancy restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, outdoor cinemas, there’s so much to explore in this city. 

3. Delphi

temple of apollo in delphi

Take a 2.5-hour drive to the northwest side of Athens, and you’ll reach Delphi. There’s no place in Greece where you don’t find reminiscence of ancient history, and Delphi is one of them. 

The most famous tourist attraction in Delphi is the Temple of Apollo. Around this temple, you’ll see breathtaking views of mountains and old valleys. 

You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of this town, whether skiing the slopes of Mount Parnassus or hiking at Corycian Cave.

If you’re on a guided tour to Delphi, visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum to see the ancient remains of this town’s rich Greek past.

4. Santorini

santorini greece

You could not resist the charm and charismatic beauty of this mesmerizing island. Every year, millions of tourists from different parts of the world visit Greece to applaud the jaw-dropping beauty of Santorini.

The breathtaking beauty of red and black sand beaches, majestic coastlines, and whitewashed buildings feels like scenes from Pinterest.

Visit Oia, the most beautiful village on this island, to witness magical sunsets, impressive churches, lavish restaurants, and much more. You can also enjoy having a warm bath in the thermal springs of active volcanoes.

If you want to witness beautiful sunsets in Santorini, book a tour of a sunset cruise. 

5. Zakynthos

Zakynthos greece

Zakynthos is another lovely island in Greece, a perfect place to visit on a short vacation. The island has beautiful golden beaches with crystal clear blue water.

Visit Navagio Beach, located on the northwest coastline of Zakynthos island. It is famous as the shipwreck beach due to the shipwreck lying on the sand in a secluded cove. It acts as a backdrop for instagram pictures.

Zakynthos Island has various picturesque places, such as Bochali Venetian Castle, Blue Cave, Turtle Island, etc. 

Enjoy the delicious Zakynthos cuisine at the local restaurants. I recommend activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, or jet skiing in the crystal-clear waters of Zakynthos beaches for a more memorable experience.

6. Hydra Town


Hydra Town is another beautiful island in Greece, located far from Athens. It is a gorgeous and calm island with no vehicles like scooters or bikes, and it can be best explored on foot.  

It has the most beautiful beaches and hiking points, like Mount Eros. The weather here is always mild, which makes this a paradise for solo travelers. 

During your visit, spend a weekend here. Enjoy the local food at cafes or bars, explore the Museum of Hydra, and browse the ancient galleries.

7. Corfu

corfu island

On a Greek vacation, Corfu Island is a must-visit place. This island is near European cities, and the environment and culture here are highly under Italian influence. 

Corfu offers many beautiful tourist spots like rugged mountains, white sandy beaches, old forts, churches, and many other places. 

Sail across the Ionian isle to enjoy the tranquillity of Corfu Beach. Explore the Corfu old town and see the shades of the Venetian era reflected in old forts.  

Don’t miss out on this island’s excellent Venetian cuisine and specialty, the Sykomaïtha, a fig-based cake that tastes amazing. 

8. Milos

mills greece

This volcanic island is a must-add travel spot on your Greece trip. Milos Island is known for its calm and soothing environment. Plan a trip to this hassle-free spot to enjoy peaceful evenings watching beautiful sunsets across the beachside. 

Walk across the seaside streets and relax by dipping in the crystalline seawater. You can also take boats and sail across the Milos’ shoreline. 

Restaurants in Milos offer delectable cuisine, considered one of the best in Greece. Milos embrace volcanic geology, which results in some marvelous colored mountains with extraordinary shapes.

9. Olympia

olympia greece

Pay a visit to this historic Greek site, which is the place for the very first Olympic games. The ancient stadium signifies the origin of these famous games. 

This town is full of historical sites like the famous Zeus and Hera Temples, and not to forget the ancient stadium. It has something for all kinds of travelers. 

To enjoy authentic Greek hospitality, visit Klio’s honey farm. Embellished with beautiful trees and plants, this farm shows tourists the extraction of fresh honey. 

10. Nafplio

Nafplio greece

Nafplio is one of the most instagrammable places in Greece. It has all the spots worthy of a visit, like temples, monuments, architectural sites, etc.

This town was once considered the capital of Greece, and it is rich in culture, history, and architecture. 

Roaming through the cobblestone streets, you’ll see ancient walls, statues, and Turkish fountains that take to the medieval era. 

My favorite things to do in Nafplio were Hiking up the Palamidi Fortress and enjoying a boat trip to Bourtzi Castle.


In short, Greece is all about amazing beaches, beautiful islands, and a rich historical background. Travelers seeking adventure and relaxation are lured by its enchanted landscapes and substantial historical legacy. 

Greece provides many unique experiences, from the historical grandeur of Athens and the medieval charm of Rhodes to the picturesque landscape of Santorini and the ancient wonders of Delphi.

Discovering Greece involves more than just going to well-known locations; it also involves fully embracing the country’s hospitality, food, and culture. Arrange your journey to this classic country and make lifelong memories.

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