10 Best Places To Eat In London

London is a hub for some of the top Michilen-starred restaurants in the world. Dining in London involves more than just consuming food; it explores its conventional and unique flavors. 

Amid the familiar embrace of classic British cooking, I found my culinary haven in the middle of the busy streets and famous sites, where each meal is an experience that must be enjoyed.

Continue reading as I have round-up ten best places to eat in London:

1- Kitchen Table

In the dynamic culinary scene of London, Kitchen Table is a shining example of craftsmanship. This two Michelin-starred restaurant provides a prime panorama of culinary expertise, as only 20 bar stools circle chef-patron James Knappett’s active kitchen. 

Dining at Kitchen Table is like being at a theater, more than just having a meal. The finest seasonal ingredients are highlighted on a daily changing menu, so patrons can always count on Knappett to provide a unique culinary experience. 

Raising the bar even further in pursuing culinary perfection, the restaurant’s latest furnishings and menu redesign reflect its continued dedication to innovation and culinary excellence. 

Kitchen Table is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy exquisite counter dining in London.

2- St. John Restaurant

St. John Restaurant is the leading culinary landmark in London. It is esteemed for its varied menu selections and dedication to fine dining.

Every dish, such as braised beetroot with Goat’s curd or deviled kidneys or roasted bone marrow, is a reverence to British cooking. 

With its whitewashed walls and industrial-chic design, the restaurant feels nostalgic, almost like you’ve stepped back in time. The large dining area has a subtle beauty, thanks to its gentle, diffused lighting and clean white tablecloths. 

St. John is known for its distinguished reputation but also has a friendly, vibrant vibe. Whatever you’ve got of acquaintance with food, a trip to St. John promises to be a fantastic gastronomic adventure right in the center of London’s dynamic food scene. 

3- Roti King

Located beneath Euston’s busy streets, Roti Kings defies expectations with its mouthwatering menu based on Malaysian street food, including crisp flatbread with spicy curries. 

The long line outside the restaurant is a testament to its reputation as a purveyor of authentic Malaysian delicacies, defying the restaurant’s limited dining area.

The seamless eating experience has been further enhanced with the most recent addition of an online queueing system, which guarantees that customers may enjoy their favorite treats without having to deal with long wait times. 

Roti King offers a mouthwatering gastronomic adventure through Malaysia’s bright flavors, whether you indulge in the traditional roti canai or try other treats like nasi goreng or kari laksa. 

4- Riding House Café

You may enjoy the elegant yet casual atmosphere of The Riding House Cafe. The menu mainly includes modern English dishes, a few additional European alternatives, and a side of continental cuisine. 

What I like is their emphasis on light and fresh foods. Imagine traditional dishes like fish & chips and roast lamb rump, with accents of Spanish chorizo and variations of European favorites on the menu. 

The restaurant has a massive bar with a selection of delicious cocktails that you can enjoy, as well as a dining room and a lounge space.  

Considering its central location, it’s a valuable place to know for last-minute date nights or dinners and gatherings. 

5- The Clove Club

In the 2019 edition of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, The Clove Club in Shoreditch holds one of the top spots for a UK restaurant.

Since 2013, this restaurant has offered exquisite surf and turf, homemade bread, a 10-course tasting menu, traditional cult cuisine, and excellent artisan drinks. 

The Orkney scallop, grilled trout, Périgord truffle, and heritage hog roast are a few of the menu’s standout dishes. 

The dining room is a delightful haven from the gloomy streets of East London; it is light and airy. It’s not meant for a midweek lunch but rather for a special event. 

6- Padella

If you are a pasta lover, then Padella is your must-visit place. Getting a seat there is rather challenging, but the effort is all worth it when you can watch the chefs live in action, making food for you.

At Padella, you will find a line that has stretched outside for almost as long since it opened in 2016 on the outskirts of Borough Market. Everyone is passionate about the pici cacio e pepe—the epitome of comfort food. 

Without Negronis on the menu, an Italian meal wouldn’t be complete. Dessert consists of two tarts: chocolate or almond-rhubarb.

There are better places for an informal meal, given the quick turnover and inexpensive costs, which transform it into an Italian noodle bar. 

When the following tempting individual in line reaches your seat, it’s time to give it up. Keep things lively with a sparkling rosemary lemonade.

7- The Ledbury

The Ledbury is among  London’s best restaurants. Within a year of its launch, it received its first Michelin star; in 2010, it received a second. 

Perfect for a special occasion, the menu is a love letter to the British countryside, offering delectable French cuisine with an unrivaled elegance. 

The restaurant is a pure delight, from its delectable, appetizing seafood main courses to mouthwatering brown sugar pie trademark desserts. 

Although the menu is often changing, some items, such as the delicious pheasant’s egg laced with truffle, are always popular. 

8- Evelyn’s Table

With its exclusive atmosphere, Evelyn’s Table was awarded a Michelin star in 2022.  Getting a reservation has grown more complex, with just 12 seats available. 

I was amazed by the five-course tasting menu, which was incredibly elegant and simple. Every dish, such as the caramelized Jerusalem artichokes and barbecued Iberico pork, was delicious and well-presented.

The wine, sake, and non-alcoholic options on the matching menu are all brilliant. Evelyn’s Table, next to The Blue Posts, provides a French, Japanese, and British-inspired cuisine experience. 

The unique dishes and cozy atmosphere, spearheaded by Luke Selby and his siblings, provide a remarkable dining experience. Within London’s lively dining scene, it’s a must-visit due to the impeccable service and cozy atmosphere.

9- Smoking Goat

Smoking Goat, a recently launched restaurant on Denmark Street, offers a wood-ember BBQ with Thai influences in Soho. 

It’s a Southeast Asian fiesta with foods like suckling pig liver and smoky duck offal. Its popularity in London’s dining scene is evident from the excitement surrounding its opening, lured by the vibrant ambiance, strong cocktails, and fiery street fare. 

The Tray of Joy provides a worldwide tour of liquor for those who are daring with their alcohol. The food is bold and excellent, with dishes like finger-licking crab and spicy mango salads.

Expanding the menu is the sweet pork with Chinese olives, which is another must-try.  Among the city’s gastronomic choices, Smoking Goat stands out as Thai cuisine gains popularity again.

10- Bob Bob Ricard

Soho has a bustling nightlife, great restaurants, and shopping, with Bob Bob Ricard being a popular destination. Established in 2008, the restaurant has become a London favorite owing to its extravagant atmosphere. 

Famous for its broad selection of champagne, it radiates elegance with a cuisine that includes everything from caviar to hearty favorites like mashed potatoes and fries. Savour sweet treats like Chocolate Caviar and Flaming Crème Brûlée. 

The menu offers a sumptuous gastronomic experience, featuring dishes like chicken Kyiv, steak tartare, vodka, and caviar. Also, champagne is easily accessible, making it the ideal place for joy eating.


Reviving my culinary exploration of London’s thriving food scene, I’m impressed by the flavors and unique experiences of each of these best restaurants. 

My taste buds have been rewarded with a wide range of experiences, from the legendary Bob Bob Ricard to the culinary delights of The Ledbury. 

Every restaurant on my list has had a lasting impact on my culinary exploration and has constantly reminded me that London is more than simply a city—it’s a culinary paradise just waiting to be discovered.


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