Carnival Havana Bar Menu [Latest Menu]

Havana Bar is the best place to relax and calm yourself. The splashing beverages menu with a peaceful sea view is the best combination that you can experience at Havana Bar.

The Havana bar is famous for its delicious Cuban Coffee, and you can also enjoy Italian Coffee and other alcoholic beverages.

With the large private cabin, you can spend some quality time enjoying delicious cocktails with breathtaking sea views.

Beside coffee and tea the Havana Bar menu include fresh pineapple, orange, and lime juices to relax your taste buds.

During the daytime, the bar is spacious so that you can relax with Cuban Coffee and snacks. During night time, the bar converts to a party club. So, if you love to enjoy drinks with music and in an entertaining environment, then come tonight.

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carnival havana bar menu 1
carnival havana bar menu

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