Carnival Elegant Night Menu 2024

The elegant night on the Carnival cruise is an unforgettable formal event; passengers can enjoy special dining with a breathtaking ocean vista. 

Just like Royal Caribbean has formal nights, the Carnival cruise names it ‘Elegant Night’ where guests can wear beautiful evening dresses to show their elegance. 

The elegant night has a special dining option for guests; a fine culinary experience will make your night more special. 

If you want to know more about Carnival Elegant Night read this guide.

Dining menu For Carnival Elegant Night?

Typically, Carnival Cruise offers a mouthwatering Elegant night menu that is famous among all the cruise lines. But on Elegant Night, you will see more special and delicious meals. 

On elegant nights, guests can enjoy fine food between 5:30 PM and 9:00 PM. 

You can choose your favorite meal from the diverse Elegant night menu. There are delicious appetizers, seafood, beverages, cocktails, alcohol, and more. 

Recently, Carnival cruise lines launched a new Elegant night menu that I have mentioned below. Keep in mind that this menu is subject to change with the time.

Elegant Night 1

Elegant Night 1

Elegant Night 2

Elegant Night 2

When Is The Elegant Night On Carnival?

Most folks ask which night is the Formal night on the Carnival cruise.

After booking the Carnival cruise, they revealed the dates of Elegant Night.

Usually, there is only one elegant evening cruise on a 2 to 5-day cruise and two Elegant nights on 6 day or longer cruise. Unfortunately, there is no formal night on a 1-day cruise.  

Also, a user guide will be on the table when you check in to the cruise cabin. In that guide, you can check the dates of Elegant Night, you can also ask crew members regarding special nights. 

Dress Code For Carnival Elegant Night?

Carnival Cruise Line has a special dress code for Elegant night. Men can wear dress shirts, slacks, suits and ties, sports coats, etc. But there is no strict rule for the dress code, and you can wear your desired dress for Elegant Night. 

Women can wear elegant skirts, cocktail dresses, pantsuits, gowns, etc. Check the best cruise outfit for women.

The Elegant Night on the Carnival cruise is the best evening to show off your elegance; on this night, passengers meet with each other and enjoy food with a stunning waterfront view. 

Carnival Cruise Elegant Night Activities 

Apart from fine dining, there are some exclusive activities that you can enjoy on Carnival Elegant Night. 

The special event allows guests to enjoy the unforgettable events of their lives. Guests can participate in special DJ dancing shows, watch live comedy shows and live music, and enjoy an amazing nightlife atmosphere. 

You can click photos with your family and friends, dance with your loved one, enjoy beverages, and have much more fun. 

The Elegant night on the Carnival cruise is like a ‘dress to impress’ night, but it does not mean you have to pack too heavy for it. A casual shirt and blouse are also the best bet to make yourself comfortable. 

The real fun is to enjoy declined meals on this delightful. I’m a foodie, so I have to do nothing with my dress. 

After having a meal, you can enjoy dancing with your partner to make these moments more memorable. 

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