10 Cheapest Countries To Visit In This Summer

Traveling gives you happiness only if it is on a budget. Visiting different countries during summer can be heavy on the pocket as it is considered to be the peak season. You have to adjust your budget long before you plan a summer trip.

I’m a huge admirer of smooth and budget-friendly travel and it depends on some factors. Those on my list include the country I chose to travel to, the daily average expenditure of food, hotel, and accommodation there, and various others.

Cheapest Countries To Visit In This Summer

But nothing to worry about! I have explored several countries during summers and here I have shortlisted the top 10 cheapest countries to visit in summer for you. Let’s dig in!

1- Mexico

Mexico is one of the cheapest vacation options for summer travel. It is home to the fifth-biggest metropolis in the world with some of the best breathtaking beaches.

In my experience, if there is one country worth visiting only for food, that is Mexico. Tacos, carnitas, carne asada, and much more are cheap and delicious. For around 3$, yes, you heard it right, you can have a full meal.

It is a true travel destination in terms of affordability. For less than $20, you may plunge into crystal-clear cenotes, eat delicious street food, and spend almost nothing to relax on white sand beaches.

The average per day expenditure in Mexico is around $30-50$.

2- Nepal

Nepal is a good choice for tourists on a limited budget on account of the handy exchange rates of the US dollar.

Climbing Everest can be expensive, however, trekking through Nepal’s lesser-known mountains is still accessible and reasonably priced.

Be careful while making Internet hotel reservations. Upon boarding, look for legitimate local guesthouses to ensure authenticity.

Nepal proves to be an affordable destination for trekkers, with costs averaging $10 per day at lower elevations and about USD 20 on major routes like the Annapurna Circuit.

The average per-day expenditure in Nepal is around $40 to 60$.

3- Turkiye


Turkiye, a country with both Eastern and Western influence, has a diverse cultural heritage that can be observed in both its architecture and food.

When I visited Turkiye, prices were quite high, but with the recent currency diminution, Turkiye has become an absolute gem for budget-conscious travelers. I recommend visiting Turkiye between October and March to get the cheapest prices.

It has become more and more affordable, providing a variety of affordable attractions. Famous locations, like the Blue Mosque and the travertines of Pamukkale, can be explored for affordable costs.

Low-cost travel is made easier by the transportation and lodging savings offered by overnight buses. Also, there are delicious and affordable dining options thanks to the delicious Turkish cuisine.

The average per-day expenditure in Turkiye is around 50$ to 100$.

4- Morocco

Morocco is a country to be remembered and revisited. It is one of the most affordable travel destinations in Africa, despite not being as budget-friendly as Southeast Asia.

For accommodation, a hostel dorm usually costs you around 8 to 10 USD. Alternately, think about treating yourself to the reasonably priced luxury of traditional riads.

Moroccan cuisine is full of variety and isn’t too expensive either. You can easily get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for around 10-15$ per day.

You can make your visit more affordable if you can avoid the constant traveler sales pitches for flamboyant souvenirs.

The average per-day expenditure in Morocco is around $40-50$.

5- Indonesia

Indonesia, a country with an astounding number of islands, attracts thousands of tourists during the summer season.

Indonesia invites you to its famous Bali. It attracts tourists and more expensive resort rates, while Sumba and Lombok offer peace and affordability.

Prefer traveling at a slower pace as it allows for more in-depth research without going over budget. Delicious local food and affordable lodgings cost about $20–30 per day on average.

Indonesia has reasonably priced adventures everywhere you go, from scooter trips over gorgeous mountains to relaxed beach days.

The average per-day expenditure in Indonesia is around $60$.

6- Thailand

I’m sure, Thailand, the land of smiles will make you smile with full heart. For me, it is one of the most beautiful and affordable countries one could ever visit during the summer season.

Thailand is the most popular destination in Southeast Asia, owing to its lovely beaches, lush jungle temples, and dynamic Bangkok.

To get an affordable yet delightful experience among temples and rice fields, head to northern Chiang Mai. Costs increase as you travel south, so staying in northern locations like Chiang Mai will keep costs minimal.

Thailand has a lot to offer, including beautiful islands and a vibrant culture at quite reasonable costs. It offers visitors incredible value, whether they choose to visit tranquil Koh Samui or hectic Bangkok.

The average per-day expenditure in Thailand is around $40.

7- Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic option for someone looking for a vacation in Europe. Relish tasty seafood, luscious wines, and renowned custard tarts as you enjoy more than 300 days of sunlight.

For an affordable and accessible experience, choose the natural charm of the Alentejo coast instead of crowded resorts. Here, fresh seafood is abundant.

Hostels are the cheapest form of accommodation in Portugal. For budget-conscious travelers, a dorm room costs around 15-20$ per night. 

Portugal is among the most affordable travel destinations in Europe. There are countless options for reasonably priced travel, from taking a train to Madrid for as low as £25 to traveling between places within the entire country.

The average per day expenditure in Portugal is around $60-80$.

8- India

India is the most cost-effective travel destination on my list that suits everyone’s budget.

During my last year’s summer stay there, I enjoyed the delicious, spicy food at local food stalls and explored beautiful attractions.

It is a country of contrasts, offering affordability from peaceful desert regions to busy metropolises. What I notice there is that deal-hunting and haggling are vital in India, where $3 accommodations have buckets of hot water and minimal facilities.

I would say better rates are guaranteed when you book locally and directly, reminding me of the discounts in Nepal. India continues to be a popular destination for low-cost travelers due to its grandeur and expense.

The average per-day expenditure in India is around $30-45$.

9- Greece

Greece is one of the most popular countries for summer vacations considering its sun-kissed beaches and historical treasures.

When it comes to planning, avoiding the most hectic summer months of July and August guarantees reduced costs and fewer travelers. Choosing to prepare your meals and shop at local markets not only reduces costs but also gives you a taste of real Greek food.

Cheap activities in Greece are made more alluring by embracing free walking tours and looking for inexpensive attractions.

Furthermore, going to Greece offers the opportunity to help out local communities in addition to providing an affordable vacation.

The average per-day expenditure in Greece is around $135.

10- Egypt

Egypt is a must-visit place for me as I was always fascinated by Pyramids. My experience there during the summers was amazing and affordable too.  

Traveling to famous places like the Pyramids and boating the Nile has become unexpectedly reasonable because of the recent increase in the value of the Egyptian pound.

Egypt offers reasonably priced lodging and delicious food to offset the high expense of famous sights like the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings.

Egypt is still a gold mine for tourists looking for an amazing trip without going over budget because of its reasonably priced cuisine and accommodations.

The average per day expenditure in Egypt is around $30-50$.


Summing up, I have shared some of my favorite affordable countries to travel in the summer. Visiting them was one of the best experiences of my life.

From the breathtaking scenery of Mexico to the historic treasures of Egypt, every country provides a different combination of natural beauty, culture, and history without breaking the bank.

So gather your belongings, focus on the horizon, and get ready for an amazing voyage this summer to some of the most fascinating and reasonably priced places on Earth.

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