15 Hidden places in London to must visit

One of the most popular travel destinations in the world is London, with its cold weather, persistent fog, and gloomy sky.

The vibrant city, bursting with architectural majesty and a varied range of art and culture, is home to the West End, important museums and galleries, and the most charming assortment of riverbank pubs hidden in old areas.

The primary points of interest in London are easily identifiable to even those who have never visited.

Although I have visited London several times in the past and have recently had such a lovely time exploring the city, I can tell you about the hidden places in London.

Here are 15 hidden locations for a truly unique London journey if you visit this lovely city again and want something completely different.

Hidden places in London to must visit

1. Neal’s Yard

Tucked away near Covent Garden, this hidden gem is a dazzling burst of colorful stores, ideal for grabbing that Instagram-worthy moment.

It’s a beautiful courtyard that demands to be explored after you go through the small lane. Explore all of the hidden spaces as you stroll along the meandering walkways.

Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the numerous gems along this charming side street, a paradise for fans of organic beauty and skincare.

Do you yearn for a tasty and nutritious bite? Do not worry; there are plenty of health food cafés to entice your palate. Explore Neal’s Yard; it’s a very wonderful place.

2. The Palm House

The Palm House at Kew Royal Botanical Gardens is a must-see if you want to learn about extinct and threatened plant species.

With an emphasis on palms in particular, this amazing greenhouse is devoted to cultivating tropical and subtropical flora.

The Palm House’s immense size is among its most striking features. This enormous greenhouse, constructed with wrought iron, is the world’s only surviving example of a Victorian glass and iron building.

You will be taken to a lush, colorful world full of unusual and exotic flora as soon as you enter. It is both an engineering wonder and evidence of the diversity and elegance of the natural world.

3. Little Venice

Little Venice is located just north of Paddington and features lovely canals and waterways.

This lovely neighborhood, where the Grand Union and Regent’s canals converge, is home to interesting waterfront cafés, cozy bars, and modest restaurants.

This lovely part of London offers many activities, such as puppet performances and canal boat cruises.

4. Spitalfields and Brick Lane

I frequently feel too blatantly uncool for parts of London like Spitalfields and Brick Lane.

There is nowhere else in London with Brick Lane’s rawness combined with the exotic scents of the notorious curry businesses.

You will be unable to resist lingering. Savor a salted beef bagel from a Jewish delis at the top (there’s a long line for these!).

Then, stroll down Brick Lane, occasionally dipping into side streets or alleyways, to see some of London’s greatest chocolate shops, eccentric vintage businesses, and internationally renowned street art.

Now you’re in the land of Jack the Ripper. Finally, take a shopping visit to Spitalfields Market and enjoy yourself with some of London’s best-handcrafted items. I’m telling you, Brick Lane and Spitalfields have it all!

5. The Seven Noses

Seven plaster replicas in his piece represent artist Rick Buckley’s nose, “The Seven Noses of Soho,” located in London! These snouts abruptly emerge from a variety of Soho-area buildings.

The noses were erected in 1997 and were the creation of Rick Buckley.

There is a widely held belief that discovering all seven noses will bring good fortune.

This has made nose-hunting enjoyable for some explorers in London.

Although the myth states that all seven are in Soho, some sources speculate that one may not even be in the district.

6. St Dunstan’s in the East

When I first learned about this garden earlier this year, its central location surprised me more than its stunning Gothic architecture or the fact that Christopher Wren was the designer.

Saint Dunstan in the East is my favorite among London’s hidden jewels. It was originally constructed in the 11th and 12th centuries and had several renovations after that.

The Anglican church made the decision not to reconstruct this historic church, which was largely damaged during WWII.

Even though it’s quite close to some of the main sites in London, it’s a really quiet and serene spot where you can get away from the rush of the city. Don’t miss this secret gem, only ten minutes’ walk from Tower Bridge.

7. The Vaults

The Vaults, or the Waterloo Vaults, are secret passageways tucked away beneath Central London’s well-known Waterloo Station. It’s an intriguing location with many more mysteries than you may initially believe.

The Vaults are situated inside a vibrant graffiti tunnel on Leake Street, behind Waterloo Station.

Despite all the associations with darkness, the underworld, and alternative living, it truly seems like a very secure and friendly location.

This hidden place in London is a must-see if you enjoy unique and eccentric items and street art.

The public is welcome to enter this tunnel anytime on Leake Street. You might also simply add your artwork if you bring some paint.

Vaulty Towers, the local bar, is a terrific choice for a quick bite or a drink. It also boasts a highly distinctive design.

8. The Whitechapel Bell Foundry

I just learned about this small gem because I used to live almost on the same street and chose to stop by one day.

Essentially, this firm constructed both Big Ben and the Liberty Bell, a well-known representation of American independence seen in the image above.

The most amazing thing about this is that having been in business for over 500 years, it is the oldest manufacturing firm in the UK.

You can also purchase a bell from them, which is sure to be among the most interesting and historically significant mementos you can find in London.

9. The Fulham Palace

I’m not going to lie: we’re comfortable here… This is yet another little, undiscovered place in London. Since 704 AD, London’s bishops have lived in Fulham Palace. It is quick and easy to visit, with entry being free.

A beautiful park envelops the Palace, and the Drawing Room Cafè looks out onto the park’s more protected side. When the weather permits, we are coming over for a picnic.

Don’t miss Bishop Porteus’ library, the Tudor entryway, and the Walled Garden.

10. Ten Adam Street

This is a really excellent find in London mainly because it looks much like the British prime minister’s house, Number 10 Downing Street.

You may create a visual image of yourself and post it on Facebook to give the impression that you had a secret meeting with the prime minister.

I didn’t know there was something similar in this area for years, even though I lived close by.

It’s genuinely one of London’s best-kept secrets and a perfect spot for filmmaking and photography for those who choose to keep it a secret today.

11. Isabella Plantation

When visiting London, you should see this gorgeous Isabella plantation garden. Try to head toward King Henry’s Mound if you find yourself here; you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of St. Paul Cathedral.

12. Climb the O2

The Sydney Harbor Bridge climbing experience in Australia is well-known to almost all people. However, did you realize that you may enjoy a comparable experience when you go to London?

That’s correct: the O2, one of London’s most enchanted locations, is located in the city.

Celebrities and big athletic events are frequently held at The O2, but what really sets this venue apart is that you can practically climb the structure to take in expansive views of London from 52 meters above, to be exact!

Along with all the safety gear needed for this guided activity, you’ll also have a clear view of Canary Wharf, the Olympic Park, and Greenwich.

13. Crystal Palace Park

Are you trying to plan a nice family outing? Crystal Palace Park is the only place to look! Kids and young at heart will love this wonderful theme park dedicated to ancient animals.

Stunning scenery and an amazing collection of dinosaur sculptures which were created back in 1854—are all around you as you explore the park.

Yes, these are some of the most ancient species of stone!

There are five hidden dinosaurs strewn throughout the park, so watch them if you’re looking for some prehistoric fun. They’re really interesting to view up close, hidden amid the trees along the lake.

14. Churchill Arms

At the 18th-century Churchill Arms, a pub renowned for its elegant exterior and rich history, you may quench your thirst while immersing yourself in history.

Before you enter to explore the vast collection of Churchill artifacts, see the exquisite flowers that surround the facade. Enjoy classic pub cuisine, including curries and Thai noodles, while taking in the atmosphere of this legendary venue.

15. St. Martin’s Window

There are several reasons to visit St Martin-in-the-Fields, particularly the free concerts in the afternoons, but while you’re there, keep an eye out for St. Martin’s view, which is a unique view into an already remarkable structure.


These are a few of the best-hidden places in London that you should include in your vacation schedule. I do not doubt that taking in at least a few of these treasures will add even more exceptional and unforgettable moments to your stay in London.

You might also want to take a look at some of the nicest vistas in London, many of which are accessible for free.

Don’t forget to see London’s must-see tourist sites, of course! However, a quick visit to a handful of the undiscovered beauties can add a truly memorable touch to your journey!

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