Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest On Your Vacations

Budapest offers the visitor a premium vibe of charm and joy with its unmatchable beauty.  Just Visualize the glittering Danube River bordered by marvelous buildings and hotels. 

This city provides something for everybody: History buffs can sneak into ancient sites, and party birds can explore legendary ruin bars. Thermal bath lovers can relax their bodies in natural hot springs.

Are you ready to discover Budapest’s Best? We will reveal the top 10 things that you should do in this city. I’ve shared few must-see sights, secret spots, and personal experiences with you. 

Get ready to fall in love with this beautiful city!

1- Hungarian Parliament Building

    A Hungarian Parliament Building visit is a must if you intend to enjoy the Budapest trip. It is a symbol of Hungary’s long history and a celebration of democracy. In this building, you are likely to see a beautiful collection of Hungarian crown jewels.

    In my experience, You will imagine towers looking like needles and beautiful arches there from a specific angle. The Parliament Building is quite multifunctional as it performs more tasks than just an ordinary monument.

    After your visit, right across the Kossuth Lajos Square, I recommend “Spoon” as the perfect lunch spot.

    2- Fisherman’s Bastion

      Imagine a storybook castle, all beautiful with seven magical towers, situated on the edge of a hilly area.

      From there, you can see every part of the town and the Danube River, which flows through Budapest and the Buda Castle towering far away.

      This historical place showcases an exceptional design by blending the Roman arches with the pointed turrets. Discover the pathways that are as enchanting as it is possible and go towards the towers to take in a breathless picture.

      Then, walk to “St. Burchard Restaurant”, which is situated a stone’s throw away from the Bastion, to relax and enjoy traditional Hungarian fare.

      3- St. Stephen’s Basilica

        St. Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church in the entire city yet. The building comes with a rounded top and beautiful decor all around, like a giant cone. St. Stephen’s Basilica inspires from the first glance and has a lot to show both out and in.

        Consider sky-high ceilings, colored windows, and pictures that tell you a story. St. Stephen’s Basilica is not only a Hungarian symbol of faith but it is also a vital part of the nation’s culture.

        I would recommend stopping at “Hungarian Spoon,” approximately 10 minutes away by foot. This vibrant restaurant serves great Hungarian food in a modern setting.

        4- Shoes on the Danube Bank

          During our exploration of Budapest, we made a pause for a while at the Shoes on the Danube Bank. This solemn memorial features 60 pairs of shoes that are cast on a riverbank, and all are made of iron. It is creepy evidence of a bad period in the Hungarian past.

          Shoes on the Danube Bank is not merely a work of art but rather a symbol of the individuals who perished during World War II. It is a place to remember the bad things that occurred.

          So, just a few steps away, you will find Central Market Hall. This popular food market is graced with all kinds of Hungarian food stalls.

          5- Esztergom Basilica

            The towering Esztergom Basilica is almost 20 kilometers from the distance. This masterpiece claims the title of the largest church in Hungary. Take a look at a gigantic dome highlighting the city and go gobsmacked by the magnificence of the architecture.

            Esztergom Basilica is important not only because of its size but also for the beauty it creates.

            Get in and amuse yourself. Think of high ceilings that seem unending, impressive artwork brightening the walls, and a calm vibe.

            The “For Sale Pub” along Central Market Hall is an ideal place to relax. This energetic pub offers a real Hungarian taste with other cuisines

            6- Budapest Boat ride

              If you want to have a different view of Budapest, the sightseeing cruise on the river is the perfect option, which lasts 60 minutes. Travel via the Danube’s shiny waterway, and Budapest’s landmarks will be lit up in a different light from above.

              This holiday is a chance to have a relaxing boat riding trip and to enjoy the stunning views of Budapest. Take the magical river cruise and admire the World Heritage Sites, including the Parliament building and Buda Castle. 

              After the cruise, treat yourself to a delightful dinner at “Ván Restaurant” This restaurant features a magnificent view of the Danube and the healthiest seasonal Hungarian dishes.

              7- Széchenyi Chain Bridge

                An unforgettable experience in Budapest must end with a walk across the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. This beautiful suspension bridge, decorated by splendid stone lions, gracefully spans the Danube River, bridging the Buda and Pest big cities.

                The Széchenyi Chain Bridge exists as the symbol of the city’s unity and a monument of Budapest’s history. Cross the street and its sidewalk, and enjoy the panoramic view of the city with the Danube river below.

                I suggest you Make your way over to “Hungarian Donut Bistro,” which is only a few steps away in Pest. This cosy cafe has a tasty range of Hungarian national sweets, including the genuine chimney cake

                8- Heroes Square

                  The incredibly beautiful landmark isn’t only about statues; its main purpose is to be a testimony of Hungarian rich history. Appreciate the architectural details and be amazed at the arrival of the nation’s founders.

                  Feel the patriotic ambiance of this place. Heroes Square is a renowned place for history enthusiasts and those who want to dig into Hungarian culture.

                  I would recommend spending a joyful evening at “New York Cafe’ – a restaurant located near the Heroes’ Square.

                  This historical cafe impresses you with its stylish premises and menu, which offer Hungarian specialities and the best of international cuisine.

                  9- Central Market Hall

                    Take a walk into the buzzing life of Budapest at the Central Market Hall! This busy indoor marketplace is a visual and sensory orgasm full of fresh produce, local handcrafts, and delicious Hungarian treats.

                    Central Market Hall is not simply a place for shopping; it is also a cultural journey. Stroll through the stalls, taste the local dishes, and take in the vibrant energy.

                    For a perfect sit-down meal, head towards “Gettó Gőz Manufaktúra,” which is just around the corner. This provides a new Hungarian cuisine with fresh seasonal ingredients in a fashionable atmosphere.

                    10- Castle Hill (Várhegy)

                      At the end of our tour, I proceed to the last but not the least gem of Budapest – Castle Hill (Várhegy). This hilly town occupies the Buda side of the hill, providing wonderful landscapes and unusual sceneries.

                      Castle Hill can teach you not only about the view you have but you will learn about Hungarian history as well. Discover Buda Castle, the Hungarian National Gallery, and Matthias Church, which have tiny cobbled passageways.

                      After all the stuff, head to “Spoon”. This famous restaurant combines Hungarian and international dishes in a very attractive way.


                      Budapest is a city where you will fall in love at first sight. Ranging from the majesty of the Parliament Building to the poignant Shoes on the Danube Bank.

                      You will have the chance to experience the Hungarian past and living traditions at every point of your visit. This city is full of remarkable buildings, bridges, statues, churches, and Countless history chapters.

                      This list is just a mere drop in the ocean of adventures that await you in the city of Budapest. Whether you are a history buff or seeking some peace, or if you would prefer an unusual experience, Budapest will give you something good for your soul.

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