Top 10 Places To Visit In Northern France On Your Vacations

Northern France is a great place to visit because it harbors 40% of France’s UNESCO heritage! Imagine yourself strolling through the spectacular architecture, making the acquaintance of its history with your mouth-watering, tasty local cuisine.

Walk along the dramatic coastlines, relax at the cute beach cities, or pay tribute to fallen soldiers at the WWI memorials.

From Lille’s magnificent architecture to Mont Saint-Michel’s soul-stirring panorama, you will go on a journey you will not forget easily.

This guide is the key to unlocking the best of the Northern France region. We’ll take you to some hidden places and major destinations and give you some tips to make your trip a success. 

1- Lille

    Lille, the capital of Hauts-de-France, is a sumptuous symmetry of old and new. The distinctive atmosphere of this city is created by the 17th-century buildings in the old town, with cobbled streets surrounding the high-end shops and top-class museums.

    In my opinion, Lille is not just a city of beauty thanks to its mesmerizing architecture. It’s a refuge for art lovers, with the Palais des Beaux-Arts hosting an outstanding art collection. 

    When I was there, I was amazed by the variety of food stalls and good eateries with smart restaurants, cozy cafes, and bars.

    Must Visit Spot
    I recommend you to walk around the picturesque old district of Vieux Lille, admire the architecture of Beaux-Arts Palace, and get away with all the five senses in the big Wazemmes market.

    2- Chantilly

      This popular place is famous primarily for its magnificent Château de Chantilly, a grand estate of sprawling land dotted with French formal gardens. It is the hub where you can discover the French Horse Museum and browse art collections.

      The crown jewel of Chantilly is the Château, an architectural marvel which is home to the Condé Museum. Here, you will have an opportunity to admire Raphael’s and Ingres’ masterpieces. 

      Must Visit Spot
      If you are a fan of horses, the Great Stables is where you will find yourself, thanks to the famous equine museum, which celebrates France’s unique equestrian history and culture.

      3- Mont Saint-Michel

        Mont Saint-Michel is a ducal city and a crown jewel of northern France. This little tidal island, with its pedestrian cliffside pathway, is a UNESCO global heritage site. 

        Think of a remote medieval monastery on a rocky ridge, with the ocean tides crashing below.

        Mont Saint-Michel is characterized by its intriguing history and distinctive architectural beauty. Walk the narrow, zig-zag cobbled streets flanked by shops and cafes, and go to the breathtaking Abbey and the architectural marvel.

        Must Visit Spot
        I think The must-try Experience is to order “La Mère Poulard,” special omelets made from a centuries-old tradition.

        4- Amiens

          The first stop of the Northern France itinerary is Amiens, a city that seems to be a place of the past where history comes really at you. “Little Paris,” Amiens is famous for breathtaking Gothic structures.

          This lively city combines history and nature in a full and vibrant mix. Discover exciting Saint-Leu, a neighborhood filled with cafes and shops that line the canals.

          Next, go for a boat ride in the “hortillonnages” and, intriguingly, experience the floating market gardens.

          Must Visit Spot
          Unmissable Activities in Amiens: Hassle around Saint-Leu district known as the local gypsy for feeling the environment of locals. 

          5- Caen

            Caen in the north of France is like a huge museum that you can explore on foot. With plenty of medieval vibes, this city has two incredible abbeys and an enormous castle. 

            History enthusiasts will be pleased with the Caen Memorial, a true-to-life museum dedicated to World War II events. Art fanatics can be thrilled by the Beaux Arts Museum, which is full of stunning paintings. 

            I recommend you remember a pastry at a coffee shop near the Vaugueux district and simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere there.

            Must Visit Spot
            Take a trip back in time to the gigantic Caen castle, Then Take a leisurely walk through the peaceful gardens of the Abbaye aux Hommes before exploring the Abbaye aux Dames. It is just beautiful! 

            6- Honfleur

              Now is the time to be captivated by this romantic town on the Normandy coast. Picture 16-century houses colored and lined on the perfect port to be painted for more than a century by Painters like Monet.

              Nevertheless, Honfleur is not only a museum! It is a sparkling town filled with life everywhere. The air is filled with fresh seafood scents, and boat trips allow you to discover the beautiful Seine estuary.

              For history enthusiasts like me, there is no substitute for the Old Town and the Lieutenant’s House, and art fans will want to visit the Eugène Boudin Museum.

              Must Visit Spot
              I would love to tell you to Capture the ambiance of the Old Harbour(Vieux Bassin). Snap pictures of the colorful buildings, have coffee at a waterfront cafe and view the boats gliding serenely.

              7- Arras

                This northern French city has a long history, which is reflected in its beautiful squares and impressive buildings. Imagine walking ancient streets spanned by colorful buildings.

                If you love food, you will enjoy the region’s mouth-watering savory cheeses, fresh out-of-the-oven baguettes, and astonishing stews.

                Must Visit Spot
                Watch a show in the Grand Place, the main square, or try delicious coffee at a rustic corner and have a chance to observe people from different parts of the world.

                8- Bayeux

                  History buffs, listen up! Bayeux is calling you. This delightful Norman town is a living museum known worldwide for the Bayeux tapestry, a miraculous embroidery telling us the story of William the Conqueror’s invasion of England.

                  Traverse the old medieval streets where houses are made of half-timbered style and be part of the ambiance of the past. 

                  Must Visit Spot
                  Mark my words and head towards the Notre Dame de Bayeux Cathedral, an incredible masterpiece of Norman architectural heritage. You can’t afford to miss the lively markets where you can get tasty local specialties.

                  9- Saint-Malo

                    Brittany Port City is known for its charm and resembles a pirate movie scene. Imagine yourself going up the fortified walls, enjoying the amazing view of the ocean, and feeling the salty breeze in your hair.

                    Enjoy the stunning beach of Plage du Sillon, or go for fresh seafood delicacies in one of the many harbourside restaurants. Go for the historic center, a labyrinth of cobbled streets and traditional houses.

                    Must Visit Spot
                    Go up the bastions, “The former pirate mansion,” for breathtaking views and immerse in the city’s swashbuckling past at the Demeure de Corsaire.

                    10- Belle Island

                      Pack your bags and join us on Belle Island, France’s third-largest island. Picture the sparkling turquoise waters, the impressive cliffs sculptured by the sea, and the towns filled with adorable French charm.

                      Though small, this island gives you a heavy dose of nature. Go for a hike and discover strangely shaped stones on a wild coastline and secret coves where you can enjoy a picnic or take amazing photos.

                      Must Visit Spot
                      In my experience, you can Heal yourself on beautiful beaches, walk in green parks, or rent a bike and travel around the island at your own pace. Kayaking, sailing, and diving are great options for people who like water sports.


                      The north of France can be seen as a fabric of history, culture, and natural grandeur, which will surely astound you. Whether you get lost in medieval alleys, stroll through idyllic seaside towns, or just reflect at war memorial sites.

                      This region is sure to give you a memorable experience. Use this guide as a key to opening a treasure chest with the cream of Northern France. 

                      Let us enjoy delightful local food together, plunge into a rich history, and create amazing deeds in the most enchanting northern France. 

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