12 Best Instagram Spots In Barcelona

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination, and there’s something for everyone. With so many beautiful destinations, it becomes difficult to pick a specific Instagram spot. 

This city offers an array of breathtaking spots, from the beaches to the famous architecture of Antoni Gaudí, for capturing the ideal Instagram pictures.

I have shared some of the most captivating Instagram spots in Barcelona. Let’s start!

1- Casa Padua

Casa Padua stands out as one of the places in Barcelona that is deemed the best on Instagram. I like to take photos in isolated locations with less crowds, so this was the most suitable for me. 

Surrounded by the Gràcia neighborhood, Casa Padua is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, showcasing the essence of Gaudí’s architectural style. The street is quite small, though. To capture the best shots, make sure to use a wide-angle lens. 

2- Casa Batllo

Casa Batlló is a classic masterpiece of contemporary constructions. I loved taking photographs of the flowing façade and organic shapes, particularly during the golden hour. 

The most amazing spot for clicking pictures of Casa Batlló’s exterior is the other side of the street. There is an entry fee to enter Casa Batlló, but even if you choose not to go inside, you may still take pictures of its gorgeous façade.  

If you choose to go inside, the Lightwell, the lounge on the main floor, the Attics, and the roof are other popular spots for photos. 

3- Casa Mila

One of Gaudi’s most reviled designs, Casa Mila, often called La Pedrera, is located not far from Casa Batlló. The Casa Mila Warrior Rooftop is undoubtedly one of Barcelona’s most Instagrammable locations. 

Beautiful chimneys constructed of ceramics and broken tile shard mosaics can be viewed from the roof. Its exterior is psychedelic, and its interior is bright. 

4- Barcelona Cathedral

For me, the magnificent Barcelona Cathedral is one of Barcelona’s most popular Instagram locations, and I hope most people will agree with that. The rooftop walkway at Barcelona Cathedral is the ideal location for photographs, even though the entire building is stunning. 

You can use the elevator to their Sky Terrace, where you can look out over the cathedral bell tower and capture some amazing pictures. 

The Barcelona Cathedral is a great subject for photos at any time of day, but it shines its best around dusk. 

5- Park Guell

Park Guell’s distinctive architectural style provides a captivating experience. There are lots of picturesque places for truly memorable shots. Among the most popular locations are the Virolai viewpoint, which offers breathtaking views of Barcelona, and the Dragon Staircase. 

The breathtaking view from the top terrace is one of the best places in Barcelona to take Instagram photos. 

On the street, however, the exterior gates were stunning. The park is an ideal spot to spend a day and take pictures since it’s large and has lots of trees. 

6- Palau de la Musica

A celebration of music and art, the Palau de la Música Catalana is a beautiful example of Catalan modern architecture. 

The intricate interior provides a great backdrop for photographs with its stained glass skylight and fine embellishments. The most Instagram picturesque locations for shots are the top floor of the grand theater and the colorful tiled columns of the Lluís Millet Balcony. 

I visited the balcony during the week and reserved the first time slot of the day since it is a highly popular spot. Go there early in the morning on a weekday for a more tranquil experience. 

7- Sagrada Familia

I’m sure you will be amazed to take photos of Gaudi’s magnificent project, La Sagrada Familia. It is a real Instagram treasure that will enthrall your followers with the majesty of its interior or its display of light on its exterior.

The temple’s stonework is exquisitely illuminated by the sunshine that streams through its rows of vibrant stained glass windows. 

Take a picture of the Basilica from Gaudí Square if you wish to preserve it in its entirety. You can tour the Gaudi School and visit the museum. With some extra charges, you can climb one of the towers for panoramic views. 

8- Barceloneta Beach 

There are no places like beaches where you can click photos for Instagram. Barceloneta Beach is a widely known beach in Barcelona. La Barceloneta is Barcelona’s busiest, liveliest beach and the ideal place to take Instagram photos in Barcelona. 

This beach is a great place to swim, sunbathe, and have dinner. It’s convenient to visit at any time because it is nearest to the city center. There is a magnificent walking trail there, and capturing the sunset from the viewpoint is the ultimate experience. 

As an alternative, take a leisurely walk along the promenade and savor a drink of sangria at one of the several establishments. 

9- Montjuïc Cable Car 

Montjuic Cable Car is one of Barcelona’s most Instagrammable locations. These cars take you from the downtown station to a hilltop, encompassing the whole city. 

Get your camera ready to capture some overhead photos of the expansive metropolis below as you make your way up to Montjuic Castle. From this vantage point, the views of the famous Sagrada Familia and the far-off Collserola Tower are especially breathtaking. 

The nighttime Montjuic Magic Fountain show was something I wanted to see; however, due to the drought, the concerts have been temporarily canceled. 

10- Gothic Quarter

One of the most enticing areas in Barcelona’s downtown is the Gothic Quarter. It feels like traveling back in time to roam through Barri Gòtic’s small, twisting streets. 

It provides endless photo opportunities with its blend of Roman artifacts and historic Catalan buildings. There are countless options for moody and ambient photos in places like quaint plazas, secret courtyards, and old stone structures. 

In these narrow streets, the play of light and shadow creates a fascinating photographic tapestry. 

11- Carmel Bunkers

I love capturing photos for my Instagram at sunset. During my visit last year, It was my favorite spot to click pictures. 

The Bunkers del Carmel, or just “El Carmel,” has some of the city’s greatest sunset views. Nestled atop Turó de la Rovira hill, this spot is perfect for soaking in views of Barcelona. 

It was used as a military posture during the Spanish Civil War. You will now see visitors in addition to natives. The Carmel Bunkers offer breathtaking, free views! 

12- Casa Vicens

Gaudí’s first substantial piece of art, Casa Vicens, is a unique expression of  Orientalist design. 

It’s a vibrant modernist structure with numerous complex chambers and exhibits Gaudi’s early years. The building itself is a captivating location for Instagram photography thanks to its vivid colors and detailed ornamentation inspired by nature.  

The site includes a food court with amazing Spanish food, and the particularly lovely courtyard. The entire area was serene and exquisite for pictures. 


Summing up, I hope my list helps you find the best Instagram spots in Barcelona. Whether you are on a trip or planning to visit Barcelona, keep this list in your mind. 

So, grab your cameras and get ready to capture some of the most amazing memories of your life immersed in the colors of this vibrant city. 

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