10 Best Things You Can  Buy in Paris On Your Vacations

Shops in Paris will leave you breathless, and you will surely say “Wow!” at least several times while exploring this city. Walking on the streets of this city, besides the expensive brands, I will help you across all kinds of brands. 

Imagine yourself bringing home a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans that tell you such stories of Paris, or you can have designer bags, traditional scarves, cigars, flower decorations, souvenirs, formal suits, clothes, and makeup accessories.

This guide is your winning formula when buying in Paris. Discover the most Parisian things and souvenirs that will remind you of the happy moments when you return home.

1- The Perfect Designer Handbags

    Picture yourself loitering along the streets of Paris, gazing into the windows of the world’s leading fashion brands. Paris is a home for expensive designer bags ranging from classic Chanel flaps to fashion Dior Saddles.

    The rate might seem to be high, but it’s more than a buy; it’s an investment. Constructed with superior materials and excellent workmanship, it will become a lifelong friend.

    Where To Buy
    Go to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or Avenue Montaigne, where famous names like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and other Parisian dream brands.

    2- Parisian Perfumes

      Paris is the world’s perfume capital; a Paris visit without a scented gift is considered incomplete. Visit a 150-year-old perfume shop or a funky, trendy store and find yourself face-to-face with scents as unique as Barcelona.

      Think of what your favorite Parisian fragrance would be. It may be the essence of Paris in Shalimar by Guerlain or an appealing scent from Jovoy Paris. These are not only perfumes. They are a deterioration of the times.

      Where To Buy
      Explore the world of Parisian perfumes at iconic boutiques like Guerlain or Fragonard, or find unique perfumes in the Marais district.

      3- Cigar 

        For cigar lovers, Paris is the land of smoking liberty. Bye-bye to the usual ordinary brands; you may strike upon the unique and unexplored Cuban smokes that can only be found here.

        I would recommend such immaculate hand-made products because they are not only just tobacco but also reflect the hard-working struggle of craftsmen.

        Think of yourself sitting on a Parisian balcony with your pipe, smoking with the buzz and music of the city.

        Where To Buy
        You can start your search by visiting famous cigar shops like La Civette or Le Lotus. The staff in a cigar shop is knowledgeable and can lead you to their complete collections, keeping in mind that you will surely find the ideal cigar for your palate. 

        4- The Macaron

          A box of macarons is a more charming souvenir for a person who loves Paris. At the same time, these delicately colored cookies reveal the uniquely French flavor of the crispy shells and creamy fillings in a bright spectrum of flavors.

          I recommend you surprise yourself with such scrumptious morsels; it will add a memory of your Paris trip you would love to savor a little longer.

          Where To Buy
          If you want the best and the most fresh macarons, you have to go to famous pastry shops like Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. Their exquisite macarons are not only a treat to the eyes but also to the palate.

          5- Parisian Boutique Jewelry

            Just imagine that ideal present in Paris! The Parisian boutiques are crowded with pieces of one-of-a-kind jewelry that skilled craftsmen made from the locality.

            These unique pieces are not just decorations; they embody Parisian history and artistry excellence. The pieces give the intangibility of Parisian style and craftsmanship.

            By purchasing such jewelry pieces, a consumer actively contributes to conserving this art form, and the artifact turns into a unique souvenir. Discover cute boutiques in Le Marais or Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

            6- Perfect Silk Scarf

              Imagine that you picture yourself as part of a piece of the history of Paris. In Paris, you can find numerous luxurious silk scarves hand-crafted with sophisticated patterns that mean more than just a fashion accessory.

              Choosing a silk scarf from Paris is an attractive gift to bring back home, which will help make any outfit a true piece of Paris for years. Each scarf is a conversation piece that will reflect your presence in Paris.

              Where To Buy
              Although Galeries Lafayette has luxury department stores with a wide range of products, choose a boutique in St-Germain-dés-Prés where a salesperson will find the perfect scarf for you. 

              7- Designer Clothes

              Credit: @ishitanand
              Credit: @amantjapilku

                Paris is the capital of the fashion world and the place where all trends are fabricated. Imagine yourself strolling via the Champs-Élysées and feeling fashionably chic wearing designer apparel from Chanel or Dior.

                In my opinion, These designer pieces are far more than just clothes. They are investments in quality and never-ending true style. 

                These clothes are Crafted with the most refined materials and carefully crafted by expert hands; they will be your treasures for many years.

                Where To Buy
                Just Walk down Avenue Montaigne or Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where you can find fashion houses known worldwide. 

                8- The Beret

                  A visit to Paris isn’t complete without a display case full of berets. These wool hats not only showcase fashion but also represent Parisian style and culture. 

                  Move past the flea market hat shops and find a beret from a specialty hat sales shop or a department store.

                  A perfectly designed baret, crafted from quality materials, becomes your individually owned souvenir and a vivid recall of your pleasing adventure in Paris.

                  Where To Buy
                  Consider buying at Laulhère, a renowned hat shop, or main department stores such as Galeries Lafayette.

                  9- The Tarte Tatin

                    I recommend getting a taste of the French city tradition. The French classic of Tarte Tatin, also known as “apple tart with caramel” at least once in life, is a signature   Parisian dessert.

                    Whether buying a piece or a whole tart of the French patisserie is a marvelous option to enjoy real French baking at its best.

                    Visualize your mouth watering at the thought of the golden and bubbly crust that enrobes the delectable apples as you conclude this trip to the City of Love.

                    Where To Buy
                    I would prefer a boulangerie or pâtisserie in Paris For Tarte Tatin.

                    10- Dining At Mariage Frères

                      Paris offers tea lovers many opportunities, and Mariage Frères is one of the best places to experience fine tea. Established in 1854, this renowned and iconic tea merchant offers everything from unique to classic customized blends.

                      Visit their showroom on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré or check out the other boutiques dotted around the city.

                      The global tea that they offer is skillfully custom-blended. Every tin is a beautiful memoir, and the tea is the experience. Enjoy Parisian food and delight your family with elegant treats for the coming years.

                      Where To Buy
                      Explore their flagship store at 30 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, 75004 Paris.


                      Paris is the dream city for every shopper, but one can get just about anything from famous high-end designer brands to cute local finds. With this guide to ten secret spots and essential souvenirs, your shopping experience in Paris is now more fun and extraordinary.

                      Whether you prefer a veiled style with a silk scarf or a tart with the savory taste of an apricot-filled tarte tatin, you are certain to find a remembrance of the city of love. 

                      This guide we shared with you will serve as your compass, and you will certainly be spoiled for choice when shopping in Paris. So, happy shopping!

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