7 Fairytale Villages & Small Towns in Ireland

Ireland is likely the birthplace of the picturesque town, known for its distinct, unmistakable Irishness, which enchants every visitor.

Ireland’s small village and town game is strong, from the friendly locals to the charming architecture and breathtaking scenery.

Almost all of them are set in some of the most astonish and excellent landscapes you’ve ever seen, with mountains, loughs, forests, and waving coastlines.

I’ve selected a few fairytale villages and small towns in Ireland to capture your interest in this stunning country.

Every location you visit in Ireland, a country that is as rough and rocky as it is gentle and green, will have a fairytale-style romance surrounding it.

Best Fairytale Villages & Small Towns in Ireland 2024

Here are some of the best fairytale villages and towns in Ireland 2024 list you must visit:

1- Kinsale

    Kinsale’s colorful streets, rich history, and energetic tiny town in County Cork, Ireland, mesmerize tourists.

    Walk around the old-fashioned, vibrantly colored town center, visit historic buildings like James Fort and Charles Fort, and savor delicious Irish seafood-heavy cuisine.

    I enjoyed taking in the stunning views of the shore and the friendly vibe of the town.

    The Blue Haven Hotel is a chic boutique hotel in the town center. I stayed there for a few days. This hotel has its seafood-focused restaurant that serves hearty Irish breakfasts.

    2- Westport

      Westport, which has won the Irish Tidy Towns Award three times, is the product of Georgian urban design. Its charming malls are located along both banks of the Carrowbeg River.

      It was “founded” in the 1780s when the old village of Cahernamart was removed to make way for the creation of a town by architect James Wyatt for the employees and tenants of the neighboring Westport House.

      A national shrine, the well-known summit of Croagh Patrick, sometimes called “The Reek” by the locals, offers a striking backdrop for the town and is believed to be where St. Patrick fasted for 40 days in 441 AD.

      3- Dingle

        In Dingle, a port town on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, the traditional music culture is arguably more captivating than the seafood.

        Dingle is one of the greatest places in Ireland to hear Irish music. If you’re looking for a simple, real experience, its pubs will meet your needs. I can guarantee this.

        Tourists like me will feel they are in a far-off fairytale kingdom since it is cut off from the outside world.

        Dingle assures every visitor of an amazing journey. Dingle is among the smallest towns in Ireland, with just 1,671 residents as of 2022.

        The trailhead for 952-meter Mount Brandon is twenty minutes north of town. On the 8.5-kilometer return ascent, enjoy views of Slea Head and the Blasket Islands.

        The four-star Heaton’s Guesthouse, which has views of Dingle Bay, is a short stroll from the town center.

        4- Lismore

          Lismore is an extremely old town, said to have been established in the seventh century when a monastery was constructed in this location in 635 AD. Built in 1185, the majestic Lismore Castle stands atop the old Abbey.

          Despite being privately owned by the Cavendish family since 1753, certain areas of this historic structure are open for visitors.

          On the other hand, you are free to walk through the stunning Castle Gardens. This place was used to construct the several manuscripts on saints’ lives that make up the fifteenth-century Book of Lismore.

          5- Killarney

            Killarney is a beautiful town and the entry point to Killarney National Park, an amazing oasis of pure air.

            The town has many beautiful sights and is located on the banks of the well-known Lough Leane.

            Highlights include the 15th-century Ross Castle, the remains of Muckross Abbey, established in 1485 as a Franciscan friary, and the picturesque gardens and residences of Muckross from the Victorian period.

            The National Park was created in 1932 based on this combination of houses and gardens. In 2007, it took up the Best Kept Town title.

            6- Cahir

              Cahir in County Tipperary is a great place to spend a romantic night. It has a charming, well-maintained castle atop a rocky island in the River Suir and a strange house.

              Cahir Castle, built in 1142 as a defensive building, has preserved its fairytale look for centuries.

              Explore this historic Butler family stronghold on your own, or take a guided tour for an intriguing look at its history and somewhat harsh defense methods. To get your legs working, visit the three distinct heritage walks outside.

              The wacky and opulent Swiss Cottage, dating back to the early 1800s and only accessible via guided tour, is located on a two-kilometer one-way track that travels south.

              The cottage was constructed so its well-off owners could visit and act as peasants.

              7- Doolin

                Doolin in County Clare may appear sparse and spread out, but it comprises three small neighboring villages: Roadford, Doolin, and Fisher Street. Despite their small size, every town has a welcoming bar.

                In addition to its lively taverns, its closeness to the Cliffs of Moher, which soar 214 meters over the Atlantic at their greatest point, is another draw.

                To actively explore the cliffs, take a shuttle bus south from Doolin to the Kilconnel parking lot, which is close to Liscannor.

                Proceed on the 12-kilometer, one-way Cliffs of Moher coastal walking route from this point, passing the tourist center and coming to an end close to Fisher Street.

                You can stay at Four-star Cullinan’s Guesthouse, owned by a musical couple, with a seafood restaurant.


                I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite travel destinations in Ireland: little towns. I’ve visited Ireland many times, one of my favorite countries.

                If you visit any of the places on my list of the finest towns in Ireland, please let us know how it went. If you come across any more fairytale villages and towns in Ireland, please let me know about them!

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