What to Wear In Italy-Dress Like an Italian

Italy is among the most famous countries known for its beauty and sophistication. The style game of Italians is second to none. Like any travel spot, the Italy packing list dramatically varies based on the season you choose to visit.

Wearing materials like cotton or linen is a must-have for staying cool in the summer heat. Opt for airy T-shirts, skirts, or shorts.

If you visit Italy during winter, it’s essential to cover yourself as the temperature can be very low. So make sure to carry appropriate warm clothes, including sweaters and jackets.

I visited Italy last year, and I was overwhelmed and confused about what to pack. Reading itineraries and other packing lists gave me different tips and ideas about what to wear in Italy. I did notice that Italians prefer to wear neutrals, especially in summer. 

Based on my observations, I have enlisted some of the most common choices of attire and footwear among Italian women.

Let’s start!

Ultimate Clothing List for Italy

1- Classic Dresses

Basic Italian attire is always classy and elegant. Italian women stay up-to-date with fashion, but that classic touch in their dresses never fades. 

Classic dresses, such as wrapped dresses, long-sleeve button-up shirts, and silhouette blouses, are a hallmark of Italian fashion.

The prints are simple yet a blend of essential to solid neutral colors. Basics are eternal and offer a refined, timeless elegance that never goes out of style.

I suggest you add some Italian-themed classic outfits to your packing list. Opt for tailored dresses with a touch of Italian flair if you want to make a statement. 

2- Maxi Dresses 

Italian women are known for their sophisticated dress choices. They blend the classic chic with the modern trends. 

When Italian women let themselves relax and have a good time, they often choose to wear a flowy maxi dress with a leather jacket and some comfortable sneakers. They follow the latest fashion trends and don’t mind trying new looks.

I enjoyed the concept of Italian women wearing beautifully tailored maxis paired with jackets and broad hats. While touring around Italy, you should feel comfortable; this could be the best outfit on your packing list.

Recommended Maxi Dress #1: V-Neck Bohemian Spaghetti Strap

Recommended Maxi Dress #2: Deep V-Neck Casual Long Dress

3- Jeans Jacket/Trench Coat

You will always see a good collection of jackets and trench coats in an Italian women’s wardrobe. Women in Italy love to wear light jackets with vibrant color schemes. They find that trench coats go well with formal and casual. 

A jacket in your bag will always be helpful as the weather in Italy usually drops by a few degrees in the afternoon. If you are touring Italy during winter, layering yourself with a jacket adds an elegant touch to your look while exploring the streets of Italy.

Trench coats or other coats are a staple of Italian fashion. In Italy’s spring season, a trench coat is the best choice for dewy mornings. It protects you from unexpected rains and gives your look an elegant appearance.

4- Scarfs

You will see Italian women wearing scarfs very often, whether it’s for warmth, fashion, or religious norms. Scarfs are all about comfort and warmth in spring and summer. 

I visited Italy during the summers and saw women wearing carfs over sleeveless tops and blouses. In churches, women covered their shoulders with carfs, keeping their necks warm in cold weather. 

Scarfs are lightweight and affordable, adding a classic touch to your overall look. You can find them selling everywhere, in local stalls or even in malls, at affordable prices, so you won’t need to pack them in your luggage.

5- Tops/Blouses

During warmer months, Italians wore more casual clothes like tops and blouses paired with jeans or skirts. Sleeveless tops provide breathability and regulate your body temperature.

I prefer linen or chiffon tops as they are lightweight. Please ensure they are different colors to pair easily with everything you pack.

A patterned blouse will be an invaluable addition to flexible packing. Pair with jeans during the day or under a suit for the evening. Patterned blouses are among the favorites of Italian women for everyday wear.

6- Jeans/Bottoms

In Italy, the go-to outfit is always jeans paired with a casual linen top. Women in Italy prefer long pants or jeans without any rips or holes. Darker skinny jeans always go well in Italy.

Women’s cotton pants or Capri pants are the best options in Italy. Jeans with a decent top are always the most suitable attire on any trip. 

Wear darker jeans for essential winter or fall trips to Italy. Also, get some versatile bottoms to pair with different layering while roaming the city.  

7- Lightweight Cardigan

Opt for a soft cardigan rather than a heavy leather jacket for slightly cooler days or evenings.

In Italy, during winter, the temperature might change during the day. This is particularly evident in the spring when the temperature changes hour by hour. 

At such a temperature, too many layers might irritate you. Here, a cardigan or warm sweater helps you bear the cool breeze.

Also, while visiting a church or holy place, you can cover your shoulders with it. So, pack one or two lightweight cardigans in your luggage. You can easily carry it in your backpack when walking on the streets.

8- Swimsuits

Beaches are my favorite places, regardless of the country I’m touring. I visited the coastal areas of Italy to cool down in the refreshing sea.

I added all kinds of swimwear to my packing list, including my swimsuits. Wearing a fantastic swimsuit, a large hat, and dark sunglasses will make you appear (and feel) ultra-glam. 

9- Footwear to Wear in Italy

A trip to Italy demands shoes that allow you to walk hundreds of steps comfortably. It’s best to explore Italy on foot. Italians are passionate about shoes and choose chic, simple shoes with little to no artificial bling. 

Italian women wear sandals and sneakers during the summer. Italy has plenty of stairs, uneven cobblestone streets, and maybe some trekking, so plain sneakers would be the coziest. 

I recommend carrying a pair of white sneakers. Unlike a typical athletic sneaker, they look more fashionable and go with every outfit. 

A cozy pair of sandals is an ideal addition to your luggage. Ensure that they are comfortable walking on and provide some friction in the case of slippery pathways. In addition, I think that sandals with a back strap hold on better than sliding sandals. 

You should also dress a little fancier for the evening or dinner. For this, I would advise against wearing heels. Stylish leather boots or a more robust block-heel sandal will give your look more height, support, and an elegant touch.

Italian Women wear boots in the fall and winter. Likewise, women shouldn’t stroll through the streets in high-heeled boots! A leather boot is perfect, as there’s still a slight coolness in the air in some parts of Italy in early spring. 

Recommended Sandals #1: Low Block Chunky Heels Sandals

Recommended Sandals #2: Lace-up Flat Sandals


In short, the Italian style is a true masterpiece. Instead of chasing fashions and trends, it’s all about finding an appropriate fit for yourself. 

Dressing with style in Italy is about embracing the essence of this country and fully immersing yourself in the charm of this timeless elegance. Prepare for a journey filled with elegance, culture and unforgettable moments as you pack your thoughtfully.

When the weather is warmer, opt for fabrics like linen. Pair airy tops with tailored shorts or flowy skirts for a better experience.

Layering is the key to staying cozy during the winter without compromising style. A fitted trench coat or jacket can do wonders for your look beyond just enhancing it.

Your comfort matters most regardless of the season or time of year you travel. Choose what suits you physically and emotionally.

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