7 Best Myrtle Dinner Cruises 2024 – Ultimate Guide

If you’re a seasoned food enthusiast and want to have a memorable dining experience on the beach, the Myrtle dinner cruises are an exceptional choice. 

Harmonizing the seamless fusion of Myrtle’s coastal allure with a variety of delectable cuisine is nothing short of enchanting.

While exploring the beach in the mesmerizing sea breeze and breathtaking view of the sunset, tourists can enjoy a variety of gourmet dishes, grills, and cafes prepared by veteran cruise chefs.

To help you out in choosing the finest dinner cruises in Myrtle, South Carolina, we have provided here a comprehensive guide. So, let’s dive into it!

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7 Best Myrtle Beach Dinner Cruises for Luxurious Dining

1- Hurricane II

Experience the epitome of luxury and relaxation aboard the Hurricane II dinner cruise on Myrtle’s stunning shore. The breathtaking coastal views and serene water waves are just amazing to enjoy with your loved ones.

The captivating adventure tour on Myrtle shore with Hurricane II offers an array of sumptuous dinner options, including mouthwatering seafood and nutritious veggies.

Usually, the tourists love taking the Hurricane’s special fresh shrimp, delicious steak, a fine selection of wine, and a variety of cocktails and beverages.

Moreover, you can get a full bar service and choose your favorite Italian, conventional, or BBQ food from the menu.

2- Crazy Sister Marina

From seafood specialties to delightful steak and fresh beverages, a diverse range of dining menu options are available on Crazy Sister Marina’s dinner cruise.

This remarkable cruise journey on the picturesque coastline joins adventure with fine dining.

The delectable lobster, tasty crabs, and expertly grilled selection of steak are sufficient to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

However, if you love veggies, there is a huge to select as your evening meal. The cocktails and beverages are served on demand.

3- Captain’s Dinner Cruise

Looking for a fun-filled cruise to Myrtle combined with a delicious evening dinner? Aboard the Captain’s Dinner Cruise and avail yourself of the best dinner buffet, music, and dazzling views of the shore.

The culinary offerings of this cruise are exceptional, ranging from succulent seafood, chicken BBQ, and a variety of beverages. Every food caters to your specific tastes and preferences.

Also, you can order a soothing cup of coffee or tea besides enjoying live music on the balcony or enjoying your private cruise room.

4- Express Watersports

Embarking on a serene Express Watersports cruise on Murrells Inlet is just an implausible experience.

Express Watersports is your one-stop shop for adventure and thrill, offering Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Boat Riding, and Sunset cruises.

Also, tourists can order unlimited free wine, soft drinks, and a Fruit and Cheese Platter during this one-hour cruise duration.

Moreover, the evening feast serves the cruisers with a number of nautical delights, vegetables, barbecue, soups, and desserts.

5- Early Bird Dinner Cruise

Visit the iconic Myrtle panorama through a luxurious 2-hour tour with Early Bird Dinner and Dancing Cruise.

While aboard the cruise, you will have the opportunity to savor a diverse range of dinner cuisine, such as pulled pork, baked potatoes, barbecue, and an assortment of luscious desserts.

Additionally, guests may taste the Cruise’s other culinary specialties like delicious shrimp Creole, appetizing vegetable medley, cheesecake, beverages, and freshly brewed coffee.

6- Barefoot Queen Riverboat Cruise

The North Myrtle’s Barefoot Queen sails across the beautiful Intracoastal Grand Strand Waterway and provides a blend of relaxation, fine dining, and entertainment. Embarking on a Barefoot Cruise ensures a tour full of luxury and fun.

The elegance of the cruise, tranquil ocean-atmosphere, and soothing sunset all present a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner with your family or friends.

What truly sets the Barefoot Queen apart is its exceptional culinary offerings. From traditional cuisine to tantalizing seafood, the onboard dining serves the guests with a diverse range of tastes.

7- East Coast Inlet BrewBoat

Amidst the stunning Murrells Marshlands, Inlet BrewBoat presents a striking landscape complemented by the tranquil rhythm of the gentle water waves.

To enrich your journey, make sure to get your favorite drinks, be it wine, soda, or beer, prior to embarking on the boat.  

The East Coast BrewBoat savor the guests with flavorful brews, live entertainment, and a number of delectable dining choices on the Myrtle shore.

What is the Best Time for Dinner Cruises on Myrtle Beach?

Usually, the fall season is considered the best time for dinner cruises in Myrtle. The cozy weather and smaller crowds make your tour more relaxed and entertaining.

The refreshing sea breeze and magnificent beach views spellbind your thoughts. What you would love the most is the soothing flow of water and the tranquil beach environment, providing relief from the fast-paced routine.

However, checking the cruise line’s schedule and packages is essential before planning your vacation on Myrtle’s Beach.

Myrtle’s Dinner Cruise Menu Range

Myrtle’s dinner cruise offers a diverse range of delectable cuisine to satiate your taste.

From fresh seafood to nourishing veggies, the menu presents a memorable dining experience on the scenic coastal views.

Below are some scrumptious foods you might find on Myrtle’s dinner cruise menu:

  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon and BBQ
  • Stir Fry Veggies and Seasonal Vegetable Medley
  • A variety of Salads and Pasta
  • Snacks and Cookies
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages (Alcoholic beverages are available only for above 20 years)
  • Tea and Liquor
  • Desserts

What is the Price Range for a Dinner Cruise in Myrtle?

From casual meet-ups to official ceremonies and family festivals, Myrtle offers a diverse range of dinner cruises with live performances.

Typically, the dinner cruise price in Myrtle varies based on the cruise company, meal selection, amenities offered, onboard entertainment, and the itinerary. Generally, the cruise price ranges from 40$ per person to 100$.

However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious trip to Myrtle, you can book private charters as well according to your budget. In private charters, you can also customize your package anytime as per your preferences and choice.

Before finalizing your cruise booking, we recommend you research different cruise companies online to compare their prices and offerings.


Myrtle dinner cruises offer not only a culinary adventure but also the scenic splendor of South Carolina’s beach.

Each cruise unveils its charm, onboard entertainment, and amazing food menu. I hope this guide will help you choose the best Myrtle dinner cruise as per your preferences to enhance your travel experience.

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