How Long Is A Cruise To The Bahamas? [Expected Time]

Having a luxurious cruise adventure across the 700 stunning islands in the Bahamas is undoubtedly an incredible experience, but do you know how long is a cruise to the Bahamas? 

Depending on the itineraries, cruising to the Bahamas may take 2-5 days for Bahamas-specific cruises or around 10-15 days for Eastern and Western Caribbean sailing. 

The Bahamas is well-known for its 16 sun-splashed islands, calm sandy beaches, and thousands of miles of blue ocean water. Also, being adjacent to Florida, most cruises depart from Florida’s major cities like Miami, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale. 

Let’s have a detailed overview of different cruise lines, their itineraries, and the duration to reach the beautiful Bahamian islands.

How Long is a Cruise from Florida to the Bahamas?

Florida is the world’s Cruise Capital, and it’s one-way cruising distance from the Bahamas is around 3-4 hours, depending on the departing port and the itinerary. Being near Florida, several cruise ships sail across the Bahamas all year around. 

Usually, short cruises to the Bahamas from Florida take 3-4 days, departing from Miami or Fort Lauderdale ports and landing at Nassau (the country’s largest port). 

These short cruise travels to the Bahamas are perfect for tourists seeking adventure and leisure in a short time.

Also, some longer cruises from Florida may span 4-7 days, offering a luxurious tour of the Bahamas and ongoing fun activities, including stops at the historical places, spending hours on cool sandy beaches, and visiting the marvelous Bahamas beauty.

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Cruising Time from Miami to the Bahamas

Cruising Time from Miami to the Bahamas

The Bahamas is east of Miami, and the distance between the two is around 3368 Km. Being close enough, you don’t need to wait for days to reach the destination. Instead, Miami to Nassau takes only a few hours of cruising travel.

However, few ports of calls and stops must be expected during sailing. The stops enhance your travel delight by allowing you to visit several destinations and multiple shore excursions.

While sailing to the Bahamas from Miami, tourists adopt either a short getaway requiring 2-3 days) or somewhat longer, depending on the vacation time. 

Cruise from Miami offers many onboarding fun activities, such as a live theater in cruise lounges, ongoing music, and various delicious cuisine for the adventurers. 

From the soothing ocean breeze to the pacifying cadence of aquatic waves, a wealth of recreation and fun awaits you here.

However, for a longer plan from Miami to Bahamas, you need 2-3 extra days to explore the vast islands. Moreover, your cruise ship may arrange some extra ports of call in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, San Juan, Philipsburg, and St. Thomas ports.

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NewYork to Bahamas Cruise Duration

New York to Bahamas Cruise Duration

Are you residing in the Mid-Atlantic and planning a cruise to Bahamas? It’s best to start your journey from New York, having many cruise lines preparing to boot all year around. 

Cruise lines for one-way and round-trips joining different routes remain ready to sail from NYC to the Bahamas Private island.

Most cruise lines, specifically Carnival and Norwegian Cruises, offer a 7-14 days package for a round-trip to the Bahamas from NY. 

Navigating through the vast ocean waves, the cruise voyage allows enthusiasts to explore a mix of onboard entertainment with ample time to view Tranquil Bahamian destinations. 

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Popular Cruise Lines to Travel to the Bahamas: Route and Travelling Duration

With its idyllic views and pristine beaches, the Bahamas is a dream adventure destination. However, if you’re planning your tour for the first time, you must know about the popular cruise lines, their itineraries, and the duration to reach the iconic Bahamian islands.

Choosing the right cruise line and knowing its specific route and sailing duration is crucial for an exceptional odyssey. 

So, check out the complete guide about some famous cruise lines sailing towards the Bahamas based on personal experience and tourist reviews.

#1 Carnival

Book a sail to Bahamians with Carnival Cruise Fleet and enjoy multiple onboard festivals, deck parties, comedy shows, and live performances in a 4-night trip.

Also, savour the delight of delicious cuisine at BlueIguana Cantina and Guy’s Burger Joint. 

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The Carnival embarks on its journey from Charleston and reaches the Nassau port, Bahamas, through Princess Cays.

#2 Royal Caribbean

Get an outstanding travel experience with Royal Caribbean’s cruise line. Passing through Port Canaveral, Florida; CocoCay and Nassau, Bahamas; and Baltimore, Maryland, you will delve into the itinerary’s immense beauty and memorable excursions.

The journey towards the Bahamas takes around 7-8 days. It offers multiple ventures on different excursion points, including a variety of foods at the Caribbean’s famous restaurants, dance classes, as well as theater and comedy shows..

#3 Princess Cruises

Departing from Fort Lauderdale, embark on a 4-7 days cruising sail with a luxurious Princess Cruise to enjoy a bundle of entertaining diversions.

Here, you can expect pools in a vibrant marine, casino, sports courts, a music club, and much more.

#4 Disney Cruise Line

Along the Bahamian itineraries, a 3-5 night Cruise travel offers plenty of mesmerizing views of crystal-clear waters, lush valleys, turquoise seas, and serene beaches. 

Disney Cruise Line is best for families; they have a lot of activities and Disney theme experiences for kids.

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Also, you can explore the Marvel Super Hero Academy, the latest addition to Disney’s cruise line.

Disney Cruise departs from the Canaveral Port, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale and chooses the route along Nassau,  Bahamas, and Castaway Cay.

#5 Norwegian Sky 

Witness the tableau of the sun setting over the breezy ocean waves and the aspiring views of the Grand Bahama island. 

The 3-4 day sailing to the Bahamas via Norwegian cruise line offers unforgettable adventure and onboard fun activities, including spa, themed parties, Broadway-style shows, and various dine-in options. 

Typically, the route of this cruise ship towards the Bahamas includes calls at Bahama Island, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay.

Cruising to the Bahamas? Know the Ideal Travel Time

The Bahamas generally has mild weather, with temperatures ranging from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the best time to visit here is the midwinters.  

However, the cruise ships sail to the Bahamas throughout the year. 

Also, booking your ride in ‘Wave Season’ can cut the high cost from your budget as different cruise lines offer their best deals and discounts in fare. 

Moreover, cruise companies also offer extra perks during the wave season, including free wifi, discounted Spa, and additional shore excursions.

Key Factors that Influence the Bahamian Cruise Length 

#1 Cruise Itinerary

While Sailing to the Bahamas, cruise ships can adopt shorter Bahamian itineraries or longer Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries.

Based on the selected route, the duration of the journey may vary from 2-4 days of shorter trips to 7-15 days of a longer tour.

#2 Terms and Policies of Cruise Ports

Strict security checks and document verification procedures directly or indirectly affect the duration of a cruise length. 

However, streamlined procedures and effective policy infrastructure can significantly enhance the tourists’ leisure time at the destination.  

#3 Specific Weather Conditions

Sudden changes in weather conditions like hurricanes or storms can alter the fixed schedule of embarking or disembarking, thus affecting the ship’s arrival time. 

#4 Stays at Different Ports of Call

The cruise length can vary significantly based on the number of stops and their duration at different stops. Longer stops can increase the travel time to the destination but enhance the time to explore each place. 

So, the cruise team wisely decides on the itinerary to offer passengers a range of experiences during the trip.


Exploring the Bahamian’s tropical paradise via cruise boarding is an incredible experience.

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or plan tours frequently, you must know how long a cruise to the Bahamas is to schedule your trip accordingly. 

Check the cruising duration to the Bahamas from the cruise line’s official websites; however, the mentioned duration may change depending on the itinerary, the cruise ship’s company, weather conditions, or ports of call.

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