9 Best Sunset Cruises for Panama City Beach You Must Know

The mesmerizing tropical scenery, plentiful dolphins, and breathtaking sunset of Panama Beach, Florida, are incredibly gripping. Also, the serene boom of flowing water makes the view more enticing.

Whether you plan a solo trip to Panama City beach or want to spend a romantic evening with your loved one, the sunset cruises are the perfect sailing choice.

The Panama cruise journey provides an exquisite sailing experience by providing a charming insight into sun rays descending over the tranquil Gulf of stunning ocean waves.

Planning a cruise adventure to the spectacular Panama City Beach? Check out this complete guide to find out the best Sunset Cruises for a wonderful Panama trip!

9 Best Sunset Cruises for Panama City Beach

best sunset cruises for panama

#1 Sunset Dolphin Encounter aboard Captain Anderson III

Indulge in a serene evening on the marvelous Panama beach with Sunset Dolphin Cruise and witness the scenic marvels of the ocean and the astonishing spectacle of dolphins frolicking amidst the gentle ocean waves.

Embark on the Sunset Dolphin Encounter aboard the esteemed Captain Anderson III and cruise along the momentous Grand Lagoon and St. Andrew Bay, ultimately reaching the Gulf’s edge.

Throughout this scenic journey to Panama Beach, you’ll be captivated by the panorama of enticing natural vistas and a rich tapestry of wildlife.

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#2 BYOB Sunset Cruise for a Comfortable Experience

Sailing across Panama Beach with an unparalleled expedition of BYOB Sunset Cruise is an outstanding sailing experience.

To enhance your trip experience with BYOB Sunset Cruise, guests can bring their beverages and enjoy the graceful sun setting from their balconies.

The BYOBs itinerary is the most enticing attraction on Panama City Beach, which treks across Saint Andrew Bay, Grand Lagoon, and Shell Island.

#3 Island Time Sailing Catamaran for Panama City Beach and Dolphin Tours

Onboard the Island Time catamaran sail, reaching Panama City Beach is 3-hours of continuous fun and adventure.

Famous for its Rum Punch and delectable cuisines, the Island Time is a great delight for the guests. Live music, snorkeling at St. Andrew Bay, and a breathtaking sunset view aboard the catamaran is just love.

You can arrange your festive parties, birthdays, and wedding celebrations by collaborating with Island Time’s Private Charter Sailing cruise staff.

#4 Ohana Sailboat for Smaller Crowds

Experience the epitome of splendor and contentment with the Ohana Sailboat excursion to the coast of Panama City Beach.

Over the Gulf of Mexico, the miraculous view of the sunset is much soothing and relaxed.

The Ohana Sailboat usually accommodates smaller crowds to provide a more fascinating cruise experience to the guests.

On board the sailboat, tourists are welcome to bring their food and beverages to enjoy their favorite meal while viewing the charming sunset on the horizon.

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#5 Santa Rosa Beach Sunset Cruise 

Set forth on an enchanting Santa Rosa Beach Sunset Cruise and immerse yourself in the captivating twilight and awesome landscape.

As your vessel sets sail, the compelling allure of golden sun rays on the serene water waves is truly mesmerizing.

The Sunset Cruise to Santa Rosa Beach offers a tranquil escape to relish the gentle sea breeze and dolphins diving under the water.

Meanwhile, the sky undergoes a magnificent transformation into a canvas of vibrant colors with the setting sun.

#6 Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruises

For a captivating evening tour in Panama City Beach, the Sea Screamer Sunset Cruise can be an incredible choice.

Aboard the vessel, guests witness the evening glow by the horizon’s descent and enjoy the vibrant hues of the awe-inspiring spectacles over the Gulf of Mexico.

Moreover, the spacious and comfortable decks provide a blend of relaxation, enchantment, and thrill on the open sea, making it a must-try cruise to Panama Beach.

The Sea Screamer’s adoring crew put all their efforts into facilitating and entertaining the cruise sailors with top-quality onboard services and delicious meal festivity.

Thus, you can bring your favorite drinks or purchase from the ship as per your choice.

#7 Panama City Beach Sunset Sail with the Footloose Catamaran

Book a romantic sunset sail along the Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the relaxing music and fresh wine and non-alcoholic drinks onboard, creating an ideal ambiance for Panama sailing.

Also, onboard the Footloose Catamaran, you can savor the lunch or dinner delights with a variety of delicious snacks, pastas, and tasty desserts.

The charisma of wild dolphins and the stunning sunset view at the Grand Lagoon combine to create unforgettable memories during the voyage.

#8 Sunset Dolphin Sail on the Privateer Catamaran

Get a seamless Panama beach cruising experience with Privateer Catamaran and enjoy the harmonious blend of tranquility and beauty.

The golden glow of the horizon amidst the twilight is the most magnificent view across the ocean waves.

The picturesque Panama City Coastline provides visitors with the opportunity to capture unforgettable moments through photography.

Furthermore, the presence of tasty food and a diverse selection of beverages aboard the Privateer Catamaran enhance the overall excellence of your tour.

#9 Evening Skyline for a Luxury Cruise Experience

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey to Panama City Beach with Evening Skyline, where a bundle plethora of exciting and enjoyable activities await you.

The voyage will unveil a series of breathtaking vistas as you traverse through the calm waters of Grand Lagoon and St. Andrew Bay.

The refreshing sea breeze, rich biodiversity, the melodious songs of birds, and the attention-grabbing crowd of diving dolphins present an array of worth-capturing moments.

Onboard the Skyline cruise; one of the most inspiring experiences is the calm balcony, where you can leisurely savor your favorite beverage while enjoying the captivating shoreline and vast expansion of the ocean.


Panama Beach is a heart of numerous iconic landscape vistas and breathtaking sunset views. If you’re planning your trip to this stunning island, you should read this guide of best sunset cruises for Panama City Beach as well as cross check the reviews online.

Hopefully, this will provide you pre-booking knowledge about every cruise ship and elevate your coastal experience with your loved ones.

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