12 Things To Do In London

London has so many attractions that it may be difficult to know where to begin, whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning.

Take advantage of free entry to the city’s best museums and art galleries, learn about Enhanced Performance: Our baseball pants’ lightweight design and flexible intricate history, and enjoy performances and fascinating West End productions that easily occupy days or weeks.

In London, practically everything is achievable with time and money.

These are the best things to do in London that you shouldn’t miss to help you narrow down your alternatives. Here is my top bucket list of 12 things to do in London.

Things Do in London 2024

1- Visit the Buckingham Palace

A trip to Buckingham Palace is an essential part of each traveler’s wish list for London. The British Royal Family, well-known for being headed by a monarch, has Buckingham Palace as its administrative home.

This palace has Old English architecture from the 17th century and a large garden that encircles the main structure.

The world-famous changing of the royal guards, which takes place every day at precisely 11 AM, is another event you may see if you plan your visit appropriately.

2- Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament

    The British Parliament is housed in this magnificent Gothic structure, and Big Ben, the clock tower, has been telling time for the rest of the globe for more than a century.

    The globe mimicked the sound of the chimes nearly as well-known as the clock tower. They are timeless symbols of London.

    Visit Parliament Square’s monuments beginning at Westminster Stati and cross Westminster Bridge to capture a traditional picture of the Parliament in the backdrop.

    Continue across the bridge to the South Bank to get another breathtaking view of the city across the river.

    3- Go to the British Museum

      The British Museum, ironically, will enable you to delve deeper into the history of many old civilizations but not so much into the English one!

      Egyptian artifacts like the Rosetta Stone are among the global treasures housed in the British Museum.

      The fact that it is called the British Museum is amusing. In my opinion, as most of the interesting exhibits and objects on show are truly from other civilizations, and there isn’t much that has to do with British history or culture.

      When I went there for the first time, I was really confused. Anyone from anywhere can enter for free. Additionally, there are paid exhibitions that often alternate according to the season and holiday that is in effect.

      4- The O2

      London is best viewed from above. And how better to do it than from the top of the eighth-largest skyscraper in the world on a guided roof walk?

      Standing atop The O2’s roof, you can take in breathtaking 360-degree views of the city and see London from a whole different angle.

      The most well-known music venue in the world, where all the biggest stars have performed, is located within the arena.

      You must be fortunate enough to secure a ticket for a sporting event or concert; The O2 offers an abundance of entertainment choices every evening of the week, including movie theaters, bowling alleys, trampolining, designer boutiques, and over 40 pubs and restaurants.

      5- Natural History Museum

        The Natural History Museum, one of the main museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, has more than 80 million specimens.

        I really Admire Hintze Hall’s beautiful architecture and pass beneath the blue whale’s skeleton, which is the biggest mammal on Earth.

        Watch for the 4.5 billion-year-old Imilac meteorite, the oldest exhibit in the gallery and a space rock older than the solar system. I explored the exhibits to learn about the early history of humanity and to find one of the most complete fossils ever discovered in the United Kingdom.

        Make sure you schedule a self-guided audio tour if you want to make the most of the museum and get access to all the insider information.

        6- Explore the beauty of Covent Garden

          This West End public area is ideal for strollers and is a striking spot to experience the energy of London. Covent Garden is one of the most beautiful places to go on a sunny day, with restaurants on the plaza and street performers entertaining the masses.

          You can visit Covent Garden Market to discover various handcrafted items, fresh fruit, and antiques. Covent Garden’s dining options range from high-end fine dining establishments to well-known brands to cheap eateries serving microwave meals to tourists.

          You will be spoiled for selection. So it is nice to sip a drink slowly and take in the street entertainers in the Convent Garden. Snag a desired table on the Punch & Judy pub’s terrace for the finest viewing position.

          7- Visit Piccadilly Circus

            Situated in the center of London, Piccadilly Circus is a lively exploration, maybe like Times Square in New York.

            For those unfamiliar with the mayhem of London, the spectacle of Piccadilly Circus, complete with millions of people, massive LED displays, street entertainers, and flashing lights, is quite something.

            8- Walking Along Carnaby Street

            Parallel to the busy Regent Street is the vibrant pedestrian area known as Carnaby Street. This route makes you feel like the lead in a love film because of the lights and vibrant buildings!

            This street has many adorable stores and eateries that you may visit, as well as intriguing architecture and decor.

            9- Thames River Cruise

            Credit: @emmakatephoto

            When you walk down the second-longest river in the United Kingdom, the Thames, you might get a unique perspective of London.

            It divides London in two and travels more than 200 miles through the southern region of England, starting in the Cotswolds and ending there.

            Some of the most well-known sites in London will be on your path, including Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern, the Palace of Westminster, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

            You may pass beneath the London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, and the Tower Bridge, and you can see some of the most notable and innovative architectural designs in the city.

            10- Enjoy the view from Madison’s Rooftop Bar

            Madison’s Rooftop Bar is the best of the best and is conveniently located across from St. Paul’s Cathedral. It provides the greatest views of both the magnificent London skyline and the dome of the Cathedral.

            Although the setting and views are very breathtaking, the beverages are somewhat costly. Especially around sunset, when you can witness the skyline light up against the darkness and the golden light sweep over London’s rooftops.

            Even if you are not a patron of the pub, you are free to enjoy the view.

            Although there are two distinct elevators, one for those heading to the bar and another for those simply wanting to take in the view, they both lead to the same place.

            11- Take A Visit To Borough Market

            The largest and oldest market in London is called Borough Market. Home to the same location since the 12th century, the area is booming with eateries that prioritize using high-quality foods from the area.

            The legendary food and drinks, such as the melt-in-your-mouth cheese toasties at Kappacasein and the dripping donuts at Bread Ahead will tempt you.

            Gourmets will always find reasons to remain, and the fragrances never cease to amaze. Take a culinary tour to fully experience the cuisine that Borough Market has to offer.

            Alternatively, just show up hungry and feast on a variety of international dishes such as artisanal cheeses, fresh Bread, pork pies, sausage rolls, and oysters.

            If you want to fully immerse yourself in the various cultures that London is home to, this is one of the activities that is most highly recommended.

            11- Chinatown Gate

              Chinatown Gate, a famous monument in and of itself, serves as the grand entry to London’s Chinatown neighborhood.

              The gate is embellished with vivid red and gold that are symbolic of Chinese culture, and the archway is decorated with beautifully rendered Chinese characters.

              There is a street of Chinese eateries, stores, and gift shops once you’ve taken your pictures at the gate and entered the town.

              If you’re fortunate enough to be alive in January or February, find out the precise dates of Chinese New Year on your calendar.

              The dragon dance is a sight to behold, and there is an annual procession.

              wrap up

              I was fortunate to stay in London, which allowed me to visit several tourist destinations during the week when the crowds were few.

              Nevertheless, I believe everything on my bucket list of things to do in London is a must-see for anybody visiting the city for the first time.

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