What is Cruise Cash on Carnival? [Where to Buy]

While planning a Carnival cruise vacation, having sufficient cash or other resources is as essential as your luggage. 

That’s why to facilitate you and to help you so that you don’t have to hold much money; Carnival Cruise presents an option knowing Cruise cash.

But, where you can use this cruise cash card and what makes it different from onboard card credit is something you must know. So, no more worries. Just stick with us till the end and unveil the mystery of cruise cash on the carnival. 

The Carnival Cruise Line Cash Program:

cruise cash on carnival

The cruise cash program is an exquisite payment option added to Carnival policies.

Under this program, you can add cash to your sign and sail card. Later, this cash can be used against your charges or payments on your account. 

For example, to cover taxes and gratuities expenses. 

Remember, you must add these credits to your account at least two days before. 

The cash can be used for a single voyage only and is non-refundable. 

Good to know: Carnival cruise cash is also sold for specific revenues or purposes, such as cruise cash bar, photo, spa, shore excursion, etc. However, the cost of each varies.

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Where To Buy Cruise Cash?

Buying cruise cash is effortless. 

Here are the ulitmate resources through which you can buy yours.

  • Firstly, exclusively through the fun shop website https://www.carnival.com/funshops
  • On the contrary, you can also book your cruise cash by calling the department at 1-800-522-7648

However, you must know the timings if you purchase cruise cash by call: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-10:00 pm ET, and Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm ET. 

Who Can Buy Cruise Cash?

You must know that cruise cash can be purchased by anyone but for booked guests only. 

Furthermore, to purchase the cruise cash bar, you should be at your legal drinking age of 21. 

Where To Use Cruise Cash?

Carnival allows you to use cruise cash for taxes and gratuities expenses. 

On the contrary, if you had purchased cruise cash for specific revenue areas, you would ultimately get the most out of it. You will get a wide range to spend on spa, bar, shore execution, etc. 

What Is The Limitation Of Cruise Cash?

Firstly, carnival cruise cash can not be used in the Casino.

The purchase is also limited to up to $500, but this limit is per stateroom and category. 

For example. Suppose you purchased Cruise Cash Bar for $500, Cruise Cash for $500, and Cruise Cash Photo for $500 for a stateroom. It will cost you a total of $1500. 

How Much Cash To Bring On A Carnival Cruise?

How much cash to bring depends on a user’s needs and habits. 

However, to estimate how much cash would be fair enough to you, you should at least have $100 a day on a carnival cruise.

Additionally, you may have nothing for the sea days.

It means the total cash depends on your cruise days. For example, if you plan to cruise for three days, you must have a minimum of $300 ($100 each). 

You must keep some additional coins with you as you may have to pay frequently for information, public toilets, etc.

Can you Use Cruise Cash in the Casino?

Using cruise cash on a carnival cruise for the Casino is strictly prohibited. 

According to the carnival cruise line policy, you can only use cruise cash for onboard purchases, like dining, drinks, or shore execution. 

However, you can use your sail and sign card in the Casino. But, the account must be linked to your onboard account. 

Pro tip:
You can use cash in the Carnival cruise casino instead, as they largely accept it. But it’s not a safer option. On the contrary, you should go for the alternate, just like casino credit or sail and sign card.

What is The Difference Between Cruise Cash And Onboard Credit?

Cruise cash and onboard credits are both used for payment purposes. 

  • More significantly, cruise cash is a prepaid voucher used for later payment purposes. With that, carnival onboard credit is free money you can use during your cruise ship. However, you must pay the amount of use onboard credit while making final cruise payments.
  • Additionally, cruise cash can be used to pay the cost of spa treatment, specialty dining, or onboard amenities. On the contrary, onboard cruise credit can be used widely, including gratuities, shore execution, or even onboard shopping.

You must know cruise lines usually offer both payment options in loyalty programs or as an incentive for early booking. 

However, the offer or discount value can vary depending on your cruise line, stateroom, and itinerary. 

So, Is It Worth Buying Cruise Cash on Carnival?

To conclude, cruise cash is a prepaid voucher used for payment purposes. But is it worth getting?

Well, it depends!

For example, having multiple payment methods would make it daunting to track everything. On the contrary, cruise cash can be an ideal option for those who want to give a gift to someone about to cruise. 

So, to decide whether it’s worth buying, you have to figure out your needs first. 

However, we must say you do not need to have cruise cash at the carnival. The far better option is to settle your payments at the end of the cruise. 

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