Carnival Cruise Cove Balconies: Everything You Should Know

On my last Carnival cruise, I was checking out Cove Balconies, and guess what? I went for it because these rooms have some cool perks. Regular balconies don’t. 

Cove Balconies give you extra privacy and are super close to the water. They’re a smart choice for budget-savvy travelers who still want a private outdoor spot. 

So, hang on, fellow cruisers. In this guide, I’ve discussed everything you need to know about Cove Balconies and why I think they’re better than the standard ones. Also, in the end, I’ll help you make a great decision for your cruise.

So let’s get started.

What Is A Cove Balcony on Carnival?

cove balcony

A Cove Balcony on Carnival Cruise ships is a unique type of balcony stateroom located on the ship’s lower decks and is more enclosed than a standard balcony.

These balconies have a cove-like enclosure, and the bottom half of the balcony rail has a solid steel panel.

Due to their presence at the lower decks, cove balconies provide a great view of the ocean and the ship’s wake, making them a center of attention among the cruisers.

Which Decks Have Cove Balconies?

On a Carnival Cruises the Cove Balconies are on the lower decks, like Deck 2 or Deck 5, depending on the ship. You’ll find them in category 7C staterooms on Carnival’s Excel-class, Vista-class, and Dream-class ships. Every ship built since 2009 has them.

If you’re sailing on Excel-class ships like Mardi Gras, Carnival Celebration, or Carnival Jubilee, there are also some Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony rooms (category 7S). These are close to the spa and include a pass for unlimited use of the thermal suite facilities.

For families cruising on Vista-class ships like Carnival Vista, Carnival Horizon, and Carnival Panorama, there’s also the option of a cove balcony with the FM and FS categories of Family Harbor Suites.

cove balcony on carnival

How Are Cove Balconies Different From Standard Balconies?

The major difference lies in the shape of both balconies. Cove balconies are more enclosed, with small openings and more solid walls between you and your neighbor.

Below are other unique features of Cove Balcony:

1- The Privacy

Cove Balconies are surprisingly more private than the standard ones on Deck 2, below the hanging lifeboats.

So you won’t have to worry about nosy neighbors peeking around the divider into your balcony.

And don’t think people can look down and watch you enjoying your morning coffee. You won’t have any of these issues with a Cove Balcony stateroom because they’re above Deck 1 oceanview cabins, giving you privacy from below, too.

I was so surprised by the quiet environment; I didn’t hear any neighbor voices, thanks to the sound of water. 

2- The Extra Balcony Space

Cove Balconies are 10 square feet bigger than regular balconies, giving you more space to relax and enjoy the breeze and views.

Despite being enclosed partially, a cove balcony is 45ft² whereas a regular balcony is 35ft². That’s 28% larger than a regular balcony, giving you more space to enjoy.

3- The Coverage

As well as offering extra space, Carnival’s Cove balconies also provide more shade and coverage for sitting in on rainy and sunny days.

If you have a rainy sea day, the lifeboats cover your balcony well, so you can still sit outside and enjoy the breeze.

This also comes in handy when you want to enjoy the sea views on a sunny day and want shade. 

However, it’s important to note that the time of the day and direction of travel will impact this.

4- Views

As mentioned above, cove balconies are on Deck 2 or 5, depending on the ship, meaning you are just feet from the water and the ocean’s roar.

Honestly, sometimes I could even feel the spray of the water. And if that beautiful, close-up, 180-degree view isn’t enough to convince you to book a Cove Balcony.

Some neighbors say they’ve seen dolphins swimming alongside the ship from their Cove Balconies.

However, due to the distance from the ocean, they can get wet at times and have a hatch that can be closed during bad weather and rough seas.

I suggest booking a cabin not too close to the front of the ship; that way, you won’t have to deal with as much spray from the ship’s movement.

views from balcony

5- Getting On And Off The Ship

Because it’s lower on the ship, getting on and off at ports is a breeze—you’re right near the gangway. This is also great if you or yours are prone to seasickness in rough seas.

Which Carnival Ships Have Cove Balconies?

Cove balconies are in category 7C staterooms on Carnival’s Excel-class, Vista-class, and Dream-class ships. That’s every ship that has been built since 2009.

  • Carnival Breeze Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Celebration Cove Balcony and Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Dream Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Horizon Cove Balcony and Family Harbor Suite Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Jubilee Cove Balcony and Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Vista Cove Balcony and Family Harbor Suite Cove Balcony
  • Mardi Gras Cove Balcony and Cloud 9 Spa Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Magic Cove Balcony
  • Carnival Panorama Cove Balcony and Family Harbor Suite Cove Balcony

How Much Do Cove Balconies Cost?

carnival cove balcony

Cove Balconies are cheaper than regular ones. Regular balconies usually cost more because of their location on the ship.

However, the actual price of Cove Balcony cabins depends on the ship, the cruise length, and the booking time.

I recommend checking the Carnival Cruise website to get the most updated and accurate information on the prices of the Cove balcony.

Carnival Cruise Latest Deals

With Cove Balconies!!!

Should You Choose Cove Balcony Cabins?

Choosing a cabin type on Carnival depends on your needs and preferences. To make your decisions easy, I’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of these balconies. Have a look.


  • Larger in size
  • Provide more coverage and shade
  • Best for people who have seasickness
  • More private due to lifeboats
  • Gives you more close-up vibes of the sea
  • Super easy to get on and off the ship
  • It can be less expensive than normal balconies


  • Enclosed nature and smaller openings might be issues for some people
  • It can get wet and salty
  • Some people might not like the shade and coverage
  • Further from the action on-ship
  • Balconies may be off-limits in bad weather and rough sea

Now it’s your call. If you like the pros, go for the Cove Balconies; otherwise, stick with the standard ones.

Does Cove Balconies Have WiFi?

Yes, Cove Balconies provide WiFi, but their location might affect internet speed since they’re on lower decks. 

The strength depends on the ship’s design and technology, so if internet speed matters to you and yours, check with Carnival to confirm before deciding.

When To Choose Cove Balconies?

Choosing Cove Balconies is all about personal preference. If you’re after a cozy, private, shady, and close space to the sea, Cove balcony rooms are your best bet. 

Just keep in mind that these balconies might be off-limits in bad weather and rough seas. I’d suggest avoiding Cove Balconies on cruises during hurricane season.


Do Cove Balconies Cost Less Than Regular Ones?

Yes, Cove Balconies are less expensive than standard balconies.

Is There A Risk Of Cove Balconies Being Off-Limits In Bad Weather?

Yes, access to Cove Balconies may be restricted in bad weather or rough seas for safety reasons.

Are Cove Balconies More Private Than Standard Balconies?

Cove Balconies offer extra privacy due to their lower deck location and steel railing.

Final Words

Cove Balconies are favored for being quieter, private, shady, and close to the ocean, making them a popular choice among people while planning their cruise.

However, the only thing that you must consider before booking is the weather conditions because these balconies may be off-limit during rough seas and bad weather. 

But if you’re looking for more private, shady, and cozy options, Cove Balconies are your go-to option.

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