What Is Carnival Fly2Fun Program And How To Book Flight Through It?

Planning Cruise Vacations but confused about managing the flights and transportation to match the cruise schedule? Don’t worry; I’ve got your back.

I’m just like you, and during my initial cruises, one of the worst nightmares was managing the cruise and flight schedule. I seriously hate the travel disruptions causing flight delays and last-minute changes.

But fortunately, it’s a modern era, so no worries at all. Carnival Cruise Line now offers the Fly2Fun program, which provides integrated flight and transportation options. It’s a lifeline for cruisers, giving them peace of mind.

If you also want to take advantage of this program but don’t know anything about it, don’t worry; you’re at the right place. 

In this article, I’ve discussed everything related to the Carnival Fly2Fun program that’ll help you better understand it and make your cruise experience more convenient. 

So let’s get started.

What Is Carnival Fly2Fun?

Carnival Fly2Fun

Carnival Fly2Fun is a new air program that aims for flexibility and allows cruisers to customize their air reservation with a wide array of options and provides flight protection.

This includes the ability to specify their preferred air carrier, departure point, travel dates, and type of accommodation (coach, business, etc.).

Sounds interesting, right? With this program, guests can view travel companion flight itineraries while making reservations too.

Now, let’s have a look at how the program works.

How Does Fly2Fun Work?

How Does Fly2Fun Work

The Fly2Fun program is very straightforward, aiming for guests’ convenience.

It simplifies the flight booking process for the guests by offering Flexible or Restricted Air flight options. I’ll discuss both options later in this article.

Guests have the flexibility to choose their flight schedule and preferred carrier and receive instant confirmation, just like booking on dedicated flight websites.

That’s what you get from this program.

This simple process offers you an ease of vacation planning with its immediate confirmation upon reservation, giving you peace of mind.

Additionally, if you are thinking of extending the vacation with a pre or post-cruise stay, this program offers further flight customization in order to provide a tailored experience for your unique preferences and needs.

Airfare Options And Flexibility

The hot feature of Carnival’s Fly2Fun program is its two distinct airfare options for higher flexibility. These are:

1- Flexible Fares

The Flexible Air option in this program allows guests or their travel agents to book travel on major carriers up to four days before sailing.

This option has the benefit of a “Book Now – Pay Later” feature. Using it, your payment is collected with the final cruise payment, providing financial flexibility.

One of the most amazing things about the Flexible Air option is that there are no change fees with modifications made outside of 60 days of departure.

All these things add high convenience and build extra trust in the Cruise Line’s guests.

  • Fly2Fun includes travel protection.
  • Pay for airfare with your final cruise payment.
  • Book at least four days before your cruise (or up to 321 days before).
  • Change flights for free 60 days before your cruise, but changes within 60 days cost $200 per person.
  • Name changes are not allowed.
fly2fun program

2- Restricted Fares

As the name suggests restricted. This means that you’ve to consider a few things while using this option.

The restricted Air option doesn’t offer a refund once you Book your flight. This means that you have to pay for the airfare when you make the booking.

And in case of changes, you may face fees based on the airline’s policies. Also, it doesn’t offer the Pay Later feature.

So, in short, the Restricted Air option offers less flexibility compared to the Flexible Air option.

  • Includes Fly2Fun Travel Protection.
  • Full payment is required at the time of flight confirmation.
  • Book at least four days before your cruise begins (or up to 321 days).
  • All flight purchases and charges are non-refundable.
  • Changes to flight schedules are subject to carrier availability, fare restrictions, and change fees.
  • Name changes are not permitted.
  • Air payment is required within 2 hours of flight confirmation. To avoid air cancellation, go to Booking Details and View Balance Details to complete payment.

Advantages Of Using Fly2Fun

carnival Fly2Fun program

I’ve been using the Carnival Fly2Fun program since its launch, and it’s nothing less than a lifesaver for me and every cruiser using it, especially during extreme weather conditions.

Here are some advantages that I’ve found using it:

1- Flexibility In Airfare Options

The major advantage of the Fly2Fun program is its flexibility in flight options.

It offers two options: Flexible and Restricted Air. Guests can choose these options based on their preferences and needs.

2- Customisation For Air Reservations

Another big benefit of this program is the customization of air reservations. It specifies preferred carriers, departure points, specific flight schedules, and accommodation types (coach, business, etc).

All these customization options are impossible on the dedicated flight websites.

3- Immediate Confirmation

With this program, you don’t have to delay your cruise planning. Once your reservation is done, you’ll receive instant confirmation.

Personally, it’s a real peace of mind for me, providing a seamless experience.

4- Ease of Vacation Planning

As I already mentioned, the program helps you to plan cruise vacations immediately. 

Since the process is highly simple and straightforward, you don’t need to wait for time-consuming confirmation. With all these benefits, you can manage your flight along with the cruise reservation.

5- Comprehensive Flight Coverage

Last but not least, this program covers major carriers and airports, making it a hot choice among cruisers.

These flights depart from major airports across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America and Europe.

So, wherever you’re coming from, that’s not a big deal at all. With this program, you’ll get to your vacations without any hassle.

Fly2Fun Coverage And Destinations

Fly2Fun Coverage And Destinations

As I already mentioned, Fly2Fun provides a wide range of destinations for cruisers.

It covers major carriers and airports across North & South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, and Central America.

The program ensures comprehensive flight coverage, providing ease and convenience for travelers from various regions.

Cost Considerations And Transparency

That’s the main reason I like the Fly2Fun program so much.

In this program, you’ll not have to pay any hidden charges or taxes. All you see are the transparent cost details provided during the booking process.

And believe me, it helps a lot in understanding and planning the air costs associated with the air arrangements.

According to Carnival, the program emphasizes clarity in pricing, ensuring transparency for passengers and helping them make informed decisions in cruise planning.

Fly2Fun Booking Process

The Fly2Fun booking process is straightforward and user-friendly. You can easily customize your air reservations based on your preferences.

If you’re new to this program, here is a step-by-step guide on the booking process:

  • Initiate Booking: Head over to the “My Cruise Manager” platform and begin the Fly2Fun process.
  • Specify Preferences: Customise your air reservation depending on your needs. You can choose a preferred air carrier, departure point, specific flight schedule, and type of accommodation (coach, business, etc.).
  • Air Fare Options: After specifying your needs, choose between Flexible or Restricted Air options depending on your preferences.
  • Payment Details: Go through the payment procedure. For the “Flexible Fare,” enjoy the Book Now – Pay Later feature. And with the restricted fare, make a full payment at the time of booking.
  • Immediate Confirmation: After clearing the payment process, you’ll receive instant confirmation indicating your reservation is complete.

Mistakes To Be Avoided While Booking Through Fly2Fun

Since my first experience, I’ve seen a lot of cruisers making common mistakes that may result in high penalties.

So, I’ve listed those common mistakes that you should avoid while booking through the Fly2Fun program. Here are those things to know:

  • Name Considerations: Please make sure to double-check your name during the reservation process, as name changes are not permitted both in flexible & restricted fares.
  • Finalise Payment Within Time: Make sure to complete the air payment within the specific time to avoid cancellation. To check the payment info, visit Booking Details and View Balance Details.
  • Tickets For Infants: You must purchase a ticket if you’re traveling with an infant under two years of age.
  • Changing In Fares: If you change your mind about fares, make sure to complete the changes prior to 60 days of cruise departure to avoid penalty. Otherwise, changes made 60 days or less from cruise departure or changes in fares will be subject to a $200 fee plus additional airfare cost.
  • Switching From Restricted To Flexible Fares: Since the Restricted fares are non-refundable. Therefore, switching from Restricted Fares to Flexible ones would be subject to a full penalty.

Fly2Fun Vs Independent Flight Booking

AspectFly2FunIndependent Flight Booking
CustomizationAllows customization of air reservationsCustomization depends on the chosen airline
Booking ProcessStreamlined process through CarnivalRequires separate booking on airline websites
FlexibilityFlexible and Restricted Air optionsFlexibility depends on chosen airline’s policies
Payment StructurePayment collected with final cruise paymentPayment made at the time of booking
Change FeesVaries; no change fees before 60 days with Flexible AirChange fees depend on chosen airline’s policies
CoverageComprehensive coverage across major carriers and airportsCoverage depends on chosen airline and route
Immediate ConfirmationInstant confirmation upon reservationConfirmation varies, may not be immediate
Travel ProtectionIncludes Fly2Fun Travel ProtectionDepends on the travel insurance chosen separately
Name ChangesName changes not permittedName changes may be allowed with airline policies

Is Fly2Fun Worth It?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences.

If you want flexibility, convenience, travel protection, and immediate confirmation, Fly2Fun can be an ideal option. For all these preferences, Fly2Fun is totally worth it.

But there are also some things to consider before booking through Fly2Fun. Remember, there are some restrictions in the program, such as name changes not being permitted. For some people, the payment structure may not be suitable.

If you’re happy with these things, the Fly2Fun option can be a good option.


Do All Guests Have To Book The Same Fare Type?

No. Guests can choose the Flexible Fares or Restricted Fares depending on their needs and preferences.

Does Carnival Provide Transportation From The Airport To The Port?

Yes, Carnival offers transportation service between the airport and the port on embarkation and debarkation days. 

Can I Get One-Way Air Transportation?

Yes, it’s easy to get one-way air transportation or roundtrip air transportation with Carnival’s Fly2Fun.

Final Words

Carnival Fun2Fly is a great option if you want to plan your cruise vacation immediately. It offers flexibility, convenience, travel protection, and wide coverage of carriers and ports.

So now, it’s up to your preferences. If your needs align with this program, I recommend going with it. It’s a great option, providing you peace of mind.

But make sure to double-check your name spelling, as changes are not permitted during reservation.

Have a safe and enjoyable cruise vacation.

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