12 Famous Places To Visit In Paris

The city of love – Paris, is home to some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. But with so many exquisite sights and wonders, it can get overwhelming coming up with an itinerary, especially when you want to see them all!  

Worry not, because I have curated the perfect guide for the 12 best places to visit in Paris.  

1- The Eiffel Tower 

The Iron Lady is by far the biggest attraction in Paris, and possibly the world! A trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world. And let us tell you, the hype is deserved.  

Skies turn pink, the air smells of roses, everybody is in love! The Eiffel tower is bound to fill you with romance.  

But don’t shy away from going solo. The tower is a beauty, no matter who you see it with. 

2- Sainte Chapelle

In the heart of the former palace of King of France is a gorgeous church. Sainte Chapelle which translates to Holy Chapel was constructed during the 13th century, and still holds the title of one of the most beautiful sights in Paris.  

The heavenly Upper Chapel houses divine stained-glass panels in hues of pinks and reds, while the Lower Chapel boasts a regal aesthetic unlike any other church in the world.  

3- Palais Garnier 

The Palais Garnier is one of the most wonderful opera houses all over the globe. Its many baroque details, chandeliers and gold accents place it among the ranks of places like Notre Dame. 

Plus points if you are a literature, music, or film enthusiast, because this opera house has hosted some great productions, including adaptations of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. 

4- Sacre Coeur  

Anyone who has visited the Sacre Coeur can’t help but rave about it. Located upon the hill of Montmartre, it served as a place of worship for the pagans who came long before the Christians.  

Walks around this wonder of a site are bound to leave you amazed. Don’t forget to climb to the very top of the building for some mesmerizing views! 

5- The Louvre 

The Louvre is hands down one of the best places to see in Paris. It’s a stunning art museum with top pieces like The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and The Virgin of the Rocks in its collection.  

If you want the best experience at the Louvre, try visiting early in the morning. This way you’ll escape the crowds and witness possibly the best sunrise of your life. A photographer’s heaven, your Instagram will be lucky to have The Louvre in your itinerary.  

And of course, check out the picturesque fountain by the main pyramid. 

6- Le Consulat

Paris’s cafe culture culminates in Le Consulat, where the unique white and red accents stand out against the otherwise empty backdrop. 

The cafe is among the most famous ones in Paris, so be prepared to face crowds, and of course wait for your food.  

7- Galerie Vivienne 

The Galerie Vivienne is the perfect walkway for some spontaneous shopping. It was built in 1823 and is considered one of the loveliest spots in Paris.

It’s gorgeous mosaic floors and glass walls and ceilings make for a magnificent aesthetic.  

The botique stores on both sides offer original Parisian pieces, worth every penny you spend there! 

8- Parc Monceau 

Escape the urban bustle and step into a world of refinement and tranquility at Parc Monceau. Located in the elegant 8th arrondissement, this historic park is a haven of greenery and serenity.

Designed in the 18th century in the style of an English garden, Parc Monceau features meandering pathways, lush lawns, and an enchanting array of architectural follies and sculptures.  

You can wander through shaded groves, admire the ornate bridges and pavilions, or relax beside tranquil ponds adorned with swans and water lilies. 

With its romantic ambiance and timeless beauty, Parc Manceau is a beloved retreat where visitors can escape the pace of modern life and reconnect with nature amidst the splendor of Paris. 

9- Rue Cremieux 

We adore Rue Cremiux because it’s one of the most vibrant and lovely streets in all of Paris. 

One of the most aesthetically beautiful settings in the city can be found on this quaint small residential street, which is bordered with houses painted in a variety of charming hues. 

Unquestionably, one of the most picturesque locations in Paris is Cremieux Road. It’s one of the most Instagrammable places imaginable and just so cute.  

You might find a better experience in the morning, though, given its recent surge in popularity and the lust for social media influencers to capture its addictive charm for their feeds. 

Just bear in mind that it’s a residential street, so show consideration for the individuals who live there. 

10- The Pantheon 

This huge mausoleum has Roman themes and will give you all the feels with its gorgeous carved interiors. When it was first built in the mid 18th century, it was supposed to be a church. 

But it soon retired from that role, and now serves as a burial ground for only the most important French personalities. 

The cream-colored columns, arches, and finally the stunning ceiling make The Pantheon a premium experience, which you must have while in Paris! 

11- Canal Saint-Martin 

Experience the charm of Parisian life along the picturesque Canal Saint-Martin. Stretching from the Bassin de la Villette to the Seine River, this historic waterway winds its way through the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, lined with tree-shaded promenades, quaint cafes, and bustling locks.  

Visitors can leisurely stroll along the canal banks, watch boats pass through the iconic swing bridges, or enjoy a picnic by the water’s edge. 

As evening falls, the canal comes alive with the glow of street lamps and the laughter of locals enjoying aperitifs at waterfront bars. With its timeless beauty and lively atmosphere, the Canal Saint-Martin offers a glimpse into the authentic charm of Parisian life. 

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