What To Wear In Paris

Paris, a city where the Eiffel Tower stands tall like a dream, is on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. This city of lights is renowned for its charm, beauty, and Parisian fashion. 

I have spent plenty of time in Paris and observed that French style depends more on quality, structure, and fit. French women like classic and well-styled dresses. They love to add a finishing touch to their look by adding a scarf, hat, or jacket.

French women are well groomed and spend much time and effort on their appearance. They prefer neutral tones, and even in casual dressing, they look stylish and elegant.

I always believe that a stress-free trip always needs organized packing. From organized packing, I mean choosing clothes and other essentials that complement the place you’re visiting. When packing for Paris, pack to look more like a local than a tourist.

I recommend packing versatile clothes for a Paris trip so you can mix and match them well. Also, your Paris packing list depends on the time of the year you are visiting. Below, I have crafted my ideas about what to wear in Paris in different seasons:

What to Wear in Paris in Summer?

Visiting Paris in summer can be both delightful and sweltering simultaneously. It can be sizzling hot with occasional heat waves. To be at ease in warmer temperatures, consider wearing the following in Paris:

Breathable Clothes

French women love to wear breathable clothes in summer. You will see them wearing classic t-shirts made of linen, cotton, or lightweight fabrics. Paris summer style statement mainly includes loose blouses, t-shirts, short sleeves, or spaghetti straps. 

Add cute, flowy dresses to your luggage to feel calm throughout the day. A lengthy, flowy dress makes you look more modest and elegant. 

For bottoms, lightweight, breathable linen or wide-leg pants are the best choice for summer dresses in Paris. Here, women usually do not prefer shorts or something too bold. However, they are commonly seen wearing skirts. 

Opt for light layers of linen dresses paired with skirts or pants so you can move freely in hot weather. 

I recommend carrying a stylish sweater or blazer in my luggage as evenings in Paris can be more relaxed. An additional layer would be perfect with any casual or formal attire.

Comfortable Flats or Sneakers

Paris can be best explored on foot. In the scorching heat of Paris, bring a comfortable pair of shoes to roam on the streets of Paris. French women prefer sneakers, while some are comfortable with loafers or ballet flats in summer. 

You should add both flats and sneakers to your list. Opt for a beautiful pair of sandals if you want to look classier. With skirts or short pants, they look exquisite. 

Most of all, comfort comes first. I prefer shoes that are easy on the foot as you have to walk through the uneven streets of Paris. 

Summer Basics in Paris

Apart from clothes and shoes, remember to carry bare summer essentials with you. The most important one is the sun cream. Of course, you don’t want your skin to get burnt in heat. 

Keep some sun-protective gear with you. For example, sun hats protect you from direct heat, and sunglasses provide good vision in the daytime under intense sun rays.  

You can also keep scarves in your bag. You can cover your shoulders or tie your hair with them to avoid sweating.

What to Wear in Paris in Spring?

Spring is the best time to visit Paris. Although it is challenging to pack for the spring season in Paris, the blooming flowers and sudden rainfalls make it all worth visiting. 

For the unpredictable temperature change during the day and night, I have given below some ideas for spring wear in Paris. 

Breezy Dresses and Layers

Credit: @elleindia

Spring dresses in Paris should be breezy and colourful. French women wear floral print dresses with vibrant prints during the warmer days in spring. For cooler spring days, they add a layer of blazer or jacket to the dress. 

Other than non-neutral flower dresses, add cotton dresses to your luggage. They are the perfect choice for the spring season in Paris. Also, a white dress paired with a tailored jacket goes well in the daytime. I suggest wearing a black dress for an evening casual dinner in a restaurant.

Layering is essential in Paris during spring times. There may be days with a mix and match of sun and rain. A light sweater or a cashmere shawl over a basic tee can be taken on colder days. 

You should add a trench coat as it is lightweight and works for both day and night. Add an extra jacket or sweater under the trench coat on slightly colder days.

Trousers and Jeans

Trousers are a must-have in your suitcase any time of the year. The spring weather in the city can be unpredictable, so having trousers as an alternative is helpful.

They work well for any time, day or night and are lightweight and easy to pack while travelling. You can wear them with sneakers to explore the city streets during the daytime.

Jeans are a versatile option to wear during springtime in Paris. From denim to wide-legged jeans, they all contribute to the variety in your Parisian closet.

Regardless of your fashion choices, jeans are perfect for the spring season in Paris. They serve as a base for outfits, allowing you to effortlessly combine comfort and style while wandering through the picturesque streets of the City of Light.

Comfortable Shoes and Portable Umbrella

Strolling along the streets of Paris during spring requires comfortable shoes. Ballet flats with tie details offer both style and practicality for exploring the city’s charms. White sneakers also hold a timeless allure in fashion.

As temperatures rise, sandals and espadrilles become choices for comfy footwear. Given the weather, it’s wise to have a portable umbrella for sudden rain showers.

What to Wear in Paris in Winter?

Winter fashion vibes in Paris are very different from other seasons. The winter season in Paris is usually freezing and rainy. Here are some clothing ideas you can adopt in winter:

Warm Clothes with Thermal Layers

Women in Paris master the art of staying warm yet stylish even on cold and rainy winter days. Some popular fabric choices of French women include cashmere, polyester, merino wool, or alpaca.

There are rare occasional days of sun during the winter season in Paris. I prefer to wear velvety clothes that can easily be tailored with tights. 

Remember to add layering and thermal underwear. Wool sweaters, long-sleeved tops, or cashmere sweaters can keep you warm and cosy in Paris’s winter.

Wool or silk thermal underwear helps you stay warm. They are lightweight and easily worn under clothes, so you don’t feel stuffed. 

Bottoms and Shoes for Winter

Comfortable jeans are most suitable for Parisian winters. You can easily tuck it inside boots that balance out the whole look.

A somewhat fitting pair of winter pants could be an option. A winter skirt is a classy choice lined with a thermal that looks good both during the day and at night. 

Choose comfortable and cosy shoes such as waterproof leather boots or leather sneakers for shoes. Waterproof shoes are a must in rainy and snowy days in Paris. 

Apart from clothes and shoes, wear woollen scarves and leather gloves to prevent the cold in Paris. If available, opt for fingerless gloves for added elegance.


A visit to the City of Lights would not be complete without basking in the fashion and style of Paris. French fashion prioritizes fit, quality, and structure, preferring classic designs that emanate elegance and grace. 

Each season in Paris has its beauty, and wearing accordingly can make you feel as if you belong to this beautiful city. Immerse yourself in Paris’s enduring beauty and charm by dressing in Parisian style. 

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