Top 10 Hidden & Unique Spots To Visit in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam! It is known as “Venice of the North,” and it is celebrated for its fascinating canals, and colorful hot boats that calmly float on water. There is a dynamic atmosphere all the time in the city. 

There are countless things to do like, Check out a secret garden, take a look at a houseboat museum, walk in the historical area of Red Light District, or go for interesting items in the shops of Nine Streets.

This town is an endless string of hidden delights that’s worth exploring. This piece will not only let you see but also experience Amsterdam in its mysterious layers. 

Make a journey with me to the off-beat places and I will show you 10 amazingly unordinary things to do and see. Be prepared to participate in one crazy trip to Amsterdam!

Selecting the Best Time To Visit Amsterdam for Vacations

In Spring, Mid-March to End-May, and in Summer starting-June to end-August) are some of the best times to visit Amsterdam. Visit during these periods you will experience the spring tulip season at Keukenhof Gardens.

Pro Tip
Get the “I Amsterdam” card or the “Holland Pass”. Both will help you save money and stand in line for tickets.

1. The Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam has a cultural gem called “the Rijksmuseum”, which is one of the dreamy places for a visiting artist like me. This stunning museum is a hoard of Dutch masterpieces from the past 800 years. 

Just Stare at Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” and find yourself lost in the meticulous details of Vermeer’s “The Milkmaid”. You will experience fabulous statues, delicate decorative arts, and many other masterpieces.

In my opinion, The Rijksmuseum isn’t only about paintings though. It is like a fascinating expedition through the Dutch Golden Age. 

On my recommendation, give a try to “De Keyzer” restaurant to experience the best in town, a scrumptious traditional Dutch meal.

2. Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum located in Amsterdam is devoted to the life and work of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh who is known all over the world due to his unique artwork.

Unlike any other museum, this fabulous art gallery holds the most extensive collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and sketches.

Engage yourself in the world of Vincent by reading his letters. Did you know that some of those letters he wrote to his brother Theo, who later on would become his main source of motivation, as he continued to develop his artistic skills?

After all that head over to “The Pantry” the hip cafe next door to taste mouth-watering sandwiches, salads, and fresh juices.

3. Anne Frank House

Anne Frank Museum gives one the same feeling as stepping back in time. It is a house in which Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, and her family had to conceal for two long years the place they lived during World War II.

I observed that Anne Frank House does not only relate the story of one family, though. It is such an emotional and inspiring reminder of the powerful resilience and extraordinary strength of a human being during a tragedy that cannot be even imagined.

I would recommend enjoying a hot cup of coffee or tea at the “Winkle” cafe and indulging in a piece of a homely Dutch pastry for breakfast.

4. Vondelpark

Vondelpark is the largest green area in the city, and you will find yourself amongst the 47 hectares of serenity there. Visualize yourself in the midst of thick lawns, peaceful waters, and a trail network shaded by tall trees and winding under them.

Vondelpark is a lively center of activity where both locals and visitors link to nature and share the atmosphere. Spread out a picnic blanket on the lawn and enjoy the sunshine, attend a friendly football match with the locals.

Rent a bike to explore the kilometers of beautiful paths and Finish up a sunny afternoon by stopping at one of the wonderfully fast food venues that border the park.

5. Centraal Station

The Central Station is a historic building having its beating heart in the city’s breathless pulse. Imagine a stunning Gothic Revival architectural wonder, where all surfaces are covered with rich designs. 

In addition to the European feel of our town, the transportation hub is a delightful surprise and a draw for visitors. Picture yourself in a maze of shops that you would love to discover, and they are just overflowing with a great selection of items.

After a short seven-minute walk you will discover “The Seafood Bar,” an ideal place to eat a fantastic variety of fresh seafood, all delivered with a breathtaking view of the Amsterdam harbor.

6. Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise

As the spectrum of golden sunlight sinks and Amsterdam puts on her exclusive night outfit. Think of just quietly cruising in the grandeur city’s iconic canals, enjoying a view of the dusk. 

I tell you this angle provides the visitors to see the non-Swarming side of Amsterdam. The quiet and calm atmosphere make it ideal for taking your lover out for an evening, or just to unwind from the city noise.

Plenty of cruises will provide snacks and some drinks for free as well as meals on board for you to enjoy while gazing into the sweeping landscapes.

7. De Silveren Spiegel Restaurant

This charming restaurant nestled in a 17th century building fills you with nostalgia for the Dutch Golden Age. Imagine Georgian-style rooms with fine crisp white tablecloths that are lit with candle lights that offer a romantic vibe.

This fine dining establishment offers a menu that highlights the Netherlands’ finest methods of cooking. Enjoy the best dishes prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients made by their talented cooks.

From light seafood starters to heavy meat soups, each dish is a tribute to the lived taste of the Netherlands. The restaurant’s interior immersing the guests in the profound atmosphere of the time.

8. Red Light District

Credit:: @yana.mays

A Large portion of Amsterdam is called The Red Light District or De Wallen. Picture yourself walking along the canal that is beautifully illuminated, with historical houses on both sides.

This area’s reputation is often associated with adult stuff. They have many other interesting things like, there is a Sexmuseum if you want to know about it. 

This part of town is definitely worth visiting. I would suggest you give it a try, it’s full of hidden spots such as cozy cafes on side streets, and trendy shops with interesting souvenirs.

Oh I heartily recommend a place called ‘The Pantry’ which is close by. They make sandwiches and juices that are amazing.

9. The Jordaan

For me, the Jordaan is an aromatic secret world situated right in the city center of Amsterdam! The whole area is filled with shops that offer the latest styles in trending, local artists of cozy cafes showing off their work, arts galleries exhibiting the local stories in the area.

There will undoubtedly be some unique items in the local stores as well, handmade clothing, paintings or something as a souvenir to remember the city by the city.

In my opinion, Noordermarkt market is the most visited spot by foodies. The trip does not come to end without a visit to the “Winkel” café. They serve fluffy pancakes with syrup and fresh fruit cakes.

10. Dam Square

The heart of Amsterdam throbbing in Dam Square! This buzzing square is like a giant stage for the city’s life. Picture yourself to be in a vast open area bordered with palaces, like the Royal Palace.

I suggest having a Ferris wheel experience and must watch some street performers to add a bit of local aroma to your visit. Watch people participate in some parties and celebrations living in different countries.

Feeling peckish? Take a snack from a food stall or try ‘De Kleine Keyser’ food court if you would like a bite of Dutch food.

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