Carnival Blue Iguana Menu |Updated Menu

Regarding complimentary dining options on the Carnival cruise, the Blue Iguana is the best spot to enjoy breakfast and lunch. 

With the Blue Iguana theme experience, you can enjoy meals in a stylish and refined atmosphere. This restaurant focuses on Mexican cuisine, so the Blue Iguana is the best bet if you love Mexican taste. 

The diverse food menu, having tasted meals prepared by professional chefs, 

Note: Below, I have shared the latest Blue Iguana menu; the menu can be subject to change in the future. 

Blue Iguana Carnival Menu cruise
Blue Iguana Carnival Menu cruise second
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Blue Iguana Cantina Menu

I love their tortillas filled with your choice of Chipotle Rubben Chicken, Seasoned Battered Fish, or Ancho Roast Pork. 

You can also take their special Mexican-style scrambled eggs to fulfill your protein intake. There are also a variety of other items that you can consume for breakfast, like burritos, skillet hash brown potatoes, Pico De Gallo, Tomatillo salsa, and more. 

The part in Blue Iguana is their customized menu; guest can customize the fillings, toppings, and sauces according to their preferences to satisfy their taste buds. 

The Blue Iguana is found on all the ships in the Carnival fleet, so whatever cruise you have chosen for your voyage, you can enjoy the tasty meals of Blue Iguana. 

If you want to enjoy the best food on the Carnival cruise without breaking your bank account, the Blue Iguana Cantina is always the best. The complimentary meals will always save you money and eliminate the need for additional payments. 

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