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NCL Drinks Packages | A Comprehensive Guide On NCL Drink Menu & Prices

NCL offers two major drinks packages that give you unlimited drinks. Unlike the other cruise lines, the drinks policy at NCL is flexible. 

Onboard, you can enjoy as many drinks as you want, but the only limit is you can get two drinks at a time. You can savor some top-notch Vodka, whiskey, rum, cocktails, and other beverages. 

Most people, including myself, go for the Premium Beverages package, known as ‘Unlimited Open Bar.’ That allows you to order drinks up to $15.  

If you’re a real fan of drinks and want more alcohol, the Premium Plus Beverage package is the perfect option for you. 

Both packages include drinks from almost all specialty bars onboard. So whether you’re on Deck 12, 14, or any, you can step into your nearest bars and enjoy drinks. 

Don’t worry if you’re under 21, and there are two packages for you. The unlimited soft drink and Starbucks packages will let you enjoy your favorite drinks onboard. Some of the delectable drinks like Coke, sprite, tonic water, classic coffees, tea, and other drinks are included in these menus. 

Today, I will guide you about the NCL drink packages, So grab yourself a cup of coffee, kick back, and figure out which package fits your vibe.

What Are The Drink Packages On Norwegian Cruise Line?

 Drink Packages On Norwegian Cruise Line

There are five major drinks packages on Norwegian Cruise Line, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In this article, we will go through each package individually, so in the end, you can choose the best one. 

  • Premium Beverage Package
  • Premium Plus Beverage Package 
  • Hawaii Beverage Package 
  • Unlimited Soda Package
  • Unlimited Starbucks Package

So, let’s discuss each NCL drink package one by one. 

1- Premium Beverage Package

The most common drinks package on the NCL cruise is the Premium Beverage package, and this one is also known as an unlimited open bar. Mostly, folks get this package free of cost from “Free At Sea Promotion.” 

You will be in luck if you get this package free. But still, you have to pay the $21 gratuity. With the premium beverage package, you can get drinks below $15. 

Does the Premium Beverage Package Include Free Drinks?

Premium Beverage Package

Now, if you have a Premium Beverage package, you can get any drink below $15 at no cost. But for this, you have to pay a 20% beverage service charge of the value of the package.

In other words, you have to pay $21 gratuities per day for the entire package. 

So let’s say you purchased this package free of cost through the “Free at Sea” promotion; you still have to pay a $21 service fee, almost $147 for a 7-day cruise. 

But I don’t think it’s too much; you can savor unlimited drinks below $15 with this price tag. So, the package is still worth it. 

What Is Not Included In the NCL Premium Beverage Package?

A Premium Beverage package can satisfy your taste buds; on top of that, you can enjoy unlimited drinks throughout the day. 

NCL drinks

But there are some lags in this drinks package. The Premium Beverage package doesn’t include water and Starbucks coffee, so if you’re a caffeine addict, you must opt for their drink packages. 

Similarly, no room service is included in the Premium beverage package, and you must pay an additional cost if you order any drink to your stateroom. 

Is the NCL Premium Beverage Package Worth It?

Yup! The Premium Beverage Package includes some exclusive drinks you can get from any bar onboard. The package is worth it if you don’t want coffee and room service. 

On top of that, you will also get a 20% discount on wine and spirit experiences. Apart from this, some of the best cocktails are also included in the package. My favorite ones are Amarula Cream, Averna, Disaronno Amaretto, and Frangelico. 

NCL Premium Beverage Package

The Rum and Whiskey menus are also very diverse. The Crown Royal blended Canadian whiskey is my all-time favorite drink on Norwegian cruises.

The menu has countless drinks, almost the same across the Norwegian cruise fleet. 

Here is the complete menu of the NCL Premium Beverage Package. 

2- Norwegian Premium Plus Package 

Starbucks coffee

You can avail of the Premium Plus Beverage package if you want exclusive red wine, white wine, or the special rosé Champagne. With this premium drinks package, you will also get unlimited bottles of water, Starbucks coffee, and energy drinks. 

Plus, the 40% discount on wine and spirits makes this package special. 

If you’re a drink connoisseur, you should go for this package. The package costs you $138 excluding gratuities; with 20% gratuities, that package costs you $165 per person per day, which I think is a great deal. 

ncl beverages

The alcohol lovers will also get a premium bottle of wine with dinner. Now, here is the twist: you can enjoy as many drinks as possible throughout the day. 

What Is Included In The NCL Premium Plus Drink Package 

You can say that the NCL Premium Plus drink package covers all the libations available in every bar on Norwegian Cruise. Unlike the unlimited open bar package, there is no limit; you can get drinks above $15. 

This package includes Starbucks coffee, energy drinks, and bottles of water. If you’re a true wine connoisseur, you can update the drink package to Premium Plus.

Some top-notch Rum, Whiskeys, and Vodkas come with this drinks package. 

Is The Premium Plus Beverage Package Worth It? 

Premium Plus Beverage Package

Paying $138 for the Premium Plus package with $21 gratuities is worth the money. The premium wine and spirits is what makes the package so special.

Also, this package is ideal for coffee lovers, as you can get unlimited Starbucks coffees. 

Nonetheless, paying $138 + $21 gratuities will become $1106 for a seven-day cruise, which I think is expensive. But for heavy alcoholic drinkers, this is still a best bet. 

Check Out Premium Plus Drinks Package Menu

3- NCL Hawaii Beverage Package 

NCL Hawaii Beverage Package 

Next comes the NCL Hawaii Beverage package, only available for guests sailing on Norwegian Pride of America. This drinks package is similar to the Premium Beverage and costs you $109 per person per day and a $20 gratuity. 

The Hawaii Beverage package is available for all ages, so if you’re under 21 and sailing on Pride of America, you can opt for this drinks package. 

What Is Included In Hawaii Beverage Package 

The Hawaii Beverage package is similar to the unlimited open bar package. But this time, you can also access Starbucks’ coffee and water bottles. 

But wait, coffee and water are not entirely free; with this decent package, you can enjoy Starbucks coffee for $12.95 per person daily. For water, you must pay $19.95 for six one-liter bottles and $34 for 12 one-liter bottles. 

All the cocktails, juices, and other beverages below $15 are free except for a 20% gratuity.  

4- Unlimited Soft Drink Package

Unlimited Soft Drink Package

If you don’t consume alcohol, the Unlimited soft drink package is enough to quench your thirst. It depends on your drinking habits and which drink package suits you the most. 

This package lets you enjoy unlimited fountain soda and soft drinks throughout the day. You can also get the fresh juices in your breakfast and at lunch. The package is available for every age. 

Is Unlimited Soft Drink Package Worth It?

Yes, if you don’t like alcohol, the Unlimited Soft drink package is worth it option. 

Imagine that one cup of soda can cost you $3, and 3 – 4 cups a day cost you more than $12. So, instead of buying the fountain soda separately, go for this package. Because along with the soda, you can also access juices. 

Rather, go for the Premium beverage package that costs you $20 gratuity, which becomes $140 for a seven-day cruise.

soda package ncl

Now, you should decide whether a $9 drink package is friendly or you want to pay $140 for premium refreshments. 

In a nutshell, it depends on your taste buds; if you want alcohol, then go for the Unlimited open bar offer. But if you’re under 21 or don’t like alcohol, the Unlimited soft drink package is enough. 

5- Unlimited Starbucks Package

Unlimited Starbucks Package

The caffeine buffs can relax their taste buds on Norwegian cruises with Starbucks coffee. The Unlimited Starbucks package is what makes that experience so special. Just $12 per person per day for unlimited caffeine experience. 

With this coffee package, you won’t get any drinks, water, etc. A guest should be 18+ to get this offer. The package is only available to the Norwegian ships that have Starbucks onboard. 

Cost Of Starbucks package

Normally, Starbucks coffees are expensive; a cup of latte, mocha, or iced coffee can cost around $6, and 3 – 4 cups daily will cost you $22 – $24. But with the NCL Unlimited Starbucks package, you can enjoy unlimited coffee at just $12.95. 

You have to pay a 20% gratuity with every cup of coffee, which is not more than $1. 

Is The Unlimited Starbucks Package Worth?

If your taste buds get relaxed with caffeine, you should opt for NCL’s unlimited Starbucks package. The $12.95 package will allow youth to savor coffee several times daily. 

But if you’re not a coffee lover, don’t go for this package. Instead, avail the soft drink package or premium beverage package. 

Remember that this Starbucks package only includes coffee, no other drinks. I think no one can rely only on coffee; cocktails and other libations are also a part of refreshment. 

If you have the Premium Plus package at the “Free at sea” promotion, I suggest you avail of this coffee package to get an effective drink balance. The Premium Plus package won’t include coffee, so buying a $12.95 coffee package is a money-saving trick. 

Final Thoughts 

The Norwegian cruise drinks packages offer endless refreshments. But the catch is you must pay a 20% gratuity for every drink and cocktail. In such a scenario, the Free-at-Sea drink package is worth the money. 

You will miss the coffee and water, but consider getting them separately. Yup! No gratuity. The second option is an unlimited soda or Starbucks if you love caffeine. 

The only limitation of the Free-At-Sea package is that you can only get drinks up to $15. For expensive ones, you have to pay the extra along with gratuities. 

I hope you liked this article and found it useful. Thanks:)

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