Pullman Bed On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has this cool bed for families or groups called the Pullman Bed.

Most folks haven’t heard of it. Newbies were pretty surprised by the whole Pullman Bed thing during my cruise. If you’re scratching your head about it, don’t worry – I’ve got your back.

A Pullman bed is like an upper bunk in your Cabin, which comes down from the ceiling. It’s perfect for kids or extra pals tagging along.

You probably now have a little understanding of what they are. I’ve covered everything regarding these beds, especially when you are confused about choosing a cruise ship cabin with or without a Pullman bed.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

A Brief History Of Pullman Beds

Pullman Beds

Pullman beds have a cool history. I was fascinated when I discovered how these beds found their way into the maritime industry.

They’re named after George M. Pullman, who had this smart idea for sleeper cars in the late 1850s.

In 1864, these beds showed up in the first railroad sleeping cars, the Pullman Sleeper.

Then, in the mid-19th century, cruise ships joined the trend, adding these fold-down beds.

People loved them for being cozy, space-saving magic that brought warmth to the journey.

What Is A Pullman Bed On A Royal Caribbean? 

A Pullman bed, or a Murphy or wall bed, saves space by folding up against a wall or into a cabinet when not in use.

These beds are famous for giving cruise guests super comfy sleep, especially families with kids.

The idea is to offer a private, stylish, and comfy space.

Guess what? These beds are even comfier and more private than regular ones.

Now, you might be wondering how these beds look. I’ve mentioned their shape and structure in the next section.

What Does a Pullman Bed Look Like?

A Pullman bed is like an ordinary single bed when unfolded for use. However, when folded, it is barely visible at all.

pullman bed

As you can see, the folded Pullman bed in the above image is hidden in the ceiling, giving your Cabin an open and wide look.

So, if you’re one who loves to stay in an open cabin with minimal furniture, the Pullman bed will suit you the most.

Remember, while the shape of these beds might look similar, they can be of different types depending on their folded position.

I’ve mentioned these types in the next section.

Different Types of Pullman Beds on Royal Caribbean?

On Royal Caribbean, there are two types of Pullman beds in the cabins, depending on their folded position.

Some may come out of the ceiling, others out of the cabin wall.

But the thing that’s the same is their placement, which is directly above the two twin beds.

1- Pullman Beds that Come Out of the Cabin Ceiling

These Murphy beds are hard to see as they are hidden in the ceiling when not in use.

When needed, they unfold from the ceiling and serve their purpose.

See how beneficial they are in saving the Cabin’s space. 

2- Pullman Beds that Come Out of the Cabin Wall

These Murphy beds come out of the wall and fold up onto the wall.

These beds might not be as hidden as the ceiling ones. So, if you’re the one who wants a minimal cabin, avoid cabins with Pullman beds that come out of the cabin wall.

I suggest opting for the ceiling Pullman beds as the wall beds are also prone to smashing your head, even when folded.

What Is the Weight Limit For a Pullman Bed On Royal Caribbean?

pullman bed in royal caribbean

Considering the weight limit on a Pullman bed is crucial since they rely on support from walls and ceilings.

Royal Caribbean limits these beds to those who meet the weight requirement to ensure guest safety. I’ve never used these beds on any cruise, but I’ve seen adults sleeping on them, just not heavier individuals.

Royal Caribbean only allows guests up to 136 KG (300 lbs) to use Pullman beds.

What Is The Height Limit For A Pullman Bed On Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean also sets a height limit for using Pullman beds to avoid onboard inconvenience.

The cruise line mentions a maximum height limit of 6 feet 6 inches for the Pullman bed, which is reasonable.

You might need a magician’s assistant to make it work if you are any taller!

Types of Cabins with Pullman Beds On Royal Caribbean

On Royal Caribbean, Pullman bed cabins are the most demanding as most cruisers sail with family or group. 

So you can imagine several cabin types on Royal Caribbean Cruise ships have Pullman beds.

I’ve combined a list of those cabins with their brief specifications. So, if you’re a new guest, it’ll help you a lot to choose which Cabin with Murphy bed will be perfect for you:

pullman bed cruise

1- Interior Cabins With Pullman Beds: 

These are the smallest and most affordable cabins on the ship

They are ideal for those who love to spend most of their time in cruise activities instead of room.

Interior cabins with Pullman beds can sleep up to 3-4 people, depending on the one or two pullman beds.

2- Oceanview Cabins With Pullman Beds:

If you’re into the Oceanview and curious about seeing the beautiful waves from your room, go with the Oceanview cabins.

These can sleep up to 4 people and are larger than interior cabins.

3- Balcony Cabins With Pullman Bed:

These cabins are my personal favorite as they offer a private balcony to enjoy the sea view.

The balcony staterooms are larger than both Oceanview and interior rooms. 

The Pullman beds can accommodate up to four guests.

4- Suites With Pullman Beds

If you’re traveling with a partner and want to enjoy a quality time with numerous amenities, look no further than Royal Caribbean Suites.

What I like the most is their separate bedroom and living room with a sofa bed. 

With Pullman beds, Suites can sleep up to six guests. These include Junior, Grand, and Royal Suite.

Cabins with Pullman beds might not be ideal for tall guests as they take up overhead space. But if your concern is a space for kids or other members, a Cabin with Pullman beds could be right for you.

How Do You Setup a Pullman Bed?

Setup a Pullman Bed

Here’s what Royal Caribbean offers:

No need to set up a Pullman bed yourself. Royal Caribbean gives you the perk of a stateroom attendant to handle the extra bed daily.

They’ll do what you prefer. If your kids want to chill in bed instead of hitting the cruise activities, you can ask to keep the Pullman bed made up all the time.

But if you want your Cabin to look neat and open, just tell your cabin attendant to fold up the bunk bed when it’s not in use.

Who Can Sleep on a Pullman Bed: Restrictions From Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean has an age restriction for using a Pullman bed, mainly to ensure the sleeper’s safety.

As per the cruise line, children must be at least six years old to use a Pullman bed.

While some cruisers on forums may say the age isn’t strictly monitored, I recommend sticking with the cruise line’s policy for your child’s safety.

For adults, there are no restrictions. Just ensure you’re not too hefty, exceeding the weight limit of a Pullman bed.

How to Access Pullman Beds?

Accessing Pullman beds is easy; no jumping skills are required.

You get a ladder from the room attendant or find one in the Cabin. It’s connected to the bunk beds, making bedtime a climb away.

Your kids will enjoy the ladder, but ensure it’s securely clicked in before use. Don’t stress; your cabin steward handles this for you.

During the day, your stateroom attendant tucks the Pullmans away in the ceiling or wall, and come night; they’re all set for a good night’s sleep.

Are Pullman Beds Safe for Children?

If you care about your kids’ safety, you’ll be glad to know that Royal Caribbean sets a six-year age limit for Pullman beds to avoid any mishaps.

Now, for the safety of Murphy beds, they’ve got guardrails to keep your kids from falling out. Some guardrails might be on the smaller side, but no worries – just ask your room attendant for an extra one.

But honestly, one guardrail is usually enough for the kids’ safety. My cruise buddy’s 6-year-old was sleeping happily in the upper Pullman bed.

Tips To Stop Your Child From Falling Out of Pullman Bed

Safety Tips for Pullman Beds:

  • Use safety rails for extra protection.
  • Surround the bed with pillows.
  • Add a nightlight for a cozy glow.
  • Pick the bottom bunk for little ones.
  • Keep an eye on them during the first nights.

These easy steps make bedtime safe and sound!

Are Pullman Beds Comfortable?

Pullman beds are comfy and private, boasting a good mattress for a cozy sleep.

Yet, for tall or big adults, they might not be the best choice for a good night’s rest.

But for kids and average-sized adults, they’re top-notch in the comfort department.

Can Adults Sleep on Pullman Beds?

Adults can sleep on Pullman beds if they stay within the weight limit (136 KG) and are not too tall for a comfortable sleep.

For Pullman beds, adults should not exceed 6 feet and 6 inches in height. Getting a good night’s sleep might be challenging if you’re close to this limit.

But for adults with average height, there’s no restriction on using the bunk beds.

Alternatives to Pullman Beds

If you’re concerned about your kids’ safety, Pullman beds don’t meet your needs, or you exceed the weight or height limit, don’t worry. Here are some alternatives:

Connecting Rooms: 

Connecting rooms are great for groups and large families. They are connected, and you’ll get two bathrooms. 

So, you can choose these rooms and shift your kids to the room connected with you.

Pros of using a Pullman bed on Royal Caribbean:

Pullman beds come with a lot of benefits. Some of these are:

  • Space-saving
  • Ideal for families
  • Comfy
  • Cost-efficient compared to booking multiple cabins
  • Practical and private

What To Consider Before Choosing a Cabin With Pullman Bed?

Consider these factors if you’re opting for the Cabin with Pullman beds:

  • Weight and height limits
  • Safety measures 
  • Kids sleeping behavior
  • Comfort for adults

Considering these factors will help you make an informed decision about choosing a cabin with a Pullman bed.

What Are the other types of beds on a Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean offers various bed options as alternatives to Pullman beds:

  • Convertible Bed: These standard beds can be configured as two separate twin beds or converted into a queen-size bed upon request.
  • Sofa Bed: Ideal for families, these beds convert from a sofa to a bed when needed for sleep.
  • Pull-out Bed: Similar to Pullman beds but positioned lower, providing an alternative for children with different sleeping preferences.

These alternatives cater to various preferences and sleeping arrangements, offering flexibility for guests.


What Age Children Can Use Pullman Beds?

On Royal Caribbean, children must be at least six years old to use the Pullman bed. There is no maximum age limit; adults can use it if they don’t exceed the weight limit.

Do Pullman Beds Have Guard Rails?

Yes, Pullman beds have safety guard rails to prevent your kid from falling out. You can also request an additional guardrail for extra safety.

Can You Put the Pullman Beds Up and Down?

Yes, you can! Pullman beds are made to be pulled down from the wall or ceiling when used and folded up when not needed. This design provides more space in the Cabin during the day.

How Big Is a Pullman Bed?

A Pullman bed is typically the size of a twin bed. It provides a cozy sleeping space for one person with normal height (not greater than 6 feet and 6 inches(.

What Is a Convertible Bed?

These standard beds can be configured as two separate twin beds or converted into a queen-size bed upon request.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you clearly understand Pullman beds and can decide whether you need them. 

Make sure to consider the factors before booking a cabin with a Pullman bed to ensure it caters to your needs. Since pullman beds require the passenger to climb a ladder, they are not suitable for those with mobility issues.

Have a cozy and safe Pullman bed experience.

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