NCL Premium Beverage Package Vs Premium Plus?

Norwegian Cruise Line offers two major drink packages: a Premium beverage package and a premium plus drink package. Both of these include some delectable libations. 

The premium beverage package costs you $109 along with a 20% gratuity, whereas the premium plus beverage package costs you $138 plus a 20% gratuity. There is a difference between the cost, but which one has greater value for money?

I have been traveling with Norwegian Cruise since my childhood, and their freestyle traveling experience is what makes me their fan.

There always remains confusion when it comes to beverage packages, so let’s discuss which NCL drinks package is more suitable for you. 

NCL Premium Beverage Package 

ncl premium drink package

First, let’s talk about the NCL premium beverage package. Most guests opt for this option because this one is cheaper and includes a diverse collection of libations. 

However, there are some pitfalls in this drinks package that can insist you upgrade the package to Premium Plus. 

What Is The Cost Of NCL Premium Beverage Package?

The premium beverage package, also called the “Unlimited Open Bar Package,” comes with the reservation if you booked through Free at Sea. So you don’t need to pay a single penny; just book the voyage through Free at Sea and enjoy the Unlimited beverage package free of cost. 

Here is the catch: you must always pay a 20% gratuity with every drink you get. You have to pay an extra $21 for drink services with this package. 

NCL Premium Beverage Package

But if you’re not booking your Cruise Free at sea, you must pay $109 + $21 gratuity per person per day. 

So, for a week-long cruise, that’s gonna set you back $910, counting those sneaky service charges. And if there’s two of you, you’re staring down the barrel of a $1820 bill.

What Is Included In The NCL Premium Beverage Package? 

After the price, the next concern is the value.

Well, the Unlimited Beverage package is worth it option. You can enjoy unlimited drinks throughout the day, but you can only get drinks below $15 here. 

There are many premium cocktails and wine included in this package, but you have to only go for one that is below $15. But the good thing is you can enjoy unlimited juices, soft drinks, and cocktails. 

If you have an NCL premium beverage package, you will get 20% off on a bottle of Champagne or wine. Cheers to that!

Many exclusive drinks are there, including Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Wine, and a lot more. Many bars onboard offer these drinks. By the way! Soda is also included in this package; enjoy the unlimited soda alongside the pool and savor the best experience. 

What Is Not Included In NCL Premium Beverage Packages?

Not Included In NCL Premium Beverage Package

Heads Up! The Coffee lover will remain deprived of Starbucks coffee if they have the Unlimited Open Bar package. No coffee is included in this package, and you have to pay separately for the coffee. 

Plus, the water bottles are also not included in the Premium beverage package, so you separately purchase the water bottles. The six one-liter bottles cost you $19.95, and 12 bottles cost you $34.95. 

Whereas the Starbucks package costs you $12.95 per day per person, you can savor unlimited specialty coffees, teas, and other refreshers in this package. 

Another downside of this package is that you can only enjoy drinks under $15; you have to pay separately for additional gratuity for expensive drinks. 

Who Can Buy Premium Beverage Package 

The Unlimited open bar or premium plus beverage package is only available for 21+. So if you’re a teen, you can’t avail this package.

There are separate drink packages for teens and kids, including an unlimited soft drink package and an unlimited Starbucks package. 

NCL Premium Plus Beverage Package 

If you’re a premium wine connoisseur and want more exclusive and expensive drinks, upgrade your package to a premium plus beverage package. Yup! I just got this package once on NCL Breakaway, and it’s an option for refreshment lovers. 

What Is The Cost Of NCL Premium Plus Beverage Package?

The Premium Plus Beverage package costs you $138 per person per day, plus you have to pay with a 20% gratuity or drink service charge. This drink package will cost you $966 for a seven-day cruise, excluding the 20% gratuity. 

Here is a quick tip to save your money! Let’s say you have purchased the Unlimited Open Bar package from “Free At Sea Perk” at no price. Now, you can upgrade that package to Premium Plus for just $49 per person per day, including gratuity. 

What Is Included In The NCL Premium Plus Beverage Package? 

This premium plus package gives you a free to order any drink onboard. Guests can enjoy some signature drinks, free coffees at Starbucks, water bottles, and energy drinks. 

Besides this, you will also get an exclusive brand of rose Champagne with every dinner. At the same time, all other wine bottles will be available at a 40% discount price. 

Unlike the Unlimited Open Bar package, the Premium Plus beverage package offers premium spirits and cocktails. 

Who Can Buy Premium Plus Beverage Package?

This NCL beverage package is only available for 21+ people. Guests under 21 can’t opt for any alcoholic drink package onboard. For teens, separate drink packages, like the Soft drinks package, offer unlimited soda and cocktails. 

NCL Premium Beverage Package Vs Premium Plus: Which One You Should Choose?

It all depends on your taste, and if you are a heavy drinker, the NCL Premium Plus beverage package is the best option. Whereas if you just drink 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol a day, then the Premium package is enough. 

By the way, who doesn’t like to avail yourself of the free beverage package? If you’re booking your Cruise through “free at sea,” you will get the package free of cost.

The only catch is you’re on the hook for a 20% tip or service charge. And heads up, though – no Starbucks coffee or free water in this package.

That’s why instead of purchasing coffee and water separately, you should go for the Premium Plus package because this deal is right for you.  

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