What Drinks Are Free On Carnival? [Ultimate Guide]

The Carnival cruises have an extensive drink menu, with over 15+ bars onboard; you’re free to enjoy delicious drinks, cocktails, alcohol and other beverages. But are there any free drinks on the Carnival cruise?

Yes, there are some complimentary drinks on the Carnival cruise that you can enjoy free of cost. These include coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk and Water. 

Even though the bars on the Carnival cruise line don’t offer any complimentary drinks, but the main dining room menu (which is complimentary) offer several free drinks to enjoy.

A few other complimentary spots are offering free drinks onboard. So let’s talk about what drinks you can enjoy free of cost on Carnival and what are the criteria. 

Does Carnival Cruise Offer Free Drinks?

Most of the first-timer cruisers always ask about the free drinks on the Carnival cruise. 

There are many bars onboard to enjoy splashing drinks, but you have to pay the additional cost for every bar on a carnival cruise. 

But luckily, there are many complimentary spots to enjoy free drinks onboard. The main dining room is one of the notable spots to enjoy free drinks and food with your loved ones. 

Cruisers usually think that the only main dining room food is included in the cruise fare, but this is just a misconception; there are a lot of other spots to sip on complimentary beverages. 

The free drinks on the Carnival cruise include;

  • Tea
  • Coffee 
  • Water
  • Cocktails
  • Ice tea
  • Lemonade

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Free Drinks Includes In Main Dining Room Menu

The Carnival dining options are overwhelming; guests can enjoy buffets or a flexible dining menu. You can enjoy unlimited food free of cost, which eliminates the need for extra spending on food. 

When it comes to drinking, the main dining room offers several free drinks, including tea, regular coffee, decaf coffee, and different cocktails.  

For more premium beverages, the main dining room also charges 1 or 2 bucks. The Espresso costs 2.25, the Cappuccino $3.25, and Latte $3.25. So, if you’re addicted to coffee in the morning, you can grab a cup of it for breakfast. 

Similarly, alcoholic beverages also cost more. People are also not allowed to bring their wine on the Carnival cruise.

Usually, Alcoholic drinks are expensive onboard because there is a high risk of sneaking. If you’re a non-alcoholic person, there are a lot of drinks available onboard to enjoy. 

Sometimes, the milk, chocolate milk and skim milk are included in the buffet. The guests are free to enjoy iced tea and lemonade all day onboard.

Free Fruit Juices On Carnival Cruise

The reason I love the Carnival cruise line the most is their healthy and delectable breakfast. Nothing is better than enjoying free and fresh fruit juices onboard. 

With the dining room breakfast menu, you’re free to enjoy different fruit juices. 

The Carnival breakfast dining menu includes several fruit juices: Orange, banana, Seasonal melon, apples, tomato, pineapple grape, and prune, etc. I love Pineapple and orange juices that are enjoyed to relax the taste buds. 

Please note that these fresh fruit juices are only available in the Dining room breakfast menu; at night, you can enjoy other splashing cocktails, tea, coffee, etc. 

Free Drinks To Enjoy In Lido Marketplace

The Lido Marketplace is also the best spot on Carnival Cruise to enjoy free drinks. It’s located on Deck 9 near the back of the ship. 

For breakfast, you can sip-free chocolate milk and simple milk. They have low-fat milk, which is light as compared to high-fat dairy milk.  

Apart from milk, there is the look of things to consume for breakfast free of cost. You can also enjoy different flavors of yogurts and grits.

Beside this, the non-bottled Water is always there to quench your thirst. 

Free Drinks In the Carnival Room Service Menu

If you’re craving drinks in your cabin, you can order tasty food using Carnival Room service, and with that, you can pick a free drink. 

In the room service menu, the breakfast is free of cost and is available from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. But additional charges will be applied on lunch and dinner, and rest of the day service. 

The free drinks in room service menu includes Orange juice, Apple Juice, Tomato juice, grape juice, hot tea, skim milk, chocolate milk, coffee and decaf. 

How To Get Free Alcohol On Carnival?

Alcoholic beverages are expensive onboard due to the risk of sneaking. 

Most of the compliments food spots on the Carnival cruise charge some additional money to get a bottle of champagne or wings. 

But the good news is you can still get a free bottle of beer champagne onboard. If you’re excessively involved in Casio activities and earn enough points, you can order a free bottle of wine, Soda, cocktail or any other available drink. 

How To Get Free Coffee On JavaBlue Cafe

When it comes to the Carnival Coffee menu, the JavaBlue Cafe is the premier coffee house. 

Here, you can enjoy different hot and cold coffees with Caribbean, Mexican, and Irish tastes. By the way, this is not a free cafe to enjoy a drink, but on a condition you can grab one cup of free coffee. 

So if you don’t have a Cheers drink package, you can opt for “punch cards”, with which you will get a free cup of coffee or milkshake upon ordering six specialty coffees.

Is Soda Free On Carnival Cruise?

The Soda is a perfect onboard companion for instant gratification. But does Carnival Cruise offer free Soda?

No, the carbonated drinks, including Soda, are not free on the Carnival cruise. You have to pay additional costs to enjoy Soda and other such beverages.  

However, the Carnival cruise line offers a soda package, which is very cheap and allows guests to enjoy unlimited Soda all day long. 

If you have a Cheers package, you can enjoy Soda free of cost without any restrictions and limitations. But if you don’t have a Cheers drink package, you can opt for the Bottomless Bubble Package. 

  • Bottomless Bubble Package Adults (18+): $9.50
  • Bottomless Bubble Package Kids: $6.95

With this package, you’re free to enjoy unlimited Soda throughout the day. 

Note: Guests are also not allowed to bring Soda onboard. 

Some Less Expensive Bars On Carnival 

I have a profound appreciation for the Carnival Cruise Line, with its 15+ bars boasting extensive drink menus and beverage selections.

Even though the bars are not free on Carnival, they are comparatively cheaper than other bars on other cruises. 

Among all the bars, the Alchemy bar, RedFrog Pub, and Blue Iguana Tequila bar offer the best budget menu. Also, their special signature drinks will please your taste buds. 

Below, I have shared the average cost of drinks on Carnival cruises. 

  • Wine (per glass): $9.5 – $14
  • Cocktails: $10.5 – $12.5
  • Spirit And Mixer: $7.50 – $15.00
  • Energy Drinks: $4.95
  • Smoothies: $6.50
  • Coffee: $2.50 – $4.95
  • Soft Drinks: $2.74
  • Bottled Water: $1.50 – $3.95

Final Thoughts 

The question that first-time cruisers often ask is what drinks are free on Carnival Cruise.

Carnival Cruise Line provides a selection of complimentary beverages, encompassing coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices, and Water. 

The Good news is you can also avail yourself of a cheer package to enjoy the unlimited drinks onboard. 

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