How Long is a Cruise to Bermuda? [Ultimate Guide]

Are you planning a Bermuda trip and want to know how long is a cruise to Bermuda?

The Bermuda cruise itineraries generally span 4 to 7 nights, but the amazing part is that you can extend your tour anytime to have more entertainment. 

For a Bermuda cruise, generally, the embarkation ports are New York, Florida, Boston, Charleston, and Baltimore. 

Generally, the cruises deck at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda and offers multiple ports of call.

To avoid crowds, the Government of Bermuda has now set the limit to a maximum of 5 ships in a week and less than 9000 tourists a day. 

So, it’s best to know the recent policies of Bermuda before you set sail to enjoy your tour with utmost fun.

How Long is a Cruise to Bermuda From New York?

How Long is a Cruise to Bermuda From New York

Departing from the bustling city of New York to the tranquil pink beaches of Bermuda is a perfect cruise trip itinerary.

The shortest distance from Bermuda to New York is around 1246 Km, and it takes around 4-7 days of sailing to reach Bermuda. 

However, the travel duration can vary depending on the specific route of the ship as well as the cruise line.

Carnival cruise to Bermuda from NY sets a round-trip to King’s Wharf, Bermuda, whereas Royal Caribbean’s sailing route is usually from Cape Liberty, NJ, to Bermuda.

Norwegian selects the route directly from NYC to the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda, or from New York to Norfolk, Port Canaveral, Bahamas, and the Royal Naval Dockyard.

No matter which cruise line you opt for, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, or Carnival Cruise Line, a trip to Bermuda from New York awaits you for endless entertainment and exciting experiences.

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Duration of a Bermuda Cruise from Boston

Duration of a Bermuda Cruise from Boston
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From Boston the cruises usually take 7-8 days to reach Bermuda. 

Being near to New England and having a subtropical climate, Bermuda is a perfect cruising destination from Boston.

Historical architecture and diverse culture in Bermuda, especially in Hamilton, provide a wide range of opportunities for tourists to explore this stunning island.

The Historical Society Museum, the Museum of Bermuda Art, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Fort Hamilton, and Bermuda Cathedral are the top tourist spots to visit in Bermuda.

How Long does a Cruise Line Take to Reach Bermuda from Baltimore?

Carnival and Royal Caribbean are the two most prominent cruise lines for voyaging from Baltimore to Bermuda.

The cruise journey from Baltimore to Bermuda takes 5 and 9 nights on Royal Caribbean and 6-7 nights sailing on the Carnival cruise.

What you enjoy there the most are snorkelling, motor biking, alluring grottos, and golf play on the world’s famous course.

Home to seabirds, the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, a fish pond at The Blue Hole, and appealing pond and mangrove forests in Paget Marsh and Boardwalk are worth-seeing places to visit in Bermuda Island.

Charleston to Bermuda Cruise Duration

Charleston to Bermuda Cruise Duration

The distance between Charleston, South Carolina, and Bermuda is around 777 nautical miles.

Therefore, on an average of 6 knots speed, a cruise may take approximately 4-7 days from Charleston to Bermuda.

The two major cruise lines that offer one-way to round trips via Charleston to Bermuda are Carnival and Silversea.

From the historical port of Charleston, SC, to the Bermuda islands, you will be amazed by the infinite beauty of the dazzling wavy ocean tides, spectacular coral reefs, and multiple onboard amenities.

Departure Ports for Bermuda Cruises

Generally, the Bermuda cruises depart from the following major ports of call:

#1 New York City

The bustling city of New York offers 4 major cruise lines from Manhattan to Bermuda, i.e., Oceania, Norwegian, Carnival, and Disney Cruises. 

The best cruising season from NYC to Bermuda is April to October.

#2 Baltimore, Maryland

The embarking point of the cruise ship to Bermuda from Baltimore is the South Locust Point Marine Terminal. 

The Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean offer an adventurous tour to Bermudian travellers from Late April to October.

#3 Cape Liberty, New Jersey

If you reside near New York City, Cape Liberty can be your ideal departure port to cruise from New Jersey to Bermuda. 

The Cape Liberty cruise port is furnished with a lot of modern facilities and amenities, smoothing a wonderful travel experience. 

#4 Boston

The cruises to Bermuda in Boston set their sails from the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, situated in the Seaport District.

The itinerary provides tourists with plenty of choices to explore the rich history, grandeur, and culture of the region.

#5 Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida

The Port Everglades and the Port of Miami are the departure points from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, respectively, for the Bermuda cruise. 

From tranquil sandy beaches to majestic architecture, tourists witness a variety of attractions while cruising from Florida to Bermuda.

Popular Cruise Lines to Bermuda: Itineraries and Travel Duration

#1 Disney

Disney offers passengers a 4 to 8-night cruise to Bermuda, providing them ample time to explore the island’s attractions.

With delectable dining, Halloween parties, freshwater pools, and majestic lounges, Disney Cruise Line is an absolute delight. 

Disney Dream embarks on its journey from New York City and has ports of call are Day at Sea, King’s Wharf, and Bermuda.

#2 Royal Caribbean

Are you dreaming of visiting the wonderful coral reefs and pink sand beaches of Bermuda? Luxury Royal Caribbean is the best choice! 

The best sailing to Bermuda with Royal Caribbean is a 5-7 night cruise that leaves from Baltimore, Miami, or Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Hamilton’s historical architecture and St. George’s marvellous beauty attract the beckons from around the world. 

Moreover, sea adventurers can build their cherished memories while cruising through the ocean tides.

#3 Carnival

Explore the picturesque beauty of Bermuda with an alluring beach view and crystal-clear water with Carnival Cruise Line.

The cruise ship usually departs from NYC, Florida, or Baltimore and reaches its destination in 5-7 days. 

Popular ports of Call are Half Moon Cay, Norfolk, New York City, and Grand Turk.

To maximise the tourist’s travel experience, the Carnival offers numerous onboard ventures, including playing Golf, swimming pools, and shopping in Bermuda’s commercial plazas.

#4 Norwegian

Experience the allure of a 4-5 day sailing to Bermuda with NCL and amaze with the beauty of Bermuda’s magnificent sunset and turquoise waters. 

The voyage is a perfect blend of enjoyment and exploration, making Bermuda an ideal gateway to cruise travel.

Best Bermuda Cruising Season

The climate of Bermuda is humid subtropical, having the lowest temperature around 6-7°C; so, mild temperature and pleasant weather in summer and no freezing in winter.

The ideal cruising season to explore Bermuda’s stunning sandy beaches and enjoy various outdoor attractions is from Late April to October.

The mild temperature and calm seas during these months create opportunities for tourists to travel around. 

Moreover, from April to October, Bermuda celebrates a number of events you wouldn’t want to miss.


Usually, the cruise trip to Bermuda takes around 4 to 7 days, but the duration can vary based on the departure and landing ports, cruising company, and weather conditions. 

Either you embark on a 4-day sailing trip or expand the duration to a 7-day luxury plan to Bermuda; the journey promises unforgettable experiences.


Where is the Norwegian Cruise Dock in Bermuda?

Norwegian cruise lines typically dock at the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda; however, the docking locations and itinerary of the cruises may change. So, you should get the latest information from Norwegian before setting your sail.

Where Does Carnival Cruise Dock in Bermuda

The docking point of the Carnival cruise in Bermuda is King’s Wharf, also called Royal Naval Dockyard.

Where Does Disney Cruise Dock in Bermuda

Usually, the Disney cruise ship sailing to Bermuda docks in King’s Wharf; however, sometimes, it may harbour in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, or San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Which is the Best 5-Day Cruise to Bermuda?

It typically links with your travel priorities, budget, and preferred route.  Mainly, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean offer the best 5-day sailing plan to Bermuda.

How far is Bermuda from Florida?

Bermuda is 1061 miles away from Florida that requires almost 2 days of sailing to reach the destination.

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