10 Most Instagrammable Places in Venice

Venice is one of the most stylish cities of Italy where I saw beauty and history whispered around every corner. Not only is Venice picturesque, but it’s a photographer’s dream come true. 

Every scene, from its iconic landmarks to its charming canals, is a work of art just waiting to be photographed.

As a frequent traveler, I’ve come to recognize the allure of Venice’s ancient alleyways and meandering canals, where each step reveals a hidden gem. 

Come along as I share the top 10 Instagrammable places in Venice. 

1- St Mark’s Square      

St. Mark’s Square is the busiest spot to take pictures for Instagram. It is the lively, historic, and architecturally stunning center of Venice. I recommend waking up early and taking advantage of the quiet moments in the square before the masses arrive for the best photo ops. 

Even though St. Mark’s is cluttered with tourist souvenirs during the day, at night, it shines. Photographs of illuminated buildings are striking, especially with classical music playing in the background. 

There are plenty of stunning topics to choose from, such as the grand cathedral, the regal Doge’s Palace, and gondolas berthed at the port. 

2- Burano Islands 

The quaint island of Burano is the epicenter of peace, providing a break from the hordes of tourists. A fresh burst of color appears with every stride, demonstrating the island’s creative flare. 

Everything about it is charming and whimsical, from the cobblestone streets to the pastel-painted buildings. It’s one of the best Instagrammable places in Venice. 

You’ll find several opportunities to capture the island’s splendor as you walk through its narrow streets and meandering canals. 

Therefore, with so many visually appealing gems available in Burano, why limit yourself to just one area on your Instagram feed? Hold onto your camera!

3- Rialto Bridge

One of my favorite spots, the Rialto Bridge, with its antique stores, is a sight to behold. Even though it’s crowded with tourists, the scenery makes for great Instagram pictures. 

The base of the Rialto Bridge is a great place to take Instagram pictures. You may take pictures from all sides despite the crowd. 

Climb the Rialto Bridge for a breathtaking view of the setting sun during golden hour. Discover the neighborhood surrounding Hotel Rialto for a distinctive viewpoint, complete with charming wooden piers and views of gondolas.

4- Ponte Chiodo

Ponte Chiodo is the one location in Venice that chants “Instagram-worthy.” 

Among the numerous bridges in Venice, Ponte Chiodo is unique. Located near Cannaregio, it’s the only uncovered bridge in the city. Its uniqueness, along with the idyllic setting, makes it an Instagram must-take.

Even though I visited around the middle of the day, there weren’t many other people around, which made it ideal for taking pictures on Instagram! 

It’s a great place to post on Instagram because of its distinct charm and gorgeous surroundings. Just use caution when near the San Felice River! 

5- Bridge of Sighs (Ponte Dei Sospiri)

The Bridge of Sighs, also known as Ponte dei Sospiri, is incredibly beautiful. Its name comes from the sighs of inmates who were getting their last look at freedom before being locked away. 

Situated close to the Ponte della Paglia, its parapet frames are in an ideal position for an impressive photo. 

Go to the ledge next to Ponte della Paglia for the perfect shot. You’ll be able to see the bridge well and, from a different viewpoint, walk up close to the lake. 

There are still serene areas to take pictures of despite its popularity. If you want an even better perspective away from the crowds, try the Memoria Ponte, which is two bridges distant. 

6- Scala Contarini del Bovolo

The charming Scala Contarini del Bovolo, a spiral staircase nestled inside Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo, captivated me. Its elaborate design, which is modeled like a snail’s coils, provides a unique photo opportunity against the backdrop of Venice’s enduring beauty. 

Although taking pictures from the outside of the Palazzo is free, going inside offers amazing views of the city. This hidden gem is equally beautiful and less crowded. 

The enchanting framing that the loggias on every floor provide for your photos enhances this Instagram-worthy location’s appeal. Choose guided tours amid COVID-19 limitations, or go here early (10 am) to avoid the crowd and enjoy the peace of this architectural wonder. 

7- Ponte Maria Callas

Although Ponte Maria Callas might not look particularly noteworthy at first, it’s a Venice hidden gem on Instagram. The Santo Stefano Bell Tower, which is inclined, provides a magnificent backdrop for any photos taken on this bridge. 

It’s a special location that’s frequently missed by visitors, which makes it ideal for evoking the true essence of Venice. You may go at any time of day for excellent lighting because it’s located in a more tranquil area of the city. 

Additionally, if you’re lucky, you might see a gondola ride beneath the bridge, which would enhance the feel of Venice. It serves as more than just a bridge—rather, it frames the recognizable bell tower, adding significance to each picture.

8- Grand Canal

It is quite magical to capture the vivid colors of the sunset taken from the Rialto Bridge, with the Grand Canal below. 

Venice’s nature is best captured by the Grand Canal, which is flanked by quaint structures that evoke memories of bygone eras. Its four bridges are all that’s needed to take excellent pictures. 

The Grand Canal winds its way through Venice, displaying classic buildings and Venetian boats as it flows in an elegant reverse S-shape. Its splendor contrasts with the famous buildings in the city. 

For this shot, there’s no need to get up early. Warm, cozy views fill the ochre-hued houses as sunset throws a golden spell over them. 

 Gondola travel through Venice is a classic experience. Slide across quaint canals and take in the picturesque scenery. 

9- St. Mark’s Basilica

St. Mark’s Basilica, which combines Venetian elegance with Italo-Byzantine grandeur, is a shining example of architectural genius. I loved it from every aspect. It is a photographer’s dream, whether you are shooting its massive facade or marveling at its elaborate interiors. 

Among charming Venetian restaurants, the basilica is tucked away in Piazza San Marco and invites with its classic elegance. Despite its renown, entry is free and provides an insight into the rich artistic and historical legacy of Venice. 

To beat the summer crowds, mornings reveal a calm atmosphere, and nights cast the basilica in a golden glow at dusk, making for magical photo ops. 

Every detail embellishing its rooms and its famous silhouette against the Venetian cityscape conveys the essence of Venetian beauty. 

10- Ponte Della Canonica

Searching for a new angle on the well-known Bridge of Sighs? Visit the Ponte della Canonica, an ancient stone bridge that was built in the eleventh century. 

Even though you may still take pictures of the Bridge of Sighs, Ponte della Canonica provides a different viewpoint that is well worth checking out. 

This location offers a more sedate atmosphere than the busy front view, making it ideal for a calm photo shoot later in the day. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take some stunning images with the Bridge of Sighs as your backdrop. A secret treasure waiting to be found among Venice’s photogenic locations on Instagram!


Summing up, Venice is a real treasure trove of breathtaking views and attractive settings ideal for Instagram pictures. From the well-known Grand Canal to the little neighborhoods of Burano, every site provides a different perspective on Venice’s splendor. 

Still, hidden treasures like the calm view from Ponte della Canonica or the vivid hues of the Rialto Market are waiting to be explored beyond the well-known sites. 

I find myself reminded of Venice’s enduring appeal and attractiveness as I think about my trip through its most Instagrammable locations. Venice is a photographer’s dream come true, and I’m happy to have seen its splendor for myself. 

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