Carnival Fun Times: Ultimate Cruise Guide

On a cruise, staying aware of the daily cruise activities is not less than navigating a treasure map. As these are high in numbers, managing the time for each activity can be challenging.

So for this reason, Carnival Cruise Line offers Carnival Fun Times to help you plan the cruise activities in the early time to prevent you from missing out. Now, you must be surprised and wondering what Fun Times really is.

Fun Times is a newsletter distributed each evening by the Cruise Line. This eMagazine includes all the activities with their exact timings so that guests plan them accordingly.

If I tell you about my experience with the Fun Times, I eagerly wait for it on every cruise. I feel the same sentiments as the kids who count the day for Christmas morning. And why wouldn’t I? I know this newsletter is going to make the most of the cruise without missing any major event or activity.

So, due to its high importance, I’m going to share everything about this newsletter so that you can take advantage of it.

Also, I’ve also included the expert tips for using this newsletter to efficiently plan your cruise. So let’s get started.

What is Carnival Fun Times, and what’s in it?

Carnival Fun Time

Carnival Fun Times is an onboard newsletter distributed each evening in every stateroom. This newsletter aims to inform the guests about all the next morning activities, entertainment and events.

As I already mentioned above, for me, it’s more important than my cruise documents. It’s because this newsletter will tell you everything going onboard.

It’s a virtual guide to your cruise that will answer any question you could think to ask. And what’s more better than that, it’s delivered to your room daily.

And because it will play such a big role in your vacation, I thought it might be worth taking a little to tell everything about this eMagazine.

How Does Carnival Fun Times Enhance The Cruise Experience?

What could be more amazing than receiving the daily schedule of cruise activities, from entertainment to food, right in your room?

Imagine you want to know when they start serving breakfast in the buffet. The Fun Times will tell you. Looking to get your groove on? The Fun Times will tell you. 

This magazine will help you a lot in sharing all the onboard information so that you won’t miss any important events or dining.

Short and simple, Fun Times ensures you make the most of your cruise, creating unforgettable memories by enhancing your experience.

Where Can I Find Carnival Fun Times, And Is There A Digital Version?

Carnival Fun-Time

Carnival Fun Times lets you get all the information right from your room, and that’s the whole thing. 

This newsletter will be delivered to your stateroom each evening or night so you can watch tomorrow’s activities before sleeping.

Carnival Cruise Line also offers a digital version of their eMagazine through the Carnival Hub App.

Luckily, the Carnival Hub App doesn’t need internet purchase or WiFi. It works in Airplane Mode, so you don’t incur roaming fees.

So see, how easy are things? You get a physical copy right at your stateroom, and a digital copy is at your fingertips. All these measures from Carnival Cruise Line are to enhance your cruise experience by making the most of your cruise activities.

What Entertainment And Activities Are In Carnival Fun Times?

Activities Are In Carnival Fun Times

The monthly newsletter from the Carnival covers all the onboard activities, entertainment, dining and other things.

However, it’s important to note that those activities vary depending on the cruise and itinerary

But don’t worry. For your ease, I’ve listed common elements often included in the eMagazine of every cruise ship.

  • Live Shows
  • Theme Nights
  • Dining Highlights
  • Recreational Activities
  • Trivia and Games
  • Kids and Teen Activities
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Port Information

The Fun Times includes all the activities from the above categories to be held the next morning. So, you’re given an idea of these activities to make up your mind about the activities you like.

Does Carnival Fun Times Cover Dining And Special Events?

Remember, dining is a major concern for guests on a cruise ship, as it might require reservations and a timely arrival.

For this reason, Carnival Fun Times provides a daily dining schedule, entertainment, and other activities.

All these measures are taken by the Cruise Line to provide a hassle-free dining experience and perfect timing.

The newsletter covers the daily dining schedule along with information about special events going to be held the next morning.

In terms of dining, I’ve come across the following details in Carnival Fun Times:

  • Restaurant Schedule
  • Speciality Dining
  • Theme Nights
  • Culinary Demonstrations.

Whenever there are any special events scheduled, the newsletter may cover the following:

  • Themed Parties 
  • Entertainment Events
  • Celebrations

Now, you must understand why this newsletter is so important to me.

Tips for using Carnival Fun Times to plan cruise days?

Here are my favorite tips for using Carnival Fun Times to plan the cruise:

1- Start Early

Start reading the Fun Times as it’s distributed. Evening or early morning is my favorite time with my morning coffee. 

It’s a great way to get a head start on planning the day’s activities.

2- Highlight Must-Attend Events

I use a highlighter to mark the high-priority events, whether a show, themed dinner, or any special activity. This ensures you won’t miss out on the highlights of your cruise.

It’s my favorite and always working tip.

3- Consider Dining Reservations

As I already mentioned, a few restaurants on cruise ships may require a reservation.

If you plan to dine at one, checking Fun Times early is recommended to secure your spot for a hassle-free culinary experience.

4- Balance Activities

Always keep a balance between different activity categories. Whether it’s dining, entertainment, games, or relaxation by the pool, manage your time to experience various activities during the cruise.

5- Check For Updates

In a few cases, there may be updates or changes to the eMagazine schedule for various reasons. 

Throughout the day, refer to Fun Times for any changes, helping you adapt your plans accordingly.

Is There A Digital Version, And How Are Updates Provided?

Yes, Carnival Cruise Line also offers the digital version of the Fun Times through the Carnival Hub app. 

I prefer reading the newsletter instead of accessing it from the app. But you can also have it at your fingertips. 

The changes in the physical newsletter are done by distributing the new ones among the cruisers. But in the digital one, Cruise Hub supports real-time updates that automatically change the schedule, activities or dining options.

Panorama January 20, 2024, Fun Times

I’ve mentioned a picture of 2 days Fun Times of Panorama on January 20, 2024. With these pictures, you can clearly understand what the newsletter looks like and what’s inside it.

Day 1:

Carnival Fun Times newsletter
Day 1 of carnival cruise fun times


Where Can I Find A Copy Of Carnival Fun Times On The Ship?

A Carnival Fun Time is delivered to your stateroom daily. If you want a copy, consider heading to the guest services desk or the common areas.

Is Funtime Newsletter Free?

Yes, the Fun Time is free and compulsory. It’s given to the guests to plan their daily cruise activities, including entertainment and dining options.

Does Carnival Hub App Requires Internet?

No, Carnival Hub is operated on the cruise ship’s WiFi and doesn’t require any internet package. Just turn on airplane mode and use it.

What Does Page 5 And 6 Contains?

Pages 5 and 6 feature some Fun Facts and important details of any Port Scheduled for that day, including Port Emergency Contacts.  

Final Words

Hopefully now you should be all cleared about the Carnival Fun Times newsletter and how to use it for planning daily cruise activities.

Just make sure to follow my tips to use it efficiently. Those tips will help you manage your time and activities and help you experience most of the cruise activities.

Have a safe and enjoyable cruise Experience.

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