Carnival Cruise Ship Cabins To Avoid For Better Cruise

Booking a cabin on Carnival is one of the most challenging tasks, as you have to consider a lot of factors. I spent a week choosing mine to avoid cabins that didn’t fit my preferences. So it’s better to take time to make your decision than to face regret.

It’s usually best to avoid cabins with obstructed views and noisy areas, as they can completely spoil your dream of enjoying scenic ocean views.

Sounds interesting, right? Taking the time to decide on your Carnival cruise cabin is crucial to prevent your cruise vacations from being ruined.

So hang on, my cruise fellows, because things are going to be so interesting. 

Cabins To Avoid On Carnival Cruise

After multiple Carnival Cruises, learning from my mistakes, and gathering insights from cruisers on forums, I’ve compiled a list of cabins you should avoid in your decision-making process.

1- Cabins Under The Lido Or Pool Deck

Cabins Under The Lido Or Pool Deck

Now, the first and foremost consideration you must have is to avoid the cabins under the Lido or Pool Deck, as it’s the worst cruise ship location.

Why are these cabins so bad?

It’s because every morning, you’ll have to deal with the voices of a chair being shuffled and scraped around the pool deck. And what’s more frustrating, these can last for unto an hour or more.

Imagine relaxing in your cozy bed or reading a book on your private balcony and enduring such voices. Would you tolerate them? I wouldn’t.

So make sure to avoid the cabins under the pool deck. Instead of these cabins, go with the ones sandwiched between two passenger decks for quieter time in your room.

Reasons To Avoid Cabins Under Lido/Pool Deck

  • Noise Concerns
  • Privacy Preferences
  • Early Morning Disturbances

2- Cabins At The Front Of The Ship

Cabins At The Front Of The Ship

Front of the Ship cabins are also the least desirable location due to multiple reasons. While they offer the best scenic views, there are downsides to consider.

First and most important is the off-limit balconies in rough weather conditions. 

No doubt, Carnival uses heavy swinging doors instead of thinner sliding ones, and they have a windshield to protect the door, too. 

But it’s possible that during extreme weather conditions, you might not be allowed to use the balcony.

Another cruise line, Royal Caribbean, completely prevents the front cabin guests from using a balcony while the Ship is sailing.

Secondly, the front of the Ship is more prone to causing seasickness, especially during rough seas, due to the Ship’s motion.

I experienced these cabins, and believe me, I could feel the swaying and rocking in my forward cabin, much more than elsewhere on the cruise ship.

But I’m not usually affected by motion sickness while cruising, so don’t poke fun at me, okay?

So yes, avoid booking these front cabins. They can make your seasickness worse and spoil your balcony dreams.

Reasons To Avoid Front Cabins

  • Off-limit balconies
  • Seasickness
  • Excessive motion

3- Cabins Near Arcades/Kids Club

kids club

This might not be an issue on the newer ships since most have arcades or kids’ clubs situated away from the staterooms. 

However, if you’re cruising on older Carnival ships, I suggest steering clear of rooms near arcades/kids clubs.

In these rooms, you’ll likely have more kids running/walking by your cabin. While it doesn’t bother me as they are usually excited, if you want more privacy and less noise, it’s best to avoid these rooms.

Reasons To Avoid Cabins Near Arcades/Kids Club

  • Less Privacy
  • Increased noise levels
  • Potential Disturbance

4- Cabins Directly Above The Theatre

Cabins above the theater are prone to more noise as walls on the cruise ships are not very soundproof. So, in cabins above the theater, you can expect high noise and foot traffic.

These cabins aren’t ideal for cruisers who enjoy spending more time in their cabin, especially if you prefer a quiet space throughout the day. 

For people like me who are engaged in other cruise activities during the day and only return to the cabin at night, these rooms might work because Carnival theaters usually conclude early in the evening.

However, I suggest avoiding these cabins, as sometimes, during special events like late-night shows, they can remain crowded late into the night.

So, if you love a quiet cabin all day, it’s best to avoid these.

Reasons To Avoid Cabins Above The Theatre 

  • Noise Disruption
  • Late-night shows
  • Foot Traffic

5- Interior Upper/Lower Cabins

lower cabins

If you’re traveling with your hubby, don’t even look at these rooms, as these will spoil your vacation. But if you opt for these rooms while traveling with your partner, you’ll have to forget about sleeping next to him/her.

It’s because they’re the smallest rooms in the Carnival fleet, lacking the standard two twin beds. Instead, you get a single twin bed and then either a sofa bed or a Pullman bed.

But if you’re on a budget and okay with solo sleep, go for it. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid these rooms. 

On the bright side, with these rooms, you’ll have the advantage of indulging in other cruise activities.

Now, it depends on your needs and preferences.

Interior Upper/Lower cabins are available on most of the Carnival fleet, except Excel Class and Spirit Class ships.

Reasons To Avoid Interior Upper/Lower Cabins

  • Limited Sleeping Space
  • Single Bed Setup

6- Junior Balcony Rooms

carnival stateroom

Personally speaking, I’m not a patient of Claustrophobia, but still, I had never considered these rooms for my cruise and will also not in the future.

It’s because these are the smallest rooms in the balcony staterooms category.

You can imagine their size by the Carnival’s statement on them; “You’re just a few steps from your balcony.”

So, if you have the same preferences as me and don’t want to feel like you’re in a box room, you might prefer to look for a standard Balcony or something bigger.

Although the actual balcony is the same size as a standard Balcony cabin’s room, the room itself is significantly smaller.

For people who care more about the budget rather than its size, this room will work as it will help them save a lot of money for the rest of the cruise activities.

Junior Balcony Staterooms are only available on Mardi Gras, Carnival Jubilee, and Carnival Celebration.

Reasons To Avoid Junior Balcony Rooms

  • Smaller Size
  • Congested feelings

7- Oddball Rooms

Oddball rooms are ideal only for singles as they only have bunk beds.

On Carnival, the 1A interior cabins are considered to have Oddball rooms. They are the cheapest options on the Ship and work great for friends traveling together.

Reasons To Avoid Oddball Rooms

  • Smaller size and congested space
  • Only have bunk beds

8- Porthole Cabins

Porthole Cabins

Porthole cabins are staterooms with a round window instead of the standard rectangular window. 

They do offer a view of the ocean, but they’re not classified as “Ocean View” rooms because the view you get from the round windows isn’t something you enjoy.

Among these, some cabins have only two small round portholes instead of a window. So, just imagine the view through these few-inch-thick holes.

These cabins are common on lower decks of cruise ships and are usually found in interior rooms, allowing natural light to enter the cabin.

So, if you prioritize natural light on a tight budget, these could be an option.

Still, I suggest avoiding them as they may not be worth it, depending on your preferences.

Reasons To Avoid Porthole Cabins

  • Limited view 
  • Poor view quality

9- Staterooms Too Close To The Elevators

Having cabins nearer to the elevators might seem highly convenient, but there’s a downside also.

While you can easily reach the elevator without extra walking, at the same time you’ll have to put up with crowd noises. 

Elevator areas are often busy, and cruise ship walls are not very soundproof, which can be bothersome.

Another thing that I dislike is the frequent “Ding” sound of the elevator, and I’m sure many others feel the same.

These drawbacks outweigh the convenience of easy access to the elevator. 

So, it’s better to steer clear of rooms near elevators as they tend to be crowded.

Reasons To Avoid Cabins Near Elevators

  • Crowd Noises
  • Frequent “Ding” sound of the elevator
  • Busy atmosphere

10- Havana Rooms 

Havana Rooms 

Havana Rooms are the special category staterooms known for their special perks like exclusive access to the Havana Area.

With these rooms, you get a unique and relaxed atmosphere since the Havana pool is exclusive to ages 12 and up.

But if you’re not big on sunbathing, Havana rooms are a complete waste of money for you.

These rooms are famous for perks like Havana pool access and a private patio. However, the inside and balcony are mostly just upgraded decor rooms.

Another issue with these rooms is the limited privacy and view since their balconies may not reach the Ship’s outer edge.

So, skip these rooms if you’re not into a sunbath. It’s a total waste of money for you. Invest that money in other cruise activities instead.

Note: Havana Staterooms are available on Vista Class and Excel Class ships.

Reasons To Avoid Havana Rooms

  • Waste of money for non-sunbathers
  • Privacy and view concerns

11- Family Harbor Rooms

Family Harbor Rooms

Family Harbor rooms are also a special category of stateroom designed to cater to families.

Due to their exclusive family perks, they are the top consideration of families. 

With these rooms, you’ll be close to the Family Harbor Lounge, a chill space for families serving breakfast and snacks.

But if you’re not cruising with your family, avoid these rooms, as they will cost you more.

Maybe the nice decor tempted you, but skip these if you’re not cruising with family.

Also, in these rooms, you’ll have to bear the noise and traffic with excited kids running around.

Note: Family Harbor rooms are available on Excel Class and Vista Class ships.

Reasons To Avoid Family Harbor Rooms

  • Not ideal for solo cruisers
  • Noise and traffic
  • Expensive

12- Cove Balconies

Cove Balconies

Solo cruisers often consider Cove Balconies due to their affordability, tranquility, and a closer view of the Ship. But wait; there’s something you must know.

Since Cove Balconies are on the lower decks of Carnival 2 or 5 (depending on the Ship) they are more prone to have WiFi issues sometimes and can get wet and salty.

Also, these balconies may be off-limits in rough seas and bad weather conditions, so don’t make any fast booking decisions before looking at the weather conditions.

One more thing that’s important is that these balconies have enclosed nature and smaller openings, which many people don’t like.

So, if you’re the one who loves to spend the whole time in cruise activities and come to your room just to change or sleep, this room will work. But again, I don’t recommend it as they are farther from the action on-ship.

Reasons To Avoid Cove Balconies

  • WiFi issues
  • Wet and Salty conditions
  • Distance from Ship’s action
  • Enclosed nature
  • Weather restrictions

13- Ocean View Rooms (If You Love Cruise Activities)

Ocean-view rooms on cruises are popular because they offer great views. Plus these rooms are also larger than inside rooms and sleep up to five guests.

Plus, they’re budget-friendly, giving you a bit more space and nice scenery at a cheaper price.

But there’s also a drawback of these rooms which you need to consider.

Since these rooms are often located on the lower decks, they are farther from the Ship’s activities. So you might have to walk a lot every time you return to your cabin to sleep or change.

On the bright side, it’s a good way to stay active and maybe even lose some belly fat! The choice is yours.

Reasons To Avoid Ocean View Balconies

  • Due to the lower deck position, they are farther from the Ship’s activities.

14- Rooms That Can Make Sea Sickness Worsen

This is something really important to consider if you suffer from seasickness.

Make sure to avoid rooms the top deck rooms at the front and aft of the ships. It’s because that’s where you’ll feel the most motion.

Instead, opt for the rooms at the middle and bottom of the Ship. You’ll be less likely to feel the Ship’s motion on the waves in these rooms.

Reasons To Avoid Sea Sickness Causing Rooms

  • Most motion-feeling rooms, which can make sea sickness worsen

15- Rooms Near The Anchor

Rooms Near The Anchor

No doubt, staying on the lower decks helps prevent seasickness, but be careful while booking the rooms near the anchor.

Avoid the lowest decks at the front of the Ship near the anchor if you want a quieter morning in port. Noise from the anchor can be quite loud there, which can be a major issue because the Ship often arrives at its destination in the early hours.

So, if you’re a light sleeper, these rooms are not ideal for you. Look for any other location on the Ship because, in these rooms, you might be bothered by the Ship dropping anchor noise at sunrise, disrupting your sleep.

So avoid the anchor area for a smoother ride.

Reasons To Avoid Rooms Near The Anchor

  • Noise disruption in the early morning

16- Obstructed View Balconies

If you are planning to relax on your balcony, watch out for rooms with lifeboats nearby, as these might block your view.

Check twice because there are many Premium balcony cabins on Carnival ships with the lifeboat blocking view issue.

However, if you are a person who is not curious about the sea view and want to save money for other cruise fun, these rooms could be ideal options.

But for people who love fresh air and good views, these rooms will cramp your dreamy view-enjoying vibes.

Obstructed view Balconies are on Carnival Spirit and Carnival Miracle, while the Obstructed view Premium Balcony is available on Carnival Spirit, Carnival Miracle, and Carnival Legend.

Reason To Avoid Obstructed View Balconies

  • Blocked view and limited fresh air

17- Picture-Window Obstructed View Rooms

Picture-Window Obstructed View Rooms

On Carnival Cruises, the rooms with a “Picture Window With Obstructed View” are called interior rooms, even though they do have a window.

Just know that the view of these rooms is of the walkway of the Observation Deck, with the Sea visible behind it.

Let me clear this for you. These rooms are the interior rooms with a partial view of the Sea.

So, you get a peek at the outdoors, but keep in mind that there’s something in the way. Having these rooms means that someone could walk past and see into your room if you open the curtains.

Would you be okay with that? I find it a bit odd thinking someone could be right outside your cruise room. 

That’s why it’s not recommended to book these rooms. And if you do, keep the curtains closed when you’re getting dressed; just a little tip! Haha!

These rooms are available on most Carnival ships, with the exceptions being Excel Class and Fantasy Class ships.

Reasons To Avoid Picture-Window Obstructed View Rooms

  • Privacy concerns
  • Curtain caution
  • Obstructed Sea peek

18- Connecting Rooms (When Not Needed)

Connecting rooms are popular on Carnival because many guests travel with families. It’s a good idea to split the group between two rooms.

But genuinely speaking, if you’re not with a group or family, these rooms might not be worth it. 

It’s because these cabins have doors connecting them. Would it be okay for you if some unknown guest might walk into your room?

Even if the doors are locked, there can be privacy issues because the walls aren’t soundproof. 

So, it’s better to skip these rooms if you’re not traveling with family or a group.

Reasons To Avoid Connecting Rooms When Not With Family Or Group

  • Not ideal for solo travelers
  • Less soundproofing
  • Privacy concerns
  • Unwanted interruptions

Carnival Best Balcony Rooms

The top Balcony rooms on Carnival cruises are the special themed ones, like Cloud 9, Family Harbor, and Havana.

1- Cloud 9 Balcony Rooms (For Spa Days)

If you enjoy spa days, Cloud 9 Balcony rooms are great. You get unlimited access to the Thermal Suite and some extra perks

The rooms have calming decor, making them perfect for a relaxing break.

2- Family Harbor Balcony Rooms (When Cruising With Kids)

If you’re bringing kids on the cruise, go for Family Harbor Balcony rooms. 

Your little ones will enjoy the cool decorations, and the special Family Harbor Lounge is a nice venue for you to chill with other families.

3- For Couples 

If you’re a couple, check out Havana Balcony rooms. You can relax at the private Havana pool, away from the crowds – perfect for you and yours!

Worst Balcony Rooms On Carnival Ships

The worst Balcony rooms on Carnival ships are the Obstructed View Balcony rooms and cabins under the pool deck.

It’s because nobody wants to be stuck behind a lifeboat and hear the chairs scraping every day.

Tips For Booking Quiet Cabins On Carnival

Here are my secret tips for booking quiet cruise cabins on Carnival:

  • Midship Location: Consider the cabins located in the middle of the Ship, as they tend to experience less motion and noise
  • Avoid High Traffic Areas: Steer clear of cabins near elevators, arcades, kids’ clubs, or cinemas where there might be more foot traffic and noise
  • Higher Decks: Choose higher deck cabins, those away from the Ship’s central areas, which can be quieter and offer better views.
  • Consider Adult-Only Areas: Look for the rooms near Adult-only areas. Those are quieter as they only have adults.


What Are The Benefits Of Booking A Balcony Cabin On Carnival?

Balcony cabins offer outdoor space, scenic views, and a private retreat for a more enjoyable cruise experience.

Are Carnival’s Cloud 9 Balcony Rooms Worth It?

Yes, Cloud 9 Balcony rooms provide spa perks, including access to the Thermal Suite, making them ideal for those who love spa amenities.

How To Avoid Noise In Carnival Cruise Line Cabin?

Choose a cabin in a midship area, away from high-traffic areas and entertainment areas, for a quieter experience.

Final Words

Analyzing the Ship’s deck plan is crucial, as some rooms on Carnival may not meet our vacation preferences. 

It’s essential to consider every aspect of the room before deciding because it’s the key to having a memorable and enjoyable cruise experience.

I’ve discussed everything regarding cruise ship cabins you should avoid and consider for a more satisfying cruise adventure.

Happy Sailing!

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