Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have Formal Nights?

Formal nights are the best way to showcase your personality and attire. People traveling on the Norwegian Cruise Line often ask about the formal nights. 

Unlike the Royal Caribbean and Carnival, the NCL has no formal night concept. The NCL is like a freestyle cruise, with a laid-back environment, no dress code, and the best entertainment. 

Even though there is no formal night, NCL has a “Dress up or not” night on the first sea day, giving you a chance to dress up formally. But this night has no strict dress code, and you’re good to go with a casual outfit. 

So let’s explore more about the ‘Dress up or not” night on NCL. 

norwegian cruise formal night

What Is “Dress Up Or Not” Night On Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

Everyone loves formal nights, and people search for such events on the NCL website. But you will never find any regarding formal nights on NCL’s official website. 

I have taken almost 6 NCL cruises, including Norwegian Breakaway; no NCL has an formal night. But a night called “Dress up or not” allows you to meet with the captain and capture some moments with your family. 

As I mentioned, NCL offers a freestyle experience, so there’s no specific dress code for the ‘Dress up or not’ night. You can opt for a more formal attire to showcase your affiliation with a wealthier crowd or keep it casual.

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Are There Theme Nights And Parties On NCL?

Theme Night on norwegian cruise

I love theme nights and parties– the best opportunity to bust a move and shake your legs on the dance floor. 

The NCL has recently announced a new night event called “Norwegian’s Night Out.” In that event, you can sip the best cocktails, signature drinks, fine dining, live music, and much more entertainment. 

You can also pack some ensemble dresses for the ionic White Hot Party. If you’re a fan of white dresses, this party is the best chance to dress up in your favorite white attire. 

Perhaps “Dancing Under The Start” was my best entertainment night on NCL. While sailing to Nashville, TN, we enter this night where everyone dances under the start lights, and lovely moonlight bathes the water. 

Again, none of the theme nights or parties on NCL have a strict dress code. But it’s better to opt for a dress that fits the environment.

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Norwegian Glow Party 

NCL night parties
Credit: @ beth_williams59

Various cruises in the NCL fleet offer Glow party, an electrifying DJ night that energetic crowd enjoy like a pro. This night party transforms the ship’s night into a neon spectacle of fun and excitement. 

For dancing buffs, this is a special moment to enjoy life’s best moments. You can also savor the ‘Blinking Night Party Light” cocktails and signature drinks. 

Folks prefer to wear vibrant and glowing dresses at night. People from every age group can participate at this party, and it is usually celebrated on the last sea night of your NCL cruise. 

The DJ’s beats will shake your legs and dance the night away. I recommend you pack some extra accessories for this party, like neon dresses, glasses, and sticks to best fit in the atmosphere. 

Dress Code On Norwegian Cruise Lines?

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) offers a refreshing ‘freestyle’ approach to dress codes. Instead of traditional, formal attire requirements, NCL encourages passengers to be themselves and dress comfortably. The relaxed dress code caters to a variety of preferences.

Some specialty restaurants onboard fall towards the formal side and won’t allow shorts. Keep notice that shorts are allowed in main dining rooms and outdoor restaurants. 

During day time, women could opt for a summer dress, maxi, Cover-Up Dress, jeans and shirts, and Sheath dresses. At the same time, men can go for casual shirts, jeans, shorts, polo shirts, or beach shirts. 

The main NCL’s goal is to provide passengers with a more relaxed and laid-back environment. 

NCL Dress Codes For Specialty Restaurants

NCL Dress Codes

Whether you’re a first-timer cruiser or experienced, the first concern is always packing according to the dress code. NCL is very lenient in this regard, except you have to dress nicely for specialty restaurants. 

You can pack long pants, slacks, or skirts for specialty restaurants. The polo and jeans go best for men. Remember that shorts are prohibited in specialty restaurants, so avoid wearing them. 

Kids can wear shorts or any dress in a speciality restaurant or any other spot. 

However, you don’t need to overpack if traveling on the Norwegian cruise line; just pack some essential clothes– a few shirts, jeans, trousers, and a night dress. Get ready to create unforgettable moments with NCL freestyle traveling. 

These Items Are Now Allowed Onboard 

Here are some of the items that you should avoid wearing on Norwegian cruise line; 

  • Tank Tops for men
  • Baseball caps
  • Ripped Jeans
  • Flip Flops

Whereas shorts are only disallowed in specialty restaurants. Besides this, guests are free to dress up in anything they want. But I still recommend you to go with the flow and opt for a dress that best matches the environment. 

However, if you have booked any shore excursion, you can pack shoes and flip-flops for beaches. Rest there are no strict dress codes for NCL. 

Final Thoughts 

Most cruise lines offer formal nights where everyone is dressed formally to look opulent. But NCL is not like a traditional style of sailing. It offers a freestyle experience, meaning guests can wear anything at special night parties and theme nights. 

The laid-back environment of NCL is what I love the most; that’s why I often prefer to go with Norwegian cruises because they don’t implement any dress codes, so you don’t need to pack heavy. 

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