21 Royal Caribbean Diamond Benefits With Personal Tips for Added Savings

I remember when Ana called me the week before I entered the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society. Exactly 1 year later, I was enjoying the Royal Caribbean Diamond benefits. Sounds strange, right?

Well, I never guessed I would reach the Diamond tier that soon, but it happened cause I fell in love with Royal Caribbean at first sight.

Ana, my friend from college, knew I loved the sea and had a passion for cruising. Perhaps that was the reason she invited me on board. At that time, she was herself at Emerald status and reached Diamond while we were on the cruise.

The Royal Caribbean Diamond benefits will keep me on the cruise for several years. There is so much to discuss, and I am excited to share it all with you. To make it all organized, I am going by outlines.

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What Is the Royal Caribbean Diamond Status?

How Do You Quickly Access Royal Caribbean Diamond Benefits?

Membership in the Crown and Anchor Society is a journey of its own. It begins with the entry level and ascends through the ranks.

As members progress, the rewards become increasingly attractive, with the Emerald tier offering a range of perks that can significantly enhance the cruising experience.

It usually takes years to reach the diamond status, but you can make it happen within 7 to 8 months with more passion and wisdom. It’s no fluff; I did that.

Here is how I made it possible:

  • You can have multiple cruises in a year and focus on longer itineraries.
  •  Choose suite accommodations to earn double points each night.
  •  Take advantage of any double-point promotions offered by Royal Caribbean.
  •  As a solo traveler, you can have the benefit of earning double points.
  •  Schedule your cruise strategically to get maximum points.

This is how I made it possible. Your strategy may differ from mine. But it will help you decide on how you can get there faster.

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21 Royal Caribbean Diamond Tier Benefits Plus Some Pro Tips

Diamond is the fourth level among 6 other tiers in the Royal Caribbean Crown and anchor society. To access the Royal Caribbean Diamond benefits, you must have 80 loyalty points. You get these points by sailing in the stateroom (1 point) or spending the night in a suit (2 points).

Obviously, there are some other tips and tricks to get more loyalty points, and I will share those tips later in this blog. For now, let’s explore more about Crown and Anchor Society, which manages this program.

The Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society is basically a loyalty program designed to reward frequent cruisers. The more you cruise with Royal Caribbean, the higher your tier, and the better the benefits you receive.

There are hundreds of cruise lines, and sea lovers have more options to choose from. Plus, it’s always fun trying something new. But cruise lines dont want to let their cruisers go to other options. So they give some perks to keep them close.

That’s the reason the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society exists. They give you some added advantages when you move upward on these tiers.

And to keep moving up, you must keep cruising on the same cruise, Royal Caribbean. This is what they want. You keep cruising, and they keep earning. It’s a win-win situation.

Here is the info about the tiers and the points required:

  • Gold: Requires 3 points.
  • Platinum: Requires 30 points.
  • Emerald: Requires 55 points.
  • Diamond: Requires 80 points.
  • Diamond Plus: Ranges from 175 to 699 points.

Pinnacle Club: Requires 700 or more points.

So, now is the time to explore the perks of your Diamond status. Along with the main benefits, I will share some ideas on how you can save some extra bucks and enhance your experience on the cruise.

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21 Royal Caribbean Diamond Tier Benefits Plus Some Pro Tips

So, now is the time to explore the perks of your Diamond status. Along with the main benefits, I will share some ideas on how you can save some extra bucks and enhance your experience on the cruise.

1. One-Day Free Internet Access

Free Internet Access

Diamond members get a free internet which is Surf+Stream Voom package. You can use this high-speed internet to stream your favorite show and stay connected with your loved ones. Other than this, you get some other cheaper wifi on Royal Caribbean.

Pro Tip: Use this free internet day during a relaxing day at sea. On my last cruise, I scheduled my free internet day to coincide with a day I knew I’d be lounging on deck to catch up online while enjoying the sun.

2. Crystal Block Recognition

The Crystal Block is a prestigious award within the Crown & Anchor Society. It’s given to members as they surpass specific point milestones.

Upon reaching 140 points, members receive their first Crystal Block, with more blocks awarded for every additional 70 points.

As of 2023, blocks are now in full colors and serve as a symbol of the member’s loyalty and the unforgettable experiences they’ve enjoyed with Royal Caribbean.

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3. Free Drinks (4 per day)

Royal Caribbean Drink Package

As a Diamond member of Royal Caribbean, I had four free daily drink vouchers, each for drinks worth up to $14. This benefit lets me enjoy the variety and find my new favorites.

Like, usually, I would never buy a $14 drink without being assured that I definitely like that. But with those 4 free drink options with Royal Caribbean diamond benefits, I explored variety each day on the cruise.

Before reaching the Diamond level, I had to buy a Royal Caribbean refreshment package to save some dollars on my daily drinking needs.

Remember: Starbucks and Bionic Bar aren’t included in this free drinks offer.

Pro Tip: To maximize the value of your drink vouchers, use them for the pricier options like specialty cocktails. I once ordered a cocktail along with water, and instead of using a voucher for the water, I paid cash.

This way, I saved my vouchers for more expensive drinks, effectively increasing my savings. It’s all about being strategic with your choices to enjoy the best drinks without spending more.

4. Discounts On Royal Caribbean Merchandise

For those who love to shop, Diamond members receive a 15% discount on Royal Caribbean logo items when they spend $25 or more.

This exclusive shopping benefit allows for a little extra splurge on souvenirs or luxury items without the full price. From clothing to collectibles, the range of merchandise available captures the spirit of your cruise, making for perfect gifts or keepsakes.

5. Discounts On Drinks

Cheat Royal Caribbean Drinks Package

Other than 4 complimentary drinks, the Diamond members will get a 20% discount on all the beers, wines, and sodas you buy.

It’s not just that; there are 2 coupons for a 50% discount per sailing (these coupons are not only for Diamond status, but all the Crown and Anchor Society members get them).

For me, these 2 coupons and the 4 complimentary drinks are enough as I am not a huge drinker, but you have your priorities.

Let’s say you’re a diamond member but not your partner on the cruise. In that case, sharing drinks with family is also a good option to save some extra bucks.

Also, if you’re buying any of the Royal Caribbean drink packages, the 20% discount offer is not valid for them.

Pro Tip: Use free drink vouchers on drinks from $9 to $14 and the 2 discount coupons on other prices or premium drinks only.

6. Access To Private Departure Lounge

Access To Private Departure Lounge

This might not be very appealing if you have sailed before, as it’s open for all Crown and Anchor Society Members regardless of their tier. But wait! Isn’t it good enough to have a free breakfast before you sail on your cruise?

It’s small but a good start to enjoying a smoother cruising experience. A good omen, I would say.

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7. Bingo and Casino Credits

Bingo and Casino Credits

Diamond members who love a bit of risk and reward get some great extra casino and bingo perks and chances to win. When you hit the onboard casino play, you’re treated to $6 in free play credits.

And there’s more fun to be had if bingo’s your game—you’ll receive 6 free jackpot cards with your bingo package. It’s all about adding to the excitement without dipping into your wallet.

Pro Tip: Even if you’re not a Diamond member, anyone over 18 can get a nice little boost with at least $2 in casino credits. So, everyone gets a shot at luck, making it more fun for all. It’s wise to stop as soon as your free credits end if you don’t want to gamble the money in your wallet.

8. Diamond Laundry Service Discount

Royal Caribbean Diamond members can take advantage of discounted laundry, ironing, and dry-cleaning services. This simply makes it easy to keep clothes fresh throughout the voyage.

On cruises lasting five nights or more, Diamond members are treated to a $10 reduction on the Wash & Fold Laundry Bag service, usually priced at $34.99.

For those smaller items or when you’re in need of a quick press, Diamond members also get a $5 discount on any dry-clean or press service costing $25 or more.

In-stateroom services for suite guests, there is an ease of laundry pick-up and delivery right to your door. This allows guests to enjoy their cruise with one less thing to worry about.

9. Spa Service Discounts

Spa Service Discounts

You will get a 20% flat discount on Spa and Saloon services. This is something that I recommend to avail. On all my cruises, I never miss my wellness and relaxation, as this is the reason we cruise.

After exhausting yourself in the sun and being onboard all day, the spa feels like heaven, where you can get a discounted relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial.

Pro Tip: Schedule your spa treatments on port days or during off-peak hours for a quieter, more serene experience.

10. Unique Lapel Pin

As a Diamond member, you’re recognized not just by the experiences you get but also by a distinctive lapel pin. This lapel pin symbolizes your membership level within Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society.

This pin is a conversation starter and a badge of honor that reflects a journey of loyalty and memorable voyages.

It’s awarded on the cruise following the achievement of Diamond status and allows you to celebrate and display your commitment to the cruising lifestyle visibly.

11. Exclusive Cruise Rates

Royal Caribbean offers special rates to all Crown & Anchor Society members, starting from the Gold tier up, which includes Diamond members.

While these rates are available to all tiers, it’s still a great feeling to save on your cruise compared to standard pricing.

Diamond members also enjoy additional discounts on Balcony Staterooms and Suites, making that upgrade to a room with a view or extra space more tempting and affordable.

12. Priority Main Dining Room Seating

Main Dining Room Seating

Gaining Diamond status brought an unexpected luxury to my dining experience. With priority seating in the main dining room, I no longer had to worry about long wait times or unfavorable table locations.

The experience is just like selecting Royal Caribbean My Time Dining. This perk meant I could dine at prime spots, enjoying the best views while savoring exquisite meals. It made each dinner feel exclusive, almost like a VIP reservation.

Pro Tip: Use this privilege to reserve tables for special occasions or to ensure a great spot during peak dining hours. It turns an ordinary meal into a more personalized and memorable dining experience.

13. Status Matching With Celebrity Cruises

For those who want variety in their cruising experiences, Royal Caribbean provides a cool perk: status matching with Celebrity Cruises and even MSC Cruises.

As a Diamond member of Royal Caribbean, you can enjoy equivalent recognition within Celebrity’s Captain’s Club. Plus the Diamond members will get the Gold’s benefits on MSC cruises.

What’s more, the points you earn while sailing with Celebrity also count towards your Crown & Anchor Society membership, allowing you to maintain and elevate your status with Royal Caribbean.

14. Priority Check-in And Boarding

Priority Check-in and Boarding

The cruise experience for diamond members starts with ease due to its priority check-in and boarding. This privilege means you can bypass the typical wait times, step aboard with minimal delay, and start your holiday the moment you reach the port.

Once on the ship, the perks continue with discounts on balcony cabins and invite you to enjoy the sea views from a private outdoor space.

15. Exclusive Onboard Events

Events on royal caribbean

With diamond status, you are able to participate in exclusive events and have better dining experiences. Your SeaPass card allows entry to these events. If you’re staying in a suite, you might get invited to even more exclusive gatherings.

This will give you a chance to meet other high-tier members and enjoy top-notch service and luxury.

Pro Tip: I always look forward to these events for their entertainment perks and the chance to experience different aspects of the ship that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Attending a specialty dining experience during one of these events. The taste of gourmet cuisine in an intimate setting was the highlight of my last cruise.

16. Special Seating At Shows

Special Seating At Shows

As part of the Diamond tier, you’re given the VIP treatment with special seating at the ship’s entertainment venues. So now, you don’t need to arrive earlier or worry about finding a good seat.

This means you can enjoy the full spectrum of Royal Caribbean’s high-caliber performances from some of the best seats in the house.

17. Complimentary Specialty Coffee

Save Money On Royal Caribbean Drink Package

Diamond members of Royal Caribbean can enjoy a specialty coffee each day using their drink vouchers.

This means you can really start every cruise morning with your favorite espresso-based drink without any extra charge. Just remember that these vouchers are for the coffee spots on the ship, not the Starbucks kiosks.

If you’re in the mood for something special and you don’t like the coffee machine in the Diamond Lounge, your vouchers help you at places like Cafe Promenade.

18. Priority Tender Tickets in Tender Ports

As a Diamond member with Royal Caribbean, you’ll receive priority tender tickets, giving you faster access to the tender boats that take you ashore when the ship is anchored off a port.

This means less waiting for you, so you can enjoy more time exploring each destination. It’s one of the perks that make being a Diamond member a smoother, more efficient experience during your cruise adventures.

When using priority tender tickets on a Royal Caribbean cruise, it’s best not to rush for the first tender unless you have an early shore excursion.

Enjoying a leisurely breakfast and waiting for the initial crowd to clear can lead to a more relaxed, tender experience.

Moreover, if you have motion sickness, aim for a spot near the front or top deck for fresh air and less movement.

19. Discounts On Photo Purchases

Reaching diamond status, you also get some photo and retail discounts along with other cruise planning benefits.

There is one complimentary photo per sailing and an overall 30% discount on all photos.

 I often use my own phone to take selfies or cruise pictures, but having one free photo in print form is really amazing.

20. Concierge Service Access

As a Diamond-level member of the Crown & Anchor Society, you have access to the Concierge Club Lounge.

Here, you can benefit from the concierge’s services, which are available twice daily, from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning & from 5:00 to 8:30 at night. This privilege extends to making your cruise experience seamless and personalized

21. Youth Member Benefits

Royal Caribbean includes young cruisers in the Crown & Anchor Society, too, offering perks tailored for families:

  • Half Price off Ice Cream: Kids and teens can cool off with a 50% discount on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a sweet treat for sunny sea days.
  • Internet Access: Just like their parents, young guests enjoy a free day of internet so they can stay connected or stream their favorite content.
  • Movie Rentals: For some in-stateroom entertainment, young cruisers can enjoy a movie night with buy-one-get-one-free movie rentals.
  • Arcade Credits: More fun in the arcade! For every $15 spent on arcade credits, $5 is returned to the onboard account, and for every $50, they get $25 back.
  • Free Drinks: Young Diamond members receive the same number of free daily drinks as their adult counterparts, perfect for enjoying mocktails or sodas throughout the day.

A Glance at Diamond Plus: Let’s Move a Step Ahead

Ascending to Diamond Plus status with Royal Caribbean grants a suite of enhanced perks:

  • A buy one, get one free deal in specialty restaurants, providing savings on exquisite dining experiences.
  • Complimentary Wash and fold Laundry service on sailings of 5 nights or longer, adding convenience and cost savings.
  • An increase to 5 drink vouchers per day, allowing for an extra indulgence of your favorite beverages.

These perks exemplify the significant step up from Diamond to Diamond Plus, adding value and luxury to your cruising experience.

Final Thoughts

It’s a must to explore the Royal Caribbean Diamond benefits and find a world of exclusive perks and savings. The journey to Diamond status is achievable through frequent cruising and strategic planning.

With every cruise, members can enjoy numerous advantages and make each journey more memorable. So, keep sailing with Royal Caribbean to enjoy the rewards of loyalty. Each night on a Royal Caribbean cruise will get you closer to the next level of benefits.

The more you cruise, the more you gain, from special discounts to exclusive services.


How many cruises do I need for diamond status?

To reach Diamond status on Royal Caribbean, you typically need 80 cruise points. Each night on the ship earns you one point in a stateroom. But you get 2 points while staying in a suit.

How many cruises do I need for diamond status?

To reach Diamond status on Royal Caribbean, you typically need 80 cruise points. Each night on the ship earns you one point in a stateroom. But you get 2 points while staying in a suit.

Does the diamond status expire?

Not at all. Diamond status with Royal Caribbean does not expire. Once you’ve earned it, you retain the status and all its benefits for life.

Can I bring my friend to the Diamond Lounge?

Yes, as a Diamond member, you can invite a friend to join you in the Diamond Lounge on Royal Caribbean cruises. It’s a great way to share the experience with someone special.

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