Does Royal Caribbean Have Irons? [Explained]

Keeping your clothes clean and wrinkle-free is one of the main concerns of many Royal Caribbean cruisers. 

Meanwhile, it’s important to know that Royal Caribbean doesn’t provide irons due to potential safety concerns. However, laundry options like washing, pressing, or dry cleaning are available to facilitate onboarding.

So, if irons are prohibited on Royal Caribbean Cruise – what else can you do to keep yourself presentable by wearing wrinkle-free clothes?

Don’t worry. Here we have the answer. All you need is to stick with us till the end. 

Can I Bring an Iron or Steamer on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship?

iron on royal caribbean

You can’t bring irons or clothes steamer on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. It is strictly prohibited due to the potential fire hazards concerns – Source: Royal Caribbean. 

However, if self-laundry service is unavailable on Royal Caribbean cruise, it doesn’t mean you will wear wrinkled clothes.

Certain laundry and additional wash and fold services are available on Royal Caribbean Cruise to serve you.

For example, you can pack your smaller clothing items in a bag. Send it over to the royal caribbean wash and Fold service. It will cost you 34.99 dollars per bag.

Ultimate Royal Caribbean Laundry Options

Although, irons are not allowed in royal Caribbean cruising. However, you still have the opportunity to wear wrinkle-free clothing. 

That’s why we will discuss other laundry options you can avail of while cruising on Royal Caribbean. 

Royal Caribbean Laundry Options


Many of us prefer self-service laundry facilities. Are you one of them?

If so, you must know that self-laundry service is unavailable on any Royal Caribbean cruise. You can’t do it by yourself, including washing and drying clothes.

The same goes with the iron; you will not be provided with the irons in any cruise staterooms. 

However, if you get it with yourself in the luggage, it must be confiscated. And you will get it back in the entire voyage. 

Paid laundry

Well, you can’t get the self-laundry facility on a royal caribbean cruise, but other paid laundry options of royal caribbean are still there to serve you. 

Whether you need dry cleaning, dry cleaning or press, washing only, pressing only, or steaming – all services are available.

All you need is to find a bag that you can use to keep clothes in it. Next, fill out the form and leave it on your bed. The cabin attendant will pick it up and will do the rest. 

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Get Free Laundry

An ultimate way to get the royal caribbean service free of cost is to book the diamond plus or anchor society. 

However, that will not be completely free but will reduce your huge cost. 

Meanwhile, if you have a grand suite, you will get the pressing service of dressing for formal nights. However, telling your stateroom attendant as soon as possible is key to completing it on time. 

How Much Does the Royal Caribbean Laundry Cost?

Royal Caribbean laundry costs depend on the type of clothing and what laundry service you need. 

For example, there are different price tags depending on whether you need the service for t-shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts, pants, etc. That’s why each one has a separate cost.

For further pricing options, you can refer to the chart below.

  Wash & PressPress OnlySteam OnlyDry Clean & Press
2Short Sleeved Shirt$3.99$2.99$2.49$5.99
3Long Sleeved Shirt$4.99$3.99$3.49$6.99
6Underwear / Socks$1.99—-—-—-
9Pullover / Sweater$4.99$3.99$2.99$6.99
12Tie / Scarf$2.99$2.49$1.99$3.99
15Evening Gown—-$14.99$12.99—-

However, one thing is for sure: pressing and cleaning are the least expensive options. Meanwhile, dry cleaning remains the most expensive. 

How to Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free in a Cruise Line?

As the irons are not allowed on royal Caribbean cruises, it doesn’t mean you would keep wearing wrinkled clothes on a cruise. 

Here are some of our tested tips to help you keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

  1. One of the very first things to consider while cruising is your fabric of clothes. It would help if you packed travel clothes only. For example, certain fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic, are wrinkle-resistant compared to linen, silk, cotton, etc.
  2. Ultimately, you should never forget to iron your clothes at home before packing. To make them wrinkle-free, perform all the necessary steps: ironing or steaming.
  3. Further, the clothes must be dry before you pack as it will increase the chances of wrinkling.
  4. You should use tissue paper while packing your formal clothes. For example, keeping the tissue in the shoulder area will help them to stay in the correct shape.
  5. While packing, always try to pack in bundles – this means folding items around one another. For example, you can pack geans pent over a shirt by keeping the pants on the inner and the shirt on the outer side.
  6. Another tip is always to pack heavy items or clothes at the bottom. If you keep the heavy item at the top, it will squash the others down and will ultimately result in wrinkling.
  7. Another way to keep clothes wrinkle-free is by using packing cubes. This will also keep your essentials organized.
  8. Always choose a suitable suitcase to pack your clothes. It must be in the appropriate size as your clothes will move in bigger ones, and tight packaging would also cause wrinkling. A hard shell suitcase is always recommended over a soft one.
  9. Next, don’t forget to unpack your clothes after arriving. And hang up in your stateroom. You can also keep your lightweight wired hangers with them or request the attendant.

So, these were some of the tested ways that have helped us keep our clothes wrinkle-free. 

We would highly encourage you to don’t overpack. For this, you can pack by creating a color scheme to create a mix and match between them later.  

How to Remove Wrinkles from Clothes While Cruising? 

Although, if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will get wrinkle-free clothes. 

However, chances are you did not know them before, or your clothes still get wrinkled. 

Whatever is the case? You don’t have to worry; here is the ultimate way to remove wrinkles from your clothes on a cruise line. 

#1 Use Wrinkle Release Spray

One of the first ways to get rid of wrinkles is to get a wrinkle-release spray. 

Although various brands are available in the market, we recommend Downy Release

With that, a wide range of wrinkle-release sprays also have a scent. So, whatever you choose, make sure to smell it first. The process of using these sprays is effortless.

You only need to spray on your garment evenly and then dampen it with your hands. Next, hang it anywhere to dry. These sprays usually work best for jerseys, t-shirts, polo, jeans, or casual wear.

Among all, you must know that these wrinkle-release sprays would not make your cloth looks crisp as iron but still can be an effective and easy way to get rid of wrinkles. 

#2 Use hair Straightener

use hair spray

Using a hair straightener to make your clothes wrinkle-free is one of the best techniques, especially if you want to remove the wrinkles from your shirt collar, tail, or other parts. 

You only need to dampen your clothes with a clean cloth to try this trick. Put your hair dryer on the coolest settings, and below it dry.

Meanwhile, straighteners can also go too hot, just like irons. That’s why be careful while using. 

#3 Using Steam Shower

 Using Steam Shower

One of the easiest tricks to try is using your steam shower. 

All you need to do is hang your clothes in the bathroom and release the shower on high heat. Close the door for a few minutes and let the steam magic happens.

Usually, the royal caribbean doesn’t have removable hangers. That’s why you may have to use yours or try hanging the clothes on the hook at the back of the door. 

#4 Use Onboard Dry Cleaning Service

Suppose all the methods mentioned earlier don’t work well for you. Another option is to look for cruise ship laundry or onboard dry cleaning service. 

However, the cost of dry cleaning will completely depend on the item. But, on average, you will get between $8 to $10.

It’s worth stating that you must get your clothes as soon as possible for a hassle-free process. 


Can you bring travel iron on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

No. Travel irons are also prohibited from bringing on Royal Caribbean cruises due to the potential fire risk. All it takes is an unattended iron by one passenger and in one room to get the fire started. Bringing irons or travel irons is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

What can happen if you bring an iron to the cruise ship?

The cruise ship has all the rights to reserve all items prohibited for safety concerns. Further, the iron can easily be spotted while scanning the luggage. That’s why, if you are caught with an iron, they will reserve it and potentially give it back to you at the end of the cruise.  

What can be other alternatives to iron while cruising?

One of the best alternatives to getting iron while cruising is to get wrinkle-free clothes, as certain manufacturers offer wrinkle-resistant travel clothes. You can also use a wrinkle-release spray or any other hair tool to eliminate wrinkles. 

Final Words:

We are Wrapping up today’s discussion with a note that the royal caribbean doesn’t allow irons. It’s strictly prohibited. 

This decision has been made due to the safety concerns of guests, which is fair enough.

However, we have stated the ultimate ways to release wrinkles from your clothes. You can try them and write them down in the comment section – has it worked for you?

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