The Royal Caribbean Dining Dress Code – 3 Dining Dress Rules

Every novice cruiser must know that there are certain occasions when you should follow the necessary dress codes. And royal Caribbean dining is one of them.

We will discuss royal Caribbean dining dress codes in today’s guide. This will also save you from unnecessary packaging and luggage load.

So, buckle up to know all the royal Caribbean dining dress codes to dress up appropriately.

Is There Any Dress Code for a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Suppose you are in the dining room of Royal Caribbean cruise ship, but you have dressed up too formally or casually.

Will it look good, or will you feel comfortable?

No, you will not. Everybody follows a specific pattern where they know what and where to wear. The Royal Caribbean dress codes will help you dress up nicely.

Further, there are certain occasions in the royal Caribbean, just like the formal nights during a sailing, where you shouldn’t only dress up nicely but dress to impress.

So, a beginner can quickly get confused about whether to wear casual or formal clothes and what could be the ideal formal or informal dress code.

To resolve these ambiguities, you must know that cruise line dress codes are here to save.

And don’t worry, here I will discuss all the Royal Caribbean dining room dress codes, formal night dress codes, and the casual dress code. All you need is to stick with us till the end.

What Are the Dress Codes of Royal Caribbean Dining?

Dress Codes of Royal Caribbean

Generally, the Royal Caribbean has three dress codes for dinners in the main dining: casual, smart casual, and formal. 

Knowing the difference between all these will resolve all your concerns.

Remember that bare feet are never allowed with all the dress codes.

Whether you are in the main dining room, during my time dining or in the speciality restaurant – bare feet are never permitted in the main dining room.


As the name suggests, casual. So, hang on as you are on vacation and can dress accordingly.

Wear jeans, blouses, sundresses or even polo – Source.

Smart Casual

The smart casual dining dress code will be a little formal, as you can wear on a royal Caribbean your typical dinner wear.

Source: Skirts and blouses, jackets, sports coats, collared shirts, dresses, and blazers.

Generally, smart casual dress codes are a mix and match between informal and formal wear.

Formal Night

On Royal Caribbean, you will have 1 to 3 formal nights. However, the number of formal nights could vary depending on your cruising nights.

Ultimately as the name suggests, you must dress up a bit formally. On the contrary, you can also consider the dress code of formal nights the same as you dress up while going to restaurant at home.

Suits, cocktail dresses, dresses, tuxedos, long gowns or even a black suit and tie look can be best – Source.

Overall formal dress code is the best way to wear your favorite dress.

What is the Dress Code in the Royal Caribbean, Especially Restaurant Dining?

Dress Code in the Royal Caribbean

Generally, there is no specific dress code in Royal Caribbean speciality restaurant dining.

It’s up to you whether you wear a formal or semi-casual night dress code. 

In other words, speciality restaurant dining can be an exquisite option for all those who don’t want to dress up for dinner.

Among the purposes of making a reservation for a speciality restaurant is to celebrate some special occasions, just as birthdays or anniversaries. That’s why it would be a good idea to dress up adequately.

Other Dress Codes on Royal Caribbean Cruises:

  • Daytime dress code: There is no dress code on a Royal Caribbean cruise for the daytime. Even the strictest cruise line would allow you to wear whatever you want daily. So, whether you wear formal, informal, casual, jeans or tops is up to you.
  • Excursion dress code: The code for the excursion entirely depends on what kind of activities are involved. However, you don’t have to worry about the excursion dress code when booking; you will be told if any.
  • Teenage boy dress code: On any formal or smart casual night, chinos or polo are always welcome for boys, especially if you are under 10.
  • Teenage girl dress code: A skirt with a top or a dress with smart trousers can serve you the best. You can achieve this look with little or no hassle and even look presentable.
  • Ice skating dress code: The dress code of ice skating is a must to follow: pants/trousers and socks. You cannot enter if you haven’t followed the pattern. However, the purpose of strictly enforcing this code is to enhance guests’ safety

Are Shorts Allowed in the Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room?

Yes, shorts are allowed in the Royal Caribbean main dining room.

On the contrary, you should wear dresses following the dress codes mentioned above, especially in the Royal Caribbean main dining room.

Further, it’s understandable that you are on vacation, but you should dress up according. For example, wearing shorts on formal nights would never be a good idea. However, you can wear it on casual nights.

Bottom Line

Royal Caribbean has certain formal and semi-casual nights. You must be asked to follow the dress codes, especially in the main dining room at dinner.

However, if you are not willing to follow these dress codes to wear on your cruise, you can also prefer other dining venues or buffets so that you won’t have to worry about dressing. 

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