Is There Any Nickelodeon Cruise in 2024?

When it comes to cruising with kids, the Nickelodeon cruise is always considered to be the best bet. But are there any Nickelodeon cruises nowadays?

Unfortunately, the partnership between Nickelodeon and Norwegian cruise lines terminated in 2015. This partnership was dissolved when Norwegian launched a new Escape cruise in November 2015.

Nothing is preferable for kids than meeting their favorite Nickelodeon character on a cruise. 

Even though this gap can’t be covered, some cruises offer full entertainment for kids, like Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruises.

Nickelodeon & Norwegian Cruise Line Partnership 

Nickelodeon & Norwegian Cruise Line Partnership 

Nickelodeon always tries collaborating with other entertainment sources, including cruise lines, to promote their characters. 

Seeing the opportunity, the Norwegian cruise line agreed with Nickelodeon in 2010, and at that time, Nickelodeon Cruise acquired immense renown. 

With this partnership, Nickelodeon brings some famous charters onboard to NCL. Also, these Nickelodeon cruises include some of the renowned kid activities like 

  • Any type of drugs or narcotics. 
  • All kinds of weapons, explosives, and ammunition.
  • Flammable substances like paint thinners or petrol. 
  • Alcohol and beer. 
  • Compress gas tanks, cylinders, and propane tanks. 
  • Electronics household devices containing heating elements. 
  • Knives, scissors, and open razors. 
  • Hoverboards and air wheels. 
  • Internet-related equipment like routers or satellite disks. 
  • Candles and incense.

With all these fun activities, this Nickelodeon cruise was heaven for kids and a great opportunity to enjoy the best time of their lives. 

Due to the immense love from kids and families, the Norwegian started offering all-access Nickelodeon cruises in 2011, which offer unlimited Nickelodeon theme activities and famous characters on board. 

These All Access Cruises include special guests from iCarly, True Jackson VP, and other famous actors. The Nickelodeon Signature games were kids’ most entertaining onboard activity and included much more fun. 

End Of Partnership 

As per the agreement, the partnership between Nickelodeon and the Norwegian cruise line was terminated in 2015. 

Back in 2015, the NCL also launched its new Norwegian Escape, and unfortunately, the Nickelodeon theme experience was eradicated from that cruise.

Still, after 2015, NCL didn’t add any Nickelodeon theme experience to its cruises. Both companies never disclose any reason why they dissolve the partnership.

Does Norwegian Cruise Line Still Offer Any Onboard Activities For Kids?

If you’re planning a cruise with kids or toddlers, you will surely miss the old Nickelodeon experience. 

But does the Norwegian cruise line offer any onboard activities for kids?

Fortunately, the NCL includes youth programs for 3 – 17 year old kids. This program is divided into the Splash Academy for kids (3 – 12) and ENTOURAGE for teens (13 – 17). 

For Youth programs, Norwegian hires well-trained staff that look after your kids and help them enjoy different fun activities like game shows, scavenger hunts, challenges, movies, gaming, sports, and trivia. 

Alternative Cruises To Nickelodeon Cruise 

Even though there is no Nickelodeon cruise in 2023 or 2024, you can try alternative kids’ themed cruises. 

#1 Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise is undoubtedly the best family cruise and option for kids’ entertainment and fun. 

Like the Nickelodeon cruise, the Disney Cruise also offers greetings with famous Disney characters, Disney-themed fun, entertainment, games, and other exciting activities. 

During the voyage, your kid will get the opportunity to meet with Marvel and Star Wars characters. 

The water slides and pool games are fun-filled kid activities on the Disney cruise, where your kids can spend the best time of their life. 

The kids can also enjoy the special AquaDuck Water coaster, which is thrilling and entertaining. Disney Cruise also offers a magical-themed restaurant for kids where you can enjoy a special dinner with your kids. 

Plus, some other unforgettable Disney-themed entertainment makes Disney Cruise a perfect spot to spend quality time. 

#2 Royal Caribbean 

 Royal Caribbean 

Royal Caribbean is also worth considering for kids; they offer the Adventure Ocean Youth Program for kids ages 3 -17 and different exciting activities on board for different age groups. 

The Splashaway Bay is a renowned water park on Royal Caribbean cruises that seems heaven for your kids. It includes a bundle of onboard activities like water slides, fountains, pool activities, water cannons, and much more fun. 

The Aquanauts program is specially designed for 3 – 5 years of kids, promoting fun and education together. It includes special fun experiments, adventure science, art, storytime, and much more fun. 

royal caribbean kids activites

Nothing is better than dating in Fuel Teen Club; in this club, teens can enjoy parties and dancing late at night with special DJ music. 

Royal Caribbean also offers special game courts where teens can play games together and embrace the joy of living. 

Royal Caribbean has dozens of cruises, but Adventure of the Seas and Allure of the Seas are the best cruises for kids.

#3 Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line has some big fun activities for toddlers and kids. 

Even though there are no famous character meetups like the Nickelodeon cruise, the Dr.Seuss charter parade and character breakfast are unforgettable activities onboard. 

The Carnival Cruise line also offers WaterWorks, Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast, camp ocean, and SportSquare are the best ways to quench the thirst for kids’ entertainment.

If you have teens who love to take challenges, the Ropes Course and SkyRide are the best onboard activities for them. 

Final Words

The Nickelodeon cruises are no more, but it doesn’t put a full stop on your kid’s entertainment. 

Modern crime lines, including Disney Cruise, will never disappoint your kids, toddlers, and teens, offering an amazing Disney theme experience for kids. 

Likewise, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line have exciting water rides, pool activities, games, character meetups, and much more fun to entertain kids and teens. 

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