Is Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Worth It?

Doesn’t matter how expensive the Royal Caribbean cruise you booked. The truth is that bad travel experiences can happen to all. And that’s the point where travel insurance can help you.

Spending on Royal Caribbean travel protection is worth it. Their travel insurance plans will help you cover the cost of various foreseen. E.g., trip cancellation, interruption, and emergency evacuation. Further, you can also get medical insurance coverage.

In today’s guide, we will discuss all the necessary facilities in travel insurance so that you can easily decide whether it’s worth spending.

So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

What is the Travel Protection Program of the Royal Caribbean Cruise?

The travel insurance program of Royal Caribbean has multiple facilities, just like it covers medical issues, evacuation, baggage, and many others to help you get a pleasant, safer journey without any worries.

For example, if you want to cancel your cruise line due to any specific reason, you will be worried about all those expenses you have made.

So, here the travel insurance program helps you out by providing a 100% refund of your amount.

However, this amount could vary depending on the situation, but you will be eligible for the insurance company refund only if your cancelation is due to the specified reason. 

Further, it doesn’t matter whether you buy an insurance check from the Royal Caribbean or any other resource. So, it all depends on you because all you need is protection against any foreseen event.

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What is Included in the Travel Insurance of Royal Caribbean?

What is Included in the Travel Insurance

To clearly understand whether you should buy the travel insurance program, you must be aware of what is included in it. 

So, here are some of the common benefits included in Royal Caribbean travel insurance.

  1. Cancel for any reason: Suppose you want to cancel your trip for any specified reason in the contract. In that case, the travel insurance company will refund you depending on the circumstances and policy.
  2. Travel insurance is generally realistic: If you are not complying with the trip cancellation policies mentioned in the contract, you can still receive a portion of your cost as a return. However, it will only be possible if you are eligible for all other requirements.
  3. Medical condition: Travel medical coverage is also included in the travel insurance. So, if you get sick or get any injury, they will compensate you up to a limit.
  4. Travel delays: There are always several hours to wait for the cruise. However, if it exceeds the travel insurance will help you to protect the expenses.
  5. An emergency evacuation can sometimes occur, and you may suffer the necessary transport costs. Meanwhile, if you have travel protection, you won’t have to worry as travel insurance cover your cost to an extent.
  6. Baggage protection is the most exquisite opportunity. Which is your luggage gets lost, stolen, or damaged due to the specified reason, the cost will be recovered.

All these were some common benefits included in the Royal Caribbean travel protection program. With that, while getting any of the policies, you must read all those policies under which they will provide compensation. 

However, we suggest you keep the pricing the same because the lowest price options may not include the needed coverage.

What is Not Included in the Travel Insurance of Royal Caribbean?

Here are some of the most common things that should be included in the travel insurance of Royal Caribbean.

Meanwhile, you might get these basic facilities if you get travel insurance from other sources.

  • You will not get compensation for bad weather.
  • Royal Caribbean Travel Protection program will not cover the cost if you want to cancel your cruise. However, this is something additional you can get by connecting with your travel agent or simply by calling 1-888-722-2195.
  • Further, the reimbursement of expenses is not possible due to invasion and any unwanted act of foreign enemies.
  • With that, the policy will not cover the loss due to pre-existing conditions or arising from that condition.

Among all, if you have taken any controlled substance (just like drugs or any other thing that influences the mind), the travel policy wills not reimburse you.

However, if the physician prescribed it, then there might be some chances to compensate for the cost or get a refund up to an extent.

Above are some of the most common losses not included in the Royal Caribbean travel protection program.

That’s why we highly suggest you read the fine print to clearly understand what’s included in the travel insurance policy and what’s not.

How Much is the Cost of Travel Insurance on Royal Caribbean?

The ultimate cost of travel insurance in the Royal Caribbean depends on multiple factors.

For example, the cost varies depending on how long the trip will be, who is being covered, activities you had planned, trip cost, and the destination.

However, as an estimation, it can cost you up to 10% of your total cruise cost.

Before making any decision, read the policy carefully to clearly understand which areas it will cover and whether it will justify the price.

Should you Buy Royal Caribbean Travel Protection?

Now you know what is and is not included in the policy. 

So, we are confident you have decided whether to buy travel insurance.

However, here are certain pros and cons to help you get a clear and wider understanding.

So, let’s jump in.

The Pros:

  • Any trip cancellation before the departure will be covered.
  • Laid off or being fired.
  • Loss in losing or damaging your luggage will help you cover the cost.
  • Any emergency medical coverage or dental coverage.
  • Coverage in the damage of rental car even if it gets theft.
  • Compensation for travel accidents.
  • Loss due to any epidemic or pandemic.
  • Coverage for any interruption or delay in the trip.
  • Pregnancy or birth of a child.

The Cons:

  • Additional cost for trip cancelation due to any reason.
  • No compensation for bad weather.
  • Needs critical thinking to understand the policy requirements clearly.
  • Zero protection against anything bad happening due to existing conditions.

So, is it worth spending – what Do We Suggest? 

To wrap up today’s discussion – we must say it’s never a good idea to cruise without travel insurance.

Nobody wants a bad experience, but it is also a part of it. That’s why you must prepare yourself by getting a travel insurance policy.

With that, the long list of ultimate advantages of Royal Caribbean cruise insurance will help you stay more protected against anything happening.

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