Packing for a cruise voyage is one of the challenging tasks, and most often, you have to do some extra shopping to satisfy yourself. Also, the packing seems to be an expensive chore for some folks. 

But wait! There are many things to bring on a cruise from home to save money. I mean, who doesn’t want to save money while cruising? And the first step is to start from your packing list. 

After I book a cruise, I usually jot down a list of must-haves for packing. It helps me check what I already have at home, saving me some bucks.

So, instead of packing randomly, I suggest you create a cruise packing list first; strategic cruise planning always saves money and makes your voyage unforgettable.

By the way, I’m Zoe Grace. I’ve been cruising for a decade, and today, I’m spilling my money-saving tricks and the essentials you can bring from home on a cruise. Let’s get into it!

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1- Towels 


The first thing is a towel. I know the towel is always there in the stateroom of every cruise line. But one towel is not enough at all. 

If you’re going to dive into a pool, or book shore excursions, or beach activities, etc, you need two more towels. Save cash by packing a few instead of buying them on the cruise or at the port. 

Because towels are expensive on ports, you have to pay double the cost to buy one. Don’t be fret! Here, you can grab the 6-pack premium bath towel set. 

2- Sunscreens 

Who doesn’t want to take care of his skin while sailing? The moist air, salty water, and harsh sun rays can easily contribute to skin burns. To avoid all these situations, you must keep sunscreen in your carry-on. 

Most of you have sunscreens at home, so you don’t need to buy an extra one. And if you don’t have one, you can get one from here.

3- Water Bottle 

Water Bottle 

A crucial thing on a cruise is to keep yourself hydrated. Compared to the normal routine, you must consume more water while sailing. Keeping yourself hydrated will prevent seasickness and keep you active throughout the day.

Don’t use plastic water bottles; use BPA-free bottles to avoid diseases. This stainless steel bottle with vacuum insulation will always keep your water germs-free.

4- Swimming Suits & Shoes 

Everyone has got swimming suits and shoes. So, you don’t need to purchase separately for your cruise voyages. On top of that, if you have some snorkeling gear, bring them on a course on shore excursions. All these things are what you need. 

Also, your swimsuits will come in handy for onboard pool fun. If you’re a water lover and into aquatic activities, throw in an extra suit and water shoes. They take a while to dry, so having a backup is a smart move.

Recommended Water Suit 

Recommended Water Shoes

Snorkeling Gears 

5-Don’t Forget To Bring Extra Carry On

I know the excitement of shore excursions is real – even I can’t control myself once I step outside the curse.

But wait, don’t forget to bring a carry-on for shore excursions. If you’re a bit of a shopaholic like me and plan on snagging some souvenirs, prep that bag before leaving the ship!

You can also put essentials in your carry-on, like a water bottle, passport, cameras, cash, etc. 

Recommended Backpack with a portable charger. 

6- Sunglasses

Don’t miss the sunglasses; eye protection is key. Onboard, your eyes are soaking in those UV rays, so always wear high-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

Plus, you will also look more gorgeous wearing sunglasses. Most of us always have shades at home, so you don’t need to buy an extra one, but if you don’t have high-quality UV-blocking sunglasses, you can opt for this one. 

Recommended Sunglasses For Women 

7- Headphone 

If you’re traveling, headphones or earbuds are a must-have item. Enjoying songs while traveling is crucial; I can’t live without a beat. While on a cruise, just put the heaping on your ear, play the mindfulness songs, and enjoy the breathtaking sea views. 

Listening to songs while traveling gives more positive vibes and throws you into a sea of mindfulness. That’s why you always grab headphones before sailing. 

Recommended AirPods 

8- Selfie Sticks And Other Camera Equipment

On my last cruise voyage, I forgot to bring my selfie stick and go pro, and guess what? I regret it throughout the journey.

No one can skip the photo shoot on the cruise. Who doesn’t like to take a photo with mesmerizing sea views and breathtaking islands? 

Moreover, If you have booked a shore excursion, you must pack all the camera equipment to effectively capture the entire moment. These moments are rare, so don’t forget to capture them. 

You can also bring a drone, but most creatures don’t allow you to fly while sailing. You can take some stunning shots with the drone on a port excursion or strolling on Caribbean islands. 

Here are some of my recommended camera equipment you must bring from home, and if you have one, you can easily get it from Amazon. 

9- Travel CorkScrew 

Another thing that most people forget to bring on a cruise is a travel corkscrew. This is an essential item that lets you open soda and wine bottles. 

If you bring your wine or bottle onboard, you need to open the cork, so in most cases, there is a small corkage fee. So you should always bring your corkscrew from home. 

Recommended CorkScrew 

10- Bring Detergent Sachet 

Few of the cruise lines charge a laundry fee. And few cruise lines like Norwegian cruises don’t have self-laundry service, so you must pay additional costs to get your clothes laundered. 

But wait! You can use your stateroom sink to wash your undergarments, socks, etc.; that’s why you should always bring a few sachets of detergents. 

11- First Aid Kit 

Onboard, you will be provided with many medical facilities, antibiotic ointment, and bandaids, but these are not so cheap. So, it’s always a good idea to bring your medical aid kit to save money. 

Motion sickness or sea sickness is one of the common diseases on the sea, so don’t forget to bring motion sickness patches. 

Recommended Medical Kit.

12- Wrinkle Spray 

No one wants wrinkles on the dress, especially if you go out for a fine cruise dining experience or enjoy a formal night party. A wrinkle spray is your best travel buddy and helps you eliminate wired wrinkles from your dress. 

Recommended One 

Final Thoughts 

Before going on a cruise voyage, plan effectively to avoid unusual circumstances. Plus, saving money is also crucial onboard; the prices of goods are way higher than normal because of taxes.

So it’s always a good idea to bring the necessary travel items from home to save money. 

I hope you have liked this guide and it will be very helpful for you. Thanks! 

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