Which Cruise Lines Allow Smoking On Balconies?

Cruising is all about fun and enjoyment, but for smokers, the cruise voyage seems tedious without smoking. That’s why most smokers’ friends ask which cruise lines allow smoking on balconies. 

Smoking on cruise balconies gives a serene experience, a bracing sea air with a beautiful view, and a cigarette is an ideal combination.

I have been traveling on cruises for over a decade and know which cruise line has flexible smoking policies and lets you smoke on balconies

Cruise Lines That Let You Smoke On Balconies?

Cruise Lines That Let You Smoke On Balconies

Smoking is allowed on every cruise ship; however, there are designated smoking areas. Due to the fire risk, most cruise lines won’t let you smoke on balconies or in staterooms.  

It’s essential to adhere to the specific smoking policies and designated areas set by your cruise line to ensure a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Luckily four cruise lines currently permit cruisers to smoke on balconies; these include; 

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1- Fred Olsen 

Fred Olsen 

Fred Olsen is one of the luxurious UK-based cruise lines owned by Bonheur and Ganger Rolf. They have flexible smoking policies, allowing cruisers to smoke on balconies. 

There are also some dedicated areas where you can enjoy smoking with your friends. The Fred Olsen cruise line also allows E-cigarettes. However, you can’t use them in non-smoking public areas. 

Even though you can smoke on stateroom and cabin balconies, Terrace balconies on Bolette and Borealis are still non-smoking. 

Similarly, guests can use electronic cigarettes ( that emit no vapor) in cabins. 

Before smoking in other cruise areas, ask the crew for designated smoking areas. 

2- AIDA Cruise Line

AIDA Cruise Line

AIDA Cruise is a German cruise line and part of Carnival Cruise Corporation. 

The AIDA cruise line has expanded its services across all European markets, including the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Canary Islands, and the Baltic Sea.

All AIDA cruises allow passengers to smoke on stateroom balconies. However, there are still several balconies on different decks where smoking is prohibited. 

Unfortunately, this cruise line won’t let you smoke in cabins. 

3- TUI Cruise 

TUI Cruise Line is one of the famous German cruise lines formed by the partnership of TUI AG and Royal Caribbean Cruise LTD. 

Mostly, TUI Cruises targets a German audience, but non-German individuals are also most welcome on the cruise. The food, activities, products, and entertainment are custom-tailored for German tastes. 

Regarding smoking, the TUI cruises permit the guests to smoke on the balcony. Moreover, there are also designated places where you can enjoy smoking with your fellow members. 

However, this cruise line doesn’t let you smoke in cabins. The same rule also applies to e-cigarettes. 

For e-cigarettes, the TUI cruise states, “Please be aware that e-cigarettes are banned in certain countries and will be confiscated at the airport.

So before packing e-cigarettes, you should check the policies of different ports. 

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4- Costa Cruise Line

This is an Italian cruise line owned by the famous Carnival Corporation. The Costa cruise line currently has ten cruises, each sailing under the Italian flag. 

The Costa Cruise line is amazing for families and couples. Their onboard activities and food represent the color of Italy. 

Costa Cruises allows guests to smoke on the terrace and balconies, and it also has some dedicated spots where smoking is permitted, and you can chill with other fellow cruisers. 

There are some published spots on the cruise where smoking is strictly prohibited, and the exceptional areas are marked as “Cigar Lounge,” where you can smoke with your other friends. 

The good news is you can use electronic cigarettes in cabins. However, traditional tobacco cigarettes and pipes are not allowed in cabins and staterooms. 

Costa Cruises provides ashtrays where you can throw cigarettes to avoid fire danger. 

There are two Costa Cruises, the Costa Mediterranea and Costa Victoria, with no internal public areas for smokers. 

Why Most Cruise Ships Won’t Allow To Smoke On Balconies

 Smoke On Balconies

Smoking on a cruise balcony is risky and a huge fire risk. That’s why most of the cruise lines strictly prohibited smoking on balconies. 

Even most cruise lines won’t let you bring flammable items on board due to the fire risk. 

Before 2013, Disney, P&O, and some other famous cruise lines permitted guests to smoke on balconies but banned smoking on balconies due to fire hazards. 

Secondly, smoking on cruise balconies also causes potential discomfort for nearby passengers. That’s why cruise lines usually have designated places for smoking to maintain a pleasant environment. 

What Happens If You Caught Smoking In Restricted Areas On Cruise?

You can smoke on a cruise ship, but there are some public places and restricted areas where smoking is prohibited. Every cruise line implements these policies for safety and maintaining a clean environment. 

But what if you caught smoking in restricted areas on a cruise?

In case of policy violation, most cruise lines will charge you $500 or $300. And few cruise ships will warn you of the offensive behavior. 

There are CCTV cameras and smoke detectors in non-smoking areas, so the cruise crew will immediately suspect smoking. 

Search for the designated places or ask the cruise crew before lighting the cigarette. You must respect the cruise’s ethical codes and avoid potential discomfort for nearby passengers. 

Which Cruise Line Permits Vapes On Balcony?

Cruises have different Policies for Vapes. Few cruise lines consider it similar to cigarettes and prohibit Vapes in areas where cigarettes are also banned. 

Whereas few cruise lines allow vapes in cabins and balconies. Here is a list of cruise lines that permit vaping on balconies. 

  • Holland America
  • Princess Cruises
  • NCL (Garden Villa Suites Only)
  • Costa Cruises
  • Aida Cruises
  • TUI Cruises

Can I buy cigarettes on a cruise ship?

Different cruises have dedicated shops for cigarettes, alcohol, wine, etc. However, the availability of cigarettes on cruises varies for every cruise line. 

Few cruise lines have cigarettes on board but charge you for duty and taxes, whereas some have duty-free cigarettes. 

Different ports also have shops to buy cigarettes, vapes, and other goodies. 

But before booking a cruise, you should search for onboard shops and available items to pre-pack the items unavailable on a cruise. 


Can you smoke on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship balcony?

Royal Caribbean doesn’t allow passengers to smoke on Terrace or stateroom balconies. Similarly, food corners, kids’ playing areas, pool areas, and other public spots are designated as non-smoking places. There are dedicated indoor and outdoor smoking areas, bars, clubs, and cigarette lounges where you can enjoy smoking. 

Can you smoke on the balcony of a Norwegian Cruise ship?

Norwegian Cruise Line won’t let guests smoke on stateroom balconies. In case of a policy violation, you will be charged a fine of $250. However, you can smoke on its terrace if you have booked their premium suites. There are different indoor smoking sports like casinos, bars, nightclubs, and cigar lounges where you can smoke. 

Can you smoke weed on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships have strict policies regarding week and other Marijuana products. They have drug dogs, sniffing such drugs instantly. Almost no cruise lines will allow you to use weed and their pills on board. 

Can I smoke on Carnival Cruises?

The Carnival Cruise line allows cruisers to smoke, but you can’t smoke on a balcony, stateroom, cabin, or public places. Smoking is only permitted in designated places. 

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