Best Size Luggage For 7 Day Cruise in 2024

Choosing the best-sized luggage bag is necessary if you’re packing for a cruise voyage. Most of the cruise lines have specific guidelines regarding luggage bag size. Carnival suggests you choose a 16 inches high and 24 inches-wide bag. 

A small luggage bag is best for cruisers; it easily passes through X-ray machines and security checkers. 

I have been traveling on a cruise for the last seven years, and today, I will share some of the durable and best-size luggage bags that make your journey more convenient.

How Many Bags Can I Bring On Seven 7-Day Cruise?

cruise luggage bag

Cruises don’t have strict rules and regulations regarding the number of luggage bags. But most cruises allow you to have a maximum of two bags for a seven-day cruise journey. 

Some cruise lines also implement restrictions on luggage sizes and weight. Most cruise ships allows you to bring suitcases no more than 16 ✖ 24 inches. 

Before packing for a cruise journey, you should search for the luggage bag size limits. A small suitcase will be more convenient for you and cruise security members because it can be easily passed through the X-ray machine. 

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Best Luggage For 7 Day Cruise

1: Overall Best – SHOWKOO Luggage Sets


  • Double Spinner Wheels
  • TSA Approved Lock
  • Sizes include 20: , 24″, and 28″
  • Adjustable aluminum handle.
  • Made of ABS material for hardshell.

This durable luggage bag is made of extra thick PC + ABS materials. I love the 36-degree rotation of casters that makes it super easy to drag the bags on board. 

Three suitcases are in a set; the smaller one is perfect for carrying your electronic devices like a laptop, medical equipment, camera, etc. At the same time, the large ones are best for packing cruise dresses, shoes, and other stuff. 

The bags provide fit packing, making more room for other stuff to pack. The wheels are silent and easy to drag on cruise floors; it is a very good experience with this pair of luggage bags. 

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2: Runner Up – Travelers Club Expandable Spinner Luggage


  • ABS hardshell material makes It more durable. 
  • 360-degree rotating wheels. 
  • 3 Piece Set includes: 20″ Carry on luggage, 15″ Boarding tote, and 10″ Travel kit toiletry case
  • Push button handle system. 
  • Compression band for snug fit. 
  • Lined interior.

This luggage bag provides ample space for the seven-day cruise voyage. The interior design and compartments make these luggage bags more compact and convenient. 

You can use a zipper pocket and put your skincare items. This cruise luggage bag comes in 3 pieces, including a 10″ travel kit toiletry case, a 15″ boarding bag that you can use as a hand carry for embarkation day and large 20″ carry-on luggage

The 360-degree rotating wheels of this bag make mobility more easy. One thing I love about this bag is a durable compression bag that lets me pack more of it with a snug fit. 

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3: SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Roller Luggage


  • Locking Telescopic handle. 
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels. 
  • Divider panels. 
  • 22.75 x 14.25 x 10.25-inch size is best for a cruise journey. 
  • Multiple front pockets.

Do you have a lot of stuff to pack for your seven-day cruise? Don’t worry. This cruise luggage bag saves you trouble. The bag’s multiple compartments and front pockets allow you to store many cruise essentials within one bag. 

With interior zippered dividers, you can easily organize your stuff and pack more wisely. Moreover, the side handles make the lifting effortless. 

It’s not a hard-shell bag like the other two, but the cuff-resistant polyester makes it durable and protects your belongings. 

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4: Samsonite Freeform Hardside Expandable Luggage Bag


  • Dimensions: 21.25″ x 15.25″ x 10.0″, 6.5 lbs.
  • Ten years of warranty. 
  • Cross Ribbon and Dividers for organizing items. 
  • Push button locking handles. 
  • 360-degree spinner wheels. 
  • TSA lock for extra security.

This ultra-durable luggage bag is the ultimate choice for 7 days cruising voyage. With an advanced TSA lock, your essentials will remain secure during security check ups on embarkation day. 

This suitcase feels so lightweight yet durable. The thing I love the most is expandability; if you have a lot of cruise essentials to pack, this bag gives you extra room to efficiently pack all your items. 

Plus, the different dividers and ID tags on each section allow you to easily organize your toiletries, clothes, undergarments, and electronic items in one bag. This compact and sturdy bag is a little expensive but worth it for overpackers. 

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5: DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside Expandable Luggage


  • Integrated Padding Sleeve Packing 15″ Laptop. 
  • Overall Dimensions: 21.25 x 14 x 9 
  • TSA-accepted combination lock. 
  • Double-spinner wheels for easy mobility. 
  • Weight less than 8 pounds.

The DELSEY Paris Helium Aero is a great option for people who want to take electronic devices on their cruise journey. Due to its soft padding compartments, you can put your laptop in it, and it has two mesh pockets to put laptop accessories. 

You can also expand the bag up to 2 inches to pack extra items, so if you love collecting souvenirs at every port, you can easily pack them using this expandable space. 

Also, this luggage bag seems elegant and eye-catching, made of durable polycarbonate material, and has a resistant body. 

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6: AnyZip Luggage Sets 3 Piece 


  • Integrated Padding Sleeve Packing 15″ Laptop. 
  • Overall Dimensions: 21.25 x 14 x 9 
  • TSA-accepted combination lock. 
  • Double-spinner wheels for easy mobility. 
  • Weight less than 8 pounds.

This three-piece luggage bag set is the best choice for your seven-day cruise journey. If you’re traveling with family and have kids, this set of bags makes your packing more easy and manageable. 

You can use the small suitcase for your kid’s packing and the larger one for yourself and your wife. The bags are sturdy, lightweight, and durable, easy to move on cruise decks. 

The unique feature of this bag is quiet wheels, making it the best option for you if you don’t like the noisy dragging of bags. 

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7: Hanke Expandable Foldable Luggage Bag


  • Integrated Padding Sleeve Packing 15″ Laptop. 
  • Overall Dimensions: 21.25 x 14 x 9 
  • TSA-accepted combination lock. 
  • Double-spinner wheels for easy mobility. 
  • Weight less than 8 pounds.

If you have a lot of stuff to pack, consider this expandable and foldable luggage bag. You can expand this to 19″, 25″, and 28″. This bag has a capacity of 90L, which is more than enough even for a large family. 

There are four moveable wheels that make the movement of the bag too easy on the cruise deck. After checking into the stateroom, you can fold the bag again and place it under the bed. 

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Final Words

There are a lot of items to pack for a seven-day cruise, and most of the cruises allow two luggage bags per person for seven or more days. To wisely and efficiently manage your essentials, you need a bag with a larger capacity.

The bags mentioned above have huge capacity and are best for packing cruising items; all the bags meet the standard cruise bag size limits. 

For packing wisely, I recommend packing cubes that make your life much easier. 


What size luggage do I need for a seven-day trip?

The size of the luggage bag varies for every cruise line. Also, if you’re traveling to a cruise port via airline, they have different luggage sizes and weight restrictions. Generally, Most cruises allow 16″ high and 24″ wide luggage bags; they can easily pass through checking machines.  

How many bags do I need for a seven-day cruise?

A maximum of two bags are allowed for a day cruise per person. If you have a lot of stuff to pack, you can use packing cubes to pack all your essential items. 

How to wisely pack for a seven-day cruise? 

To pack wisely, use the packing cubes. They will make your travel more organized. Packing bags help you to categorize your essentials and snugly pack items to save more space in your luggage bag. 

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